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Monday, February 6, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Another talk about Rav Alapandri.

In Safed there lived an old man, a great old man named, he was called the Rav Alapandri, he was a great man renown in the whole world, do you know about this? (I didn't hear of him) You didn't hear of him? How is that? Nu, you are a young man and I am old, and I heard from this Rav in Tiberius that he is a man of great genius and very wise and with great fear of Heaven, he was very tough against the rabbis that he understood were not in order, so he would not pay attention to that they were rabbis, he said the truth, he lived, he lived in Safed, and he would get up every night, every night at midnight, and cry before H”Y about the destruction of the Temple, yes. He was a genius, but he had great fear of Heaven, and he would get up every night at midnight, and cry a lot before H”Y, with tears. I was not in Safed, but I heard of him, and he came in the winter to Tiberius in order to use the baths of the hot springs of Tiberius. So the Sephardim all knew that he is a great man, so they gave him a room by them, by the Sephardim, at Rabbi Meir Baal Hanais, and they gave him a room. And I heard that Rav Alapandri was to found by the Sephardim, so I went to him, this was after I had become a Breslover, after the passing of Rabbi Yisroel [Karduner], after Rabbi Yisroel passed away. And I went in to him, and I requested him, “I want the merit to attend him.” and he saw that this was with a whole heart, yes, he had understanding, so he gave me permission to attend to him. I took off his shoes, and I made his bed, I brought him tea, any service... a few days passed, and I prayed once by the Sephardim, and I prayed like that which I saw by Rabbi Yisroel, prayer, and I also said Likutay Tefilos and Psalms with tears and arousal with fervor, and he heard in his room, so when I finished the prayers and I came to serve him, and I asked him what he needs, what he wants, tea or anything that he needs, so he said to me, “I don't need anything, I want... I don't want that you... that you should serve me!” He didn't know that I was a Breslover, that I... he just heard the sound of the prayers, so he said to me, “ I don't want that you should serve me!” I was 22 years old, 23 years old, and he was an old man, and such a genius, so this was not... how he, such a genius and I, simple, I, a simple kollel (yeshiva for married men) man, there was a bond between us, and I saw that he discussed with me some issues and my assessment concurred with his view, and he has some matters tht he needed to take counsel with other people, and he took counsel with me, and I told him the truth, so/then he understood that I am a man of truth, and say the truth, and there was a bond between us, and he asked me, “how is your livelihood?” so I said, “I am a member of the Yeshiva, I learn in Yeshiva.” “and how is your livelihood? Do you have a livelihood?” He took interest and asked me. So I told him, “I learned in Yeshiva, and after I became a Breslov Chasid they didn't want to retain me in the Yeshiva, a Breslover, maybe he will make others, maybe, maybe... they didn't want, but even still they couldn't reject me, I learned there for a long time, from bar mitzva, so they gave me less than all the members of the yeshiva, I received less than them.” So I told him that my life was such, with great poverty, and I told him that they give me less than the others because I am from the Breslov Chasidim. He was with this... after some days, the Ashkenaz rabbis came to visit him, and they wanted to take him to visit in their yeshiva, in the yeshiva by Rabbi Meir Baal Hanais of the Ashkenazim, and he, they came to him, there was the Rav and the manager (gabbai) of the yeshiva, and another person, there were three, and they came to him like... with honor and reverence, and they spoke with him, and he said to them, “why do you give this man less? He doesn't have a livelihood!” So they said to him, “he is a worthy man, he is a man who serves Hashem, but he is saying always Psalms, prayers, this isn't a member of a yeshiva. Yeshiva is just for the intellectual, but he doesn't keep the schedule of the yeshiva, he goes between the mountains, and he is a kosher man, but not a member of a yeshiva. What we give him is just, just from the side of kindness, that we have mercy on him.” nu, so he, so he got angry at them, and said to them, “that his Psalms are more important by H”Y than your intellectualism, from your intellectuals!” oy, oy, oy the whole time... and I went down to him every day, but I did not merit to serve him, because he did not want, by no means, and he... and I saw that he, when I told him that I was from the Breslov Hasidim, that I told him what I suffer, he said to me, “a Breslov Hasid! This is something very presious! This is something very important!” yes, that's what he said. Nu, honor to the Rav, to the Rav that came to him, nu, in the end, because he told them, so they gave me a raise of half a lira a month, after he spoke to them. Oy, oy, oy, a great man, world renown, a genius, holy, and the Rav Alapandri... apparently.... Who said, “I don't know”? You are young, and maybe he was around before you were born, but till today his name (reputation), he is very great the Rav Alapandri, look into it, ask maybe the Sephardim about the Rav Alapandri, he made many books, and he was man famous in the Land of Israel and in the whole world....

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