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Sunday, February 5, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Chacham Bashi [Turkish title: Head of the Wise Men], Rav Shlomo, the genius of the Sephardim.

Once Rav Shlomo, the genius of the Sephardim, came to Tiberius. 'Chacham Bashi', he was an old man and a genius, 'Alapandri', and he was a genius and a tzadik, he was single, he didn't have a wife. He came to Tiberius, and I went in to him by the Sephardim, I went in to him, and I requested him, “I want the merit to serve you...” him... nu. I asked him, and he was a genius, nu, let it be like that! He agreed! He was a genius and he heard about Rabbainu, Rabbi Nachman, that he was a genius and a tzadik. What happiness needs to be ours, that we have merited in this world to be close to Rabbainu! We don't know what this is!

There were some greats that thought that they were Messiah, that they, that they, and they and they! And just them! They spoke in such a way. But this was not correct! This that they spoke, they were mistaken! Yes! Just our holy master! By him there is no mistake! What he revealed... such words... such words, every word clarified! The law, as given to Moses at Sinai!

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