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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hafatza getting stronger and stronger B"H.

Recently our great Nanach friend A.P. may H"Y bless him and protect him, printed 2000 copies of Kitzur Likutay Moharan, and almost instantly gave them all out for free!

He is now about to do the same, B"H, with the holy book Hishtapchus Hanefesh.

Why does Youtube ban this video?

Tonight is the 7th of Adar - the Hilula of Moshe Rabbainu

Thousands of people come to visit the Arizal and Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, two of the 5 tzadikim who had all the aspects of the soul of Moshe Rabbainu.

Purim 2012

This year Purim the rented Nanach pickup truck, with 2 large speakers with up to date music will be circling Monsey NY, making many future Nanachs. We will be collecting money for the Purim Seudah and Hafatza. Everyone is invited to the open NaNach meal. We do expect more then 75 nanachs to be at this party. The schedule and meal spot will be posted on before Purim.
Happy NaNach Purim.


Saba received a letter from Rabbainu - Rabbi Nachman of Breslov - Na Nac...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

GIVALD new song about Saba getting the Petek

Download here: The Petek tells us there's going to be redemption


The Petek tells there's going to be redemption
Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman is the revelation!

In 1922
There was a holy Jew,
Yisroel Dov Odesser,
his memory blessed forever!

Taking on all Tiberias
representing Breslov Chasidus
One man is all it took
And now it's all down in the book.

Happy against all odds
fighting against insane frauds
Odesser kept his will alive
with Rabbi Nachman he would survive!

Then on one fateful day of Tamuz,
Odesser ate and sank into the blues
gloom and melancholy - not a site to view,
sunken depressed, smart to eschew.

The world came to an end
and then it started again,
A voice spoke up in his mind
Get ready for what you're about to find

Stashed away in a holy book
A letter from Rabbi Nachman snook
a little piece of paper
sending the entire world into an uproar!

Odesser started to sing and dance
light radiating from his countenance,
The path is now open for all to follow
Get up and on it, like a shooting arrow!

10 things that can really help you!

These pieces of advice from Rabbi Nachman of Breslov - Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman - have been selected from the book "Good customs" - for they are equal - readily pertaining - for everyone who wishes to merit to the eternal good, and to sweeten for himself this world and the world to come:
1. dipping in the mikva.
2. conversation with a friend about devotion to H"Y and faith in H"Y.
3. conversation with H"Y on everything that is going on in one's daily life, the hardships and the goodness that he is being doled out by H"Y.
4. learn the books of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov - Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman.
5. Say Tikun Haklali - general rectification -available at
6. give CHARITY!
7. judge every single person favorably, especially one's self and household, and smile at everyone.
8. to be joyous with every small thing that one merits to do good from the commandments/good deeds, or any good thing that one did for another with no compensation.
9. sing, sing on Shabbos by the Shabbos table, and also on the departure of Shabbos.
10. go to the holy tomb of Rabbi Nachman in Uman, and give charity and say the tikun haklali there.

Most important - sing Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Get up and say Nanach

Rabbi Shaul was a very big "ovaid Hashem" (his devotions to H"Y were great), day and night he would go to the fields and serve H"Y in an extraordinary devotion. Rabbi Nussun told him, "Rabbi Shaul! I have no pleasure from you - If I were to see that you fell and got up, I would have pleasure from you."

Get up and say Nanach

Once a Breslover Chusid was walking on a street and slipped and fell. One of the misnagdim (opposers) saw this and told him, "See, you fell because you are Breslov!" The Breslover replied, "my falling is due to my sins, and my rising is from my being a Breslov Hasid."

Monday, February 27, 2012

NaNach & I know it

מי שנכנס אדר מרבין בשמחה

New video by our Reality Nanach

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

new hoodies !!!!

