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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the Book of Traits


1. Do not ask advice except from one who knows secrets of the Torah.

2. It is good to ask advice from the elderly.

3. One who gives his fellow advice inappropriate for him, through this he is beset by idolatrous thoughts.

4. Someone who is accustomed to having bad thoughts, do not take advice from him.

5. Through that which you take advice from the official rabbi, through this you will merit salvation.

6. When you see that your friends are not helping you, it is known that no advice (or remedy) will help you.

7. When you help the Jewish People, advice can help you.

8. Advice is more propitious in a field.

9. One who follows the advice of his wife falls into Hell.

10. Do not ask advice; only from a man, and not from a woman.

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