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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

And they said it is forbidden to have mercy on him!

He needs to be amongst the paupers at the Western Wall!

From the time that I was a child, I was a poor child, my father was blind in both eyes, and my mother, she had, she accepted this with [love], I, for my whole life I learned, at the beginning just in the Yeshiva of Slunim, and now I, I don't want to hear from them, such arrogant people! They received all the money from America, they received and didn't give for a piece of bread, yes, Rav Moshe Klears had a son, Avrohom Mordichai Klears, he made a bank from the money of America, he made a bank, and his bank was more wealthy than all the banks! My children didn't have a piece of bread to eat, and they had all the money of America by them, and I didn't have not shoes, and not bread, and not all types of things, and not clothing for my children, I had ten children and they all needed to eat, and I didn't have. They didn't give me. Why? I learn the books of Breslov! This is all the... this is Slunim! And they said it is forbidden to have mercy on him, he needs to be amongst the paupers at the Wester Wall, not in Yeshiva! And they didn't give me even a piece of bread for the children, they didn't give me. Miracles and wonders that I am alive, I didn't have bread to eat, yes, yes, this is Slunim. Forgive me, I don't want to say slander, not even on any Jew, but this was mamash... (here Saba speaks in Yiddish: you learn Torah?! You take away the little bit of bread from children, from small children, they didn't give even a little bit of bread, he has to be in Jerusalem) Hashem should bless the whole nation of Israel with all the blessing with all the salvations. Yes. Not one day, one week, two! I didn't have bread, just bread to eat?! Not I, and not my children, I didn't have with what to pay tuition, so they sent the children home. No.... The tombs of tzadikim? The tzadikim the liars, do you understand what I am saying? (yes) “it is forbidden to have mercy, he learns the books of Breslov!” in the Yeshiva it is forbidden to have mercy. There was the Rav Alapandri, he was a genius, world renown genius, and tzadik, he requested, I, I was by him and I attended to him, so I asked him that he should speak with them, that they should give me bread, bread to eat. No? We will give every Jew, just to Breslov, not to Breslov?! Because he learns the books of Breslov in the Yeshiva?! (The Rav Alapandri spoke with them?) yeah, yes, (nu, what?) they gave a half a lira a month, they went, they said to him that they wouldn't give, but they were afraid (from him) he had a great name (reputation), the Rav Alapandri, he was a genius in Torah and a chasid, yes, he asked me to accept... I still didn't have bread to eat, there wasn't bread, just bread alone there wasn't. And they had by them all the money of America, they had a big name (reputation) in the world as if they were tzadikim, their name (reputation) was throughout the world. They said, I learn in yeshiva? I learn the books of Breslov! I learn in Yeshiva?! They don't want me! I was born in Tiberius, and they said, “no, he learns the books of Breslov, we will not give him, he isn't a ben Yeshiva (conforming to the ways of the Yeshiva)!” It is miracles and wonders that I remained alive, I and the children, but H”Y he has mercy, H”Y has mercy, and the truth... the falsehood falls, the truth is lives and endures! The falsehood, at the end it falls. I remember, they were at the highest height, they fell and went down completely. They didn't give me, not bread and not to drink, “he should go to Jerusalem amongst the paupers that sit in Jerusalem at the Western Wall!” they didn't give... miracles and wonders... my children don't know, don't know what is 'aleph' and what is 'bes' what is 'kometz' (the vowel 'u') and what is 'patach' (the vowel 'a') what.... The Yeshiva, the first of the month, and the children didn't bring money, so they sent them home, they couldn't they didn't know, there wasn't, not foot, and not to learn, yes, oy, oy, oy, all his enemies fell, all of them fell, there didn't remain a synagogue, even one brick didn't remain, the government bought the lot of their synagogue, they paid them a lot of money... miracles and wonders that I and my children remained alive. Slunim had a name (reputation) in the whole world, Slunim Slunim Slunim, but the falsehood!... and it goes down and falls (Rabbi Nachman from Breslov when will he come?) he will come, he as already came! It can be seen in that in the whole world, in every Jew, he learns with every Jew, the way how to serve Hashem in truth, such truth that never was, never was, but... “a novelty like me has still never been in the world,” Rabbi Nachman said, “a novelty like me still has never been in the world.” Nu, he sought honor and acclaim?! This was... as much as he said, it still does not reach even a fraction from this... Rabbi Nachman is... “I...” and Rabbi Nachman said, “I and Rabbi Nussun laugh from the whole world.” Yes, that's what he said, “I and Rabbi Nussun laugh from the whole world.” Such words... a grandson of the Baal Shem Tov!... he rectifies the whole world, all the wicked, all the heretics, all the enemies, rectifies, fixes, Rabbi Nachman said, even sick people that have no cure and I can heal them, that is what he said, that is what is written in the book! Two in the world, the truth was two, Rabbi Nachman and Rabbi Nussun! And he said, “I and Rabbi Nussun laugh from the whole world.” Who, who can tell, who