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

How I loved Breslov

Master of the World! Oy! How much I loved Breslov, I gave my soul (i.e. great self sacrifice) to travel from Tiberius to Jerusalem, at a time that I don't have money, I don't have bread for the children, I don't have clothing for the children (present tense). I traveled to Jerusalem, they are all poor, our people were poor, yes. Nu, buy poor people is it possible to eat? Is it possible to receive money? Even not so much, but they are poor. I suffered! If there isn't money, there isn't bread. I go to the store, he doesn't ask me if I am starving or not, that's not his business. You want bread? Money. I, I didn't have money, and also water, I didn't have. In Jerusalem there was a great shortage of water. Today? There are springs and there are... everything, but then? There was one spring, in all of Jerusalem. So there were two types of water; water for pouring over the hands, and water for drinking. The synagogue? They don't provide water for drinking, don't buy, for drinking they don't buy. They buy for cheap, water for pouring over the hands. I didn't have water to drink, not bread and not water. I, when I traveled to Jerusalem, they looked at me as crazy, “What? What, what are you doing? Where are you traveling? How do you travel? What will you do there? Will you have bread to eat?” I didn't look at this, I gave over my soul (that is self sacrifice), I need to hear from Rav Naftoli, from this (Breslover), from this (Breslover), from this (Breslover), from this (Breslover) any words, from this (Breslover) any words, to hear any words from Rabbainu. Every time there was, there was different causes, and different miracles about the trip. What? That there isn't money? How is it possible to travel? To Jerusalem, to Haifa, one needs money to pay for expenses and for bread there wasn't! But by the Blessed God everything is written. There is an account(ing). Yes. Everything is written! H”Y, He sees my heart, He sees that I travel with self sacrifice, to hear any words from Rabbainu. So on this Rabbainu writes to me, “my precious student”, but I was living and I suffered hunger, starvation, and also water I didn't have. A trip like this? This is unique in the world.

Translator's note: From this we can understand why saying the Petek [100 times or so] is propitious for speedy travel - because specifically due to Saba's travels he merited to the Petek.

Friday, February 24, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The daughter of the gabai (kind of manager) of the yeshiva in Tiberius who gave 18 grush every Friday.

He had a daughter! She didn't ask her father and not her husband, and she gave me every Friday, before candle lighting, 18 grush. This was a large coin. From this Shabbos the children lived and didn't die! I tell it the way it was, the children were small, they contracted a disease and went to the doctor, once, twice, and they died! He had a daughter, her husband was an intellectual, a ben-yeshiva (of the type of the yeshivas), she didn't ask, not her father and not her husband, and she gave me, every Friday before candle lighting, she sent me 18 grush! From this day the death of the children stopped! The father and the mother didn't know from this, just she did this secretly, she gave me, every Friday before candle lighting, I received 18 grush. From this Shabbos they stopped dying! The children lived! He had beautiful children, very beautiful, he had a daughter 15 years old, and she lived, she remained alive! She gave, every Friday before candle lighting, I received 18 grush. From this Shabbos the children already did not die! Her father thought that he was important by the Blessed God, he is the gabbai (kind of manager) of the yeshiva, but he didn't give me bread, so the children died! His children died! Another child, another child! He had a daughter, she didn't ask, not to father and not to mother and not to anyone, she sent me, every Friday before candle lighting, 18 grush! I had (money on), Sunday and Monday, to eat. From this Shabbos the death stopped! The children lived! I didn't know anything, I knew only that I receive 18 grush, that's all! But this money? This charity? It protected that the children didn't die! I knew, but everyone didn't know from this, she did this secretly, she sent me 18 grush, every Friday before candle lighting. So/then the death stopped! Just I knew and the daughter of the gabbai, she knew that she sent me, every Friday before candle lighting, 18 grush, and she saw that she gave 18 grush and the children didn't die and didn't get sick! But from the Shabbos that she gave 18 grush every Friday, the children didn't die! It stopped! I didn't know from all this, she sent me 18 grush, and I didn't know! But afterwards she saw that the children didn't die! And I heard from this, that the children are very happy that they didn't die! That they didn't get sick. She gave me, every Friday, 18 grush, this was a lot of money! 18 grush every Friday, and the children already aren't dying! Every Friday I was afraid, maybe she will stop? Maybe she won't give? She made a contract with me? Every Friday? But she sent me, every Friday, 18 grush! Every Friday I was afraid, maybe she will stop? She continued and gave me, every Friday before candle lighting, 18 grush. It was great wealth, and she gave! Every Friday, 18 grush! We gave life to the children! They loved me, like their own father. I received 18 grush the first time, the second Friday I also received 18 grush, every Friday 18 grush, and the children didn't die! “Azamer Bishvochin” and “Aishes Chayil” (songs of Friday night), they were opposers, and she heard this melody, so she started to give me every week 18 grush, every Friday before candle lighting! I received 18 grush. There were many children, and I didn't have for Shabbos, I didn't have money. Not even one person gave me, and we suffered, her children started to die, so/then she gave me, every Friday before candle lighting, 18 grush, and the children stopped dying, and they weren't sick. Then, 18 grush was great wealth! I thought, one time she gave, 'shoyn' (Yiddish: enough, it was done), so she already won't give more. She gave me, every Friday 18 grush, and all the children lived until today! This was a secret, the father didn't know, her husband didn't know. What? 18 grush? Every Friday? This money? This is great wealth! She merited! This (was) in great secrecy, just I and she knew, that I receive 18 grush every Friday before candle lighting. The diseases stopped, they stopped dying. I didn't think any such thoughts, that she would give me, every Friday, 18 grush. This was great wealth! But she continued and gave me, every Friday, and all the children live even today! She sent me every Friday, before candle lighting, with her children she sent me 18 grush, it stopped, all the children didn't get sick and didn't die! I am not recounting a story that they told me, this was a story that was with me.

