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Thursday, February 9, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The People of Tiberius

The Chasidim of Tiberius

In Tiberius, it was a small city, but there were chasidim, all types of chasidim, yes. And every one of the chasidim thinks that it is the truth, holy of holies, that everyone needs to learn from them. They are the chasidim of Biyan, and these how to be Chabad.... In any event, the Karlin Chasidim and the Slunim Chasidim were close to each other, the synagogue was close. But Karlin would scream in prayer, so they were, they had a name (reputation) and great importance, they scream in prayer! They pray with honor! And the Slunim Chasidim? They snubbed the Karlin Chasidim, the main thing is to learn to be an intellectual! By the Slunim Chasidim there were intellectuals! Karlin Chasidim? They would scream in prayer! But the Slunim Chasidim? They didn't scream in prayer, they just had by them intellectuals. They had by them all the honor and all the arrogance and the whole world, they thought that they were the greats of the generation, that they are the leaders of the generation, that they are the leaders of Israel, that the main thing is to learn Talmud! Yes. There are intellectuals, and there are intellectuals, there are many types. And Rav Muttel? He was really very talented, a mastermind, refined, he was wise and understanding, and merciful, and with good character traits, Rav Muttel! Nu, but the people, he had more haughtiness, because he is Heaven fearing, he is an intellectual! So they were, by them there was, the ego and haughtiness that was the main life by them. Yisroel Ber? Wasn't of Karlin and not of Slunim, rather he chose the Chasidus of Breslov! So H”Y brought about that Rav Muttel was my neighbor. I was his student, and I was like a son. He loved me, even though I am not clever and he was a great intellectual, but even still he respected me and befriended me, because I was in dire poverty, and I, my wife was by her parents, and I was by my parents, we didn't have a livelihood. Nu, I was in the house by Rav Muttel like member of the house. He saw that I drew close to our holy master, to Breslov. He saw that I don't have a wife, I don't have an apartment, I don't have a livelihood, and I am happy! He didn't understand this, he didn't understand this. “What? What he is not from the world, he is not from this world? What is this? What is this with Yisroel Ber?” He didn't understand this. He understood that I don't have bread to eat, that he understood! That he understood. He was wise, he was an intellectual, so he understood. I didn't tell him, he asked me, “who? Who gives you to eat?” So I told him, “H”Y provides for me” yes. And this went into his ears and he understood that I don't have food, yes, and I don't have clothing for Shabbos, and I don't have anything. I don't have... the wife is in Safed? And I don't have an apartment, and not money, and not haughtiness, and not Torah, and not anything! Nu, he saw that I am happy. He understood that I don't have bread to eat. So he went, he was compassionate, he went to the chasidim of Slunim.

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