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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Conversations of Saba

They said, “The State of Israel! And the conquerors of the State of Israel!” Suddenly in one day we conquered the land of Israel, without a state, without money, and without weapons, they don't – they understand this? It is impossible to dissent... and also Jerusalem? They are amazed, “what is this?” And our state can make laws that we do not sell to gentiles! Not land and not houses, just Jews! And they can not say anything! They can not fight! We have conquered! The land is ours! The State of Israel the State of the Jews! They come to Israel, they see that all of them are nothing, just the main thing is the Land of Israel, the Temple, Jerusalem, the Land of Israel, a Jew and Torah, Torah, yes. They see and feel (sense) that we are the landlords of the world! The Torah! Yes. Nu, I already put on two pairs (of Tefilin)?

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