Hisbodidus - get rid of the lonliness!

When a person does hisbodidus he is "misboded" which can be divided into two words, "mais - boded" - death to being alone - that is he gets rid of the lonliness! B"H for Nanach!

Awesome - The media is starting to pay attention to Gil Shefer - Chief of Staff to Netanyahu - being a grandsom of Saba Yisroel!!!!

This is Netanyahu Bibi trying to Emulate Saba Yisroel!!!!!!

Israel is going Nanach!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Power of Charity

To change the world:

There was in Tiberius, one of the hasidim of Karlin, and when one did good deeds, any good thing, charity, kindnesses, so/then he was very important in the city, and they would give him the name of a tzadik. They would all laugh, and he would not laugh, he was an oavaid Hashem (someone completely dedicated to the devotion of God) and a Kosher man, he did not laugh. But even still, in his heart he had opposition on Breslov, because he could not change the world. To change the world? Only the truth is able, against the whole world!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

I should not have remained silent

[Saba sings “Kul mikadaish shevey-ee” (a song sung on Friday night) with a special tune...] Apparently they forgot to bless the candles of Shabbos... he said to me, no, do not fear at all, there is still an hour and a half, two hours, to Shabbos! Do not fear there is still two hours, there is an hour and a half till Shabbos. (The liver is good?) Oh! Oh! Liver like this there isn't in the whole world! Where are my feet?... He came from Yafo, the guest came from Yafo, and he brought me such chulent! For years he brought me such chulent that there like it in the world! He found me on Shabbos in the morning after the prayers, he came with chulent... [my father-in-law sent] arabs to kill him (Rabbi Yisroel Karduner)... he always went in the fields for hisbodidus, he (the father-in-law) told him (R' Yisroel) that he will kill him. I saw his demise, of my father-in-law, he didn't have any issues just Breslov, he was a great adversary against Breslov! Because he was by the Rav Rafuel Dayan in Safed, he was a great adversary against Breslov, so/then everyone suffered a lot from this. This, I saw this, there remained

small orphans and they worked for free by the wealthy, for free, he, and also he, in the week that he degraded him (Rabbi Yisroel) he died. He became sick on Thursday and on Friday night, in the morning, on Shabbos, he passed away. He left ten orphans, you don't know about this? (Yes, you told me this, also one time someone wanted to kill Rabbi Yisroel Karduner) yes, yes, yes. He degraded Rabbi Yisroel Karduner very much, nu he was a great adversary of (i.e. belonging to) Refuel Dayan, of the wicked! He was the rabbi of Safed, but a wicked person! He was a great opposer to Rabbainu, Refuel Dayan. With my eyes I saw what one suffers when one does bad to the Tzadik, when one degrades or causes slight pain to the tzadik... it is, may the Merciful One save us, worse than all the transgressions, from all... from everything! Small orphans, small children, but this damaged the whole building, all the houses, may the Merciful One save us, curses, he passed away, there is nothing worse than opposition against the tzadik, may the Merciful One save us, one suffers from this in this world, in the next world, always! Ah, his wife became a widow, a widow with children, big and small, orphans, yes. He suffered... on Wednesday or Thursday... he ripped out (the father-in-law ripped out from R' Yisroel) his beard, and on Friday night he became sick and he passed away on Shabbos, on the holy Shabbos in the morning he passed away. How much a person.... He died and left over ten orphans, they worked for free by the wealthy, for free... I should not have been silent, this no... this would bring upon me great hardships! (You should have quarreled with your father-in-law?) Yes! (for what he degraded Rabbi Yisroel Karduner) Yes, yes, yes, it was incumbent for me to quarrel. There was the Rav in Safed, the Rav suffered tremendous hardships from what he pained Rabbi Yisroel. He was a great opposer, and he pained Rabbi Yisroel very much. It was incumbent on me to quarrel and to get divorced. I didn't do that, for this I suffer a lot... the honor of the tzadik, H”Y is fastidious about this more than everything! (Why was it incumbent on you to get divorced?) I thought perhaps he would repent, or.... (But why is his daughter guilty? His daughter, his daughter – she isn't guilty... his daughter what is she guilty of?). Not guilty, but the entire family suffered, the children and the whole family suffered greatly from this... on Shabbos he passed away. On Thursday he said that he doesn't feel well, and on Friday, on Friday night, in the morning, he died. Did I tell this over to you? Do you know about this? (Yes) The honor of the tzadik, H”Y is fastidious, even for the unintentional! He didn't know that this was of such magnitude, but he.... They suffered, all the children, the entire family suffered from this.... Oy! Oy! Oy! Oy! What I saw with my eyes! What degrading the honor of the tzadik is! H”Y pays immediately! He pays well! Small children suffered from this, the whole family, his children. So/then he passed away, on Shabbos in the morning he passed away. Even though I, on the contrary, I suffered from this, even still regarding the honor of the tzadik H”Y is very very fastidious! Rav Refuel Dayan, he was close to Rav Refuel Dayan and he became an opposer, and he suffered, him and his children, and the orphans.... What they suffered, who can fathom? Small children suffered immeasurably from his (their) father for that which he degraded R' Yisroel.... Ah! Ah.... It is possible that all the suffering of the Jews in the time of Hitler, this was due to, because of this. Who knows? (Because he degraded Rav Yisroel Karduner?) Yes {translators note: The Ishbitzer in his book May HaSheloach says that before Avrohom actually chased after the four kings he had a thought, not to pursue them, from this thought were born the 2,400,000 souls that H”Y killed during the plague of darkness, because they didn't want to be redeemed. From here one can understand that by causing pain to a true tzadik, even for a the time span of a thought, can have serious repercussions even to millions of people}. I became affiliated, before the (my) wedding, to Rabbainu Hakadosh, and he (the father-in-law) was affiliated to Rafuel Dayan, and he said that he would kill R' Yisroel if I didn't leave his daughter.... Ah! He fell sick on Thursday, and on Friday night... on the morning of Shabbos he passed away and left orphans, ten small orphans. He degraded R' Yisroel... he, H”Y... this is more than all the transgressions that are in the Torah, the honor of tzadik! On Thursday he said that he feels unwell, and in the night... he passed away, in the morning on Shabbos he passed away, and there were left orphans, ten orphans....

The month of Adar has arrived

It is well known: When Addar arrives we revel and plentify (my own word) in joy (Simcha)! Rabbainu taught that nowadays everything starts with the holiday of Addar - Purim, which introduces Pesach (Passover), of the month of Nissan. This is amazing because Rabbainu's father's name was Simcha - the aspect of Addar, and he brought Rabbainu into the world - on the first of Nissan and whose name has the numerical value (gimatria) of Pesach (148) and starts with a bent Nun and ends with a Long Nun just like Nissan!

B"H the rejoicing has started by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, there are barbecues, refreshments, and drinks, and lots of roaming Nanach!

BTW Avrohom Sherer just put out a new disc (in conjunction with the Keren, I think), which is supposedly amazing, B"H. [also a few months ago Adi Ran put out a new album].

Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman.

Renewed Nanach video

Had to redo this video because of one of the pictures, and now for an added bonus the alarm clock blinks Nanach (special thanks to Be Nanach).

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Story of the Father-in-law of R' Yisroel Ber

My father-in-law was R' Pinchas the Kohen, yes! Certainly! Yes! He wanted to take two arabs. And he, Rabbi Yisroel Karduner, when he goes to Meron, the arabs will find him on the way, they will kill him, and no one will know about it, yes. I am not just saying things, yes. So once, when Rabbi Yisroel entered a certain house, and he was there, and he was sitting on a heavy iron chair, and he was powerful, and he got up from the chair, and when Rabbi Yisroel entered the house, he (the father-in-law) took the chair, and he wanted to put the chair on the head of Rabbi Yisroel, yes. So/then there was a miracle that the master of the house managed to grab the chair and he didn't put it on the head, but he grabbed him (Rabbi Yisroel) by the beard, and he didn't want to let go of the beard, and he ripped out half of his beard, and there was great pain, and then he got sick and he didn't feel well, and that same week he died, and he left ten orphans.... (You said told me once that you made a handshake agreement, and he threw you out of the window to the dogs?) yes. He locked the house, tonight I do not go to Rabbi Yisroel, on the night of Shabbos? Nu, I have a handshake pact with Rabbi Yisroel that ever day and every night it is necessary to see one another, so how will we see each other? What will be? Half way through the night, he didn't know, at the middle of the night? He thought that Rabbi Yisroel was already sleeping and I need to sleep, so he gave me the key to the house, and allowed me to leave, yes. But he guarded me and he saw immediately that I run away, so he understood that I am fleeing to Rabbi Yisroel, he ran away after me, chased me, and I saw Rabbi Yisroel, we saw each other, and I returned, and then he came and beat me and threw me to the dogs, yes. What was! Yes. Who ever heard of something like this?! Who ever saw such a thing?! Him and his wife, and they beat my wife, murderous blows so that she gets divorced. “You don't know what Breslov is? Divorce!” And she said, “No. This? No.” My father-in-law would beat Rabbi Yisroel and ripped out his beard, yes! “What is this? What do you want from my son-in-law? What is this? That he should be Breslov? What? I will not stop, I have arabs that will kill you on the way, in the time that you go to Meron they will kill you on the way! They will come to Rabbi Yisroel from Kardun, they will kill you! Leave my son-in-law! Leave him!”

Kill Amulaik! Long live Nanach!

This is mamash givald. Rabbi Nussun is explaining in Likutay Halachos that the klipa of Amulaik, which we are praying everyday now to be saved from, leads a person to believe that he is very far from achievement, even when the person is actually on the threshold of success, the klipa of Amulaik doesn't let the person realize this, and pushes the person into giving up and despair. A few years ago, I think it was after the wedding of NDK, may H"Y free him from his tzuros, our dear Nanach friend YA made his way to a freemason church, he had been drinking a little, and was in the spirit of keeping the mitza that is special to Purim, destroying amulaik. He took a rock and was set on smashing off the logo, when he tired, it looked like he had accomplished nothing, and he was on the verge of completely giving up C"V, and then he remembered that Rabbi Nussun says that this is exactly the work of Amulaik, and he knew for certain that he had already succeeded for the most part, and that amulaik was just bluffing and holding on by a thread. With this in mind, he strengthened himself and gave one final hit, and it came straight off, it had been in fact almost completely detached. There is a mini tv series that portrays this point, how this detective goes crazy, - which is what the evil inclination does to us (see Likutay Moharan Torah 1, that the evil inclination causes is us to be actually crazy, C"V) - and in the madness figures out who a terrorist is and how to prevent him by appealing to the terrorist's daughter to speak to him, the detective does this, but the daughter calls the police and the detective is pronounced crazy and goes for electric shock treatment believing that she is in fact crazy, and in the reality the daughter calls her father and actually prevents him from blowing up a room full of executive diplomats. When we go crazy with and from the evil inclination, every bit that we fight and hold on to the truth, brings huge exposure of the glory of God into the world, to everyone besides ourselves, who are temporarily blinded and incapacitated, our brains fried and sunk in the flooding of rhetoric and imagination pumped in by the evil inclination. But if we just hold out, we will see that we have in fact won, and the evil inclination is just hiding it from us. Unfortunately some people don't know about Nanach and they are convinced that they are in fact crazy, and they fall completely R"L, and end up mamash in the crazy house treated by the angels of death. The main thing of course is Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Monday, February 20, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

R' Isaac Klebsky:

[R' Isaac Klebsky lay in the same hospital, next to R' Moshe Klears] R' Isaac Klebsky said: “a novelty like Rabbi Nachman never was in world!” He [R' Moshe Klears] said to him, “What are you saying?” [R' Isaac Klebsky replied] “I know what I'm saying! I had great miracle, bullets that they fired, bullets, the arabs with weapons, yes, and it passed through me here, this way, the bullet fell in the side (or sidelocks) and I remained... nothing happened, nothing, I was very hidden. The gentiles did such harsh tormenting, and they beat with stones, they beat here with knives, and here, the whole body, but the bullet entered here... one very young person, and he became sick, and sick until he died until he passed away.” (Just he dissented, or there were other people that dissented Rabbainu?). There were two, the Rav Klears and another, his student (the Rav Klears and who else spoke?) one that I don't know, he came to his house, he stood and gave an harangue, he spoke on Rabbainu and R' Nussun, on R' Nussun.... There was a Jewish man that way, not old and not young, I said to him, “it is impossible in these generations... he is such a wonder, without this life isn't life, not anything. What is this?” I said that to him, the words of Likutay Tefilos, I gave it to him afterwards. He said to me, “you gave life to my soul.” He wrote, “I didn't know that we had such a treasury, Likutay Tefilos!” He came on every night to the synagogue with Likutay Tefilos to pray, and said Likutay Tefilos, and he didn't know what to do with me, I gave him such a gift, Likutay Tefilos, now all of them, all Tel Aviv died, passed away. I remained just alone. All the friends and the sodality, and all everyone are no longer, as if it had not been in the world. Just I alone remain. I begin to think, where is everyone, they are all in the ground, just I, I alone remained with the Likutay Tefilos...

The Holy Tomb Site of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai

For hundreds of years the holy tomb of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai - Rashbi, was somewhat deserted. People would visit at certain auspicious times, but most of the year it remained abandoned, to the extent that the Arizal warned against going there alone. This changed with the advent of one of the 36 hidden tzadikim, the principle bearer of the Breslov tradition, Rabbi Yisroel Karduner. Rabbi Yisroel would spend the entire week at the holy tomb, subsisting on crumbs. Rabbi Yisroel would never enter the tomb with shoes, and even on the most cold and frigid winter days he would stand barefoot in awe and reverence as he poured out his heart to H"Y, bound to Rabbi Shimon and Rabbi Nachman. Rabbi Yisroel would not enter the tomb without having ritually immersed in a mikva, and one Yom Kippur (a day that it is forbidden for all except the high priest, to immerse) when he was unable to immerse beforehand, Rabbi Yisroel remained outside the entire day, forfeiting the communal prayers.

From the time of this awesome self sacrifice till the present the holy tomb gains greater and greater popularity, B"H. Unfortunately, for many years a group of quasi fiends took control over the holy site, they made themselves a great business amassing fortunes of money from the faithful pilgrims. They provided a minimal amount of services, those that abetted their cause. When the huge philanthropist Safra offered to give some $20 million dollars to build and expand the site, with the one condition that there would be an accounting for the money, they refused it. A few years ago the Israeli government cracked down on some of this group, exposing their fraud, however others like SBC (who threw two pairs of my tefilin in the garbage, amongst the very many other atrocities he perpetuated) got off easy, and now work for the government at Rabbi Shimon. B"H at least now they are somewhat responsible to be honest and civil.

With the intervention and entrance of the Israeli government into the scene, the holy tomb has seen great improvement in many areas. On the other hand, it has also seen the hate and idiocy of which the government is so infamous.

The Israeli government wants to take greater control of this holy site, building it up as a central tourist attraction. To this end the government has already built up park areas all around the holy tomb, introduced an overmanned shift of guards to monitor the tomb, and all types of other odds and ends. The Hasidic and Haredi world is crying murder, not to let the government take control. They say that it is sacrilegious to have multitudes of tourists visit the site. This seems kind of a sacrilegious accusation, denying the true holiness and power of Rabbi Shimon. Perhaps they say that it is better for the tourists to be barred from visiting the Western Wall?! The Bible says explicitly that all the nations should and will come to visit the Temple Mount, obviously this is a very positive event. So certainly it should be a positive event for tourists, of all the nations and faiths, to visit Rabbi Shimon, who is considered greater than the temple. Do the hasidim and haredim not believe in the strength of Rabbi Shimon, God forbid?

The root of the problem is explained in the dictionary of the late master Kabalist Rabbi Ashlag, known as the Baal Hasulum, the name of his commentary on the Book of the Zohar of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai (the controversial figure - Berg who opened the Kabala Center is a son in law of one of the main disciples of the Ashlag). Under the entry of "Shifcha Key Seerash Giveerta" (a maidservan taking over her mistress), Ashlag explains that the cause of the lengthy exile of the Jews is due to a disproportionate attention to the Kabbalah. In orthodox circles the Kabala is somewhat off limits, it is said that only someone who mastered the Talmud and achieved other such accomplishments is permitted to begin to study the Kabbalah. So almost all the attention of the observant Jews is on the legalistic rulings of the Torah, and the secrets of the Torah are not very sought after. Whereas the gentiles who seek to learn the inner qualities of just what it is that makes the Jews and Judaism so strong, enduring, and appealing, are not very concerned with the outer garments of the legal details, they concentrate on finding the secret of what makes it all tick. The Baal Hasulam asserts that this inequality is what enforces the exile.

So here we have one of the fathers of the Kabbala, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, and B"H people are interested they are being drawn to visit to see and to taste from the true source, and the Hasidim and Haredim lack a figure and a message that is holy and special enough to give guidance and light, so they throw up a wall of darkness and resentment.

This is the same problem with world politics. The world knows that countries faced with threats much less than those that face Israel, do not hesitate to kill and torture. Yet the world looks expectantly to Israel, they believe in the Jewish people, they wish to see how a holy elevated personage deals with the problems that are so overcoming and overwhelming. Unfortunately, as they turn to Israel, Israel elects incompetent politicians, who are busy looking to see how they can appease the world. The world doesn't need to be appeased, they need to be shown true leadership, true wisdom and remedies. To say it bluntly, the world needs, the world is desperate for Rabbi Nachman of Breslov: Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman! [to a great deal, R' Shlomo Carlbach preached this and did his best to rectify it].

Rabbi Nachman has the light. Rabbi Nachman will guide humanity into their transition to higher more noble existence. Help the world and help yourself with Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Imagine it, having all the "profane" tourists streaming into the holy site, and seeing on the walls the holy teachings of Rabbainu: "It is a great deed to always be happy!", "There is no despair in the world", "Peace can only be achieved through happiness", "This world is a very narrow bridge, and the main thing is not be afraid at all!" and so forth, and to be welcomed in to read and study more holy teachings and lessons... in no time this would have such a powerful effect, the world would be experience a revolution of freedom of moral, social, ecological, educational, development and advancement.

Only Rabbi Nachman can really answer and meet the bill, so let us all do our best and utmost to promote Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Get up and scream Nanach!!!

Givald Nanach song by Eli Reality Nanach

monsey nanach purim

preparing for purim

Sunday, February 19, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

If one speaks (badly) about the tzadik he pays back!

If one speaks against the tzadik he pays back, oy! Terrifying and dreadful! He spoke, R' Moshe Klears, with a manner of haughtiness about Rabbainu and about Rabbi Nussun, on that very day, it was a Thursday, and on that very day they arrived in Safed. And in all the villages, and all the gentiles, they came and worked, and he came on Thursday, and in the house his son arrived, he was married and he was a tough and strong person, and he quarreled with the gentiles, and the gentiles were angry so they cut him up alive into pieces! So they heard screaming over there, I know, into the distance. Then I saw how the blessed G-d has rancor if there is talk on the tzadik. Because this is more than everything, from the whole Torah, he spoke slander on Rabbainu and on Rabbi Nussun, the student of Rabbainu, nu, nu, what happened to them! The blessed G-d can pay up well! He payed them, when they went to the funeral, there went pieces from the body, feet, and hands, and the limbs, pieces, pieces. His son got married and the gentiles cut him up into pieces. After this they didn't recognize him, because many gentiles came, and they were forced to wait in order to make the funeral. Nu, nu, and after this he contracted diabetes, and he got ill and was in the hospital together with R' Isaac Klebsky in the hospital. Moshe Walch, he was the genius of the generation, a genius of the whole world. He was a great genius – R' Isaac Klebsky. R' Moshe Klears... (whoever disputes the Petek it's as if he disputes Rabbainu?) This I do not know. He went with great haughtiness sky high, and he went with the whole congregation, and he slandered Rabbainu and his student Rabbi Nussun, he also slandered, and said his name this and this (?), nu, on that day, Thursday, he went, he traveled by taxi to Safed, at the time when all the gentiles, all the arabs, came to Safed, and to immerse near Safed, and he came, and he had one war, he was powerful, yes, so they ripped him to pieces. He came from Tiberias to Safed, he came at the time that all the arabs came from all the villages, Jews came to seal Safed (?), and he was powerful, and he fought with them, and they – there were many, they cut him up into pieces, his screaming could be heard till Jerusalem....

The prayer of Tachanun

After the Shmone Esray one (who prays in a synagogue) is supposed to fall on his face and say Psalm 25, this is an act of going down into the husks and redeeming trapped sparks of holiness. Because of the danger involved most people abstain from doing this in completion, the Sfardim say the right Psalm but don't fall on their face, and the Ashkenazim fall on their face, but say a different Psalm (6, which is also much shorter). If I remember correctly Breslovers were accustomed to doing the whole thing properly, falling on their faces and saying the correct Psalm. As far as the danger concerned, a. Life can be dangerous. b. We rely on Rabbainu. C. Today we are always in the husks (that is why even the great Tanaaim didn't want to live in our times, even though they all passed ordeals and tests, but they didn't have to suffer the unholiness and sin we are all exposed to today), so anything that we do will only be beneficial, and on the contrary this is the best way to combat and bring rectification to our situation.

This Weeks Parsha (Torah portion) - Teruma (donation)

In this weeks parsha the Jews are busy donating towards the building of the Tabernacle. Rashi points out that all the donations were completely according to each persons generosity, except for the half shekel which was an obligation upon everyone equally. Many of the commentaries are explaining how the half shekel signifies the equality of each Jew and their bond with one another. מחצית השקל - half shekel - has the gimatria (numerical value) of 983, which is twice נ נח נחמ נחמן מאומן - (because they were giving half of that) 491, and an extra, which correlates to the Kalbon - which is an extra amount levied upon a person who comes to pay the half shekel for his friend.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The Rav Muttel of Slunim and the Rav Moshe Klears

Rabbi Moshe Klears (he was the Rav of Tiberius) he was world renown, he had a global reputation in Tiberius and in Jerusalem, and everyone venerated him, and he had a name that he was a genius so wise and intelligent and understanding, and righteous, a man who was a tzadik. He had all the titles, that he is so big, and I knew about this. I was born in Tiberius and he was the Rav in Tiberius. I heard about this and I knew of this, and I became Breslov, I drew close to Rabbi Yisroel, so I had miracles. If