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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Conversations of Saba

Both the secular and the Jews; the secular say, "what is this, we conquered the Land of Israel? How did we capture it? Who? We have a state?!" Also the whole world were opposed to the Jews, that they should enter the Land of Israel. The English guarded the sea so that the Jews wouldn't come to Israel. The English, the Americans, and everyone, the whole world: "Israel, no! Jews, no!" And Breslov? They all said, "No!, Breslov, no!" There are hasidim, there are hasidic masters, but Breslov? No! Now they say, "Just Breslov! Just the Torah!..." They, the world sees with its eyes, it is impossible to relate, on the contrary, something that everyone sees! Something that is clear! A house, it impossible to say that there is no house, this is a house! All the gentiles see now that the main thing is the Torah and the Jews, we have a state and everything, all the best! The gentiles don't have everything, there are things, and there is everything, more than the whole world! Blessing! They are jealous of the air and of the light of the Land of Israel. They, the whole world, they cry, the gentiles are full of depression, like the order of wars and... just the Jews... we... there is a state, her name is: "The State of Israel - and the State of the Jews", what is heard (news) with the Jews? They see that we conquered the Land of Israel, without a state, without a government, without money, without weapons, we conquered the Land of Israel! And the gentiles want this.... We conquered the whole world. And also our holy master and his holy disciple Rav Nussun, they are the landlords of the whole world! Two men, they laugh from the whole world! This is just the beginning, the Messiah will come! Messiah needs to come....

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