can speak, this was such novelty, there is no mouth to speak. They revealed truth and faith, and make from the whole world tzadikim, from all the wicked, from all the heretics they make tzadikim! Even the secular know from this! I was born in Tiberius, and I learned always in the Yeshiva of Breslov, and what I suffered from this, from Breslov, what I suffered, this – there is no mouth to speak, to tell. The haughtiness of the whole world was by Slunim, I can speak and tell, and testify, there was one person, Aaron Luria, have you heard? (no) Great in Torah! Great in Torah, he was a Slunim Chasid, and he was against it, he said Slunim [not good] just Breslov... I was not included, I was not a ben Yeshiva, “he is not a ben Yeshiva!” the senior principal said, “he is not a ben Yeshiva.” He said to Rav Alapandri, “he is not a ben yeshiva, we are embarrassed, he should go away from here!” A garment, even for the winter I didn't have, for small children I didn't have clothing, and not bread, and not money, and not anything, miracles today that I live. But H”Y he pays them... to the liars, he pays them... our holy master revealed... there is already, there is already in the world the Likutay Moharan, so/then the world won't be destroyed, there is already, there is already Likutay Moharan in the world, about me they said to Rav Alapandri, “he is not a ben Yeshiva, we will not give him!” but they gave a half a lira a month from fear that Rav Alapandri he was a strong man and he would not be embarrassed even in front of the greatest of greats, their greats, the greats, the greats of Slunim-Jerusalem they said, the Torah of Rabbi Nachman, there isn't in the world like his Torah, so they said, they from Jerusalem-Slunim they don't know, we know we are learned! I didn't have bread, not I and not my children, “he learns the books of Breslov!” (Saba also today they don't give much to Breslov) also? (also today they don't give much to Breslov) today? (they don't give much) what? They don't know anything! My children that learned in school, everyone called them Breslov Breslov Breslov Breslov! They are reprobates! (not in order) not in order?! They are execrable! There is kosher and there is reprobate, they are reprobates, “he learns the books of Breslov!” Thank G-d I merited to (receive) notes from Rabbi Nachman, yes, he writes to me, “my precious student” I was a completely simple man! And here he writes to me, “my precious student.” But I am living thank G-d, and I see the end of them, all of them suffered difficulties that are not... May the Merciful One save us, because H”Y loves tzadikim, with regard to tzadikim He avenges more than the whole Torah, this is the main Torah, the main.... The Rav Alapandri he heard that I said two prayers from Likutay Tefilos, so/then he didn't want me to attend to him, he said to me, “I need to serve you, not you (to serve) me!” Likutay Tefilos like this... and they didn't give bread to whoever... bread for small children, through that which I learned the books of Breslov! From fear and terror they gave a half a lira! Thank G-d that I merited to be stubborn and to leave them in peace, I was... it is impossible to describe what type of presence I had. They thought that they are the greats of the whole world, and their haughtiness was till the sky, and I sensed this... I had tne children, I do not lie, I don't want to say, they said, “it is forbidden to give him help, forbidden! He learns the books of Breslov!” Thank G-d I was strong and I didn't listen to all of them, there were amongst them great intellectuals, they said that Torah like Rabbi Nachman is not seen, there isn't like it in the world! (so why did they oppose?) They didn't listen to the true greats, they didn't listen. They made for themselves greats, a greater liar, a greater intellectual. Mordichai from Slunim was a Torah genius, [he said], “like Rabbi Nachman, like Likutay Moharan, there isn't another in the world!” So they said that he is crazy, he doesn't know what he's talking about, it is forbidden to release such a clarification. He rose above all the greats, above all, above everything... and his truth this... there is no truth like this, there is no wise man like this (what did he say about the Petek?) who? (R' Mordichai) He accepted the Petek, and said that what I release from my mouth is the Torah of Moses, it is holy, and holy, and holy! (today also the greats say that Rabbainu is holy of the holies but the small don't accept this) the liars (yes) I sensed the terrible odor of their arrogance... I, our holy master said, this is a talk from the Likutay Moharan, “I and Rabbi Nussun laugh from the whole world!” from the whold world! “I was victorious and I will be victorious, I finished and I will finish.” What is this?! What do you say about this?! “I finished and I will finish” so he already knocked them all down! They were the biggest opposers of Breslov, and thank God I came out, thank G-d that I live... I... our holy master, Rabbi Nachman, said, “I and Rabbi Nussun are laughing from the whole world! I and Rabbi Nussun...” Rabbi Nussun was his student. For Rabbi Nussun we do not have any praise to say about him. He was the head of all the tzadikim and the whole Torah, Rabbi Nussun... on Rabbi Nachman... I was a neighbor of Moshe Klears (who was Moshe Klears?) he was Sluni (a Slunim Chasid?) yes. He said to me.... “I and Rabbi Nussun” two men from all the greats all the geniuses, they laugh from the whole world! “I and Rabbi Nussun laugh from the whole world!” (there is new) where?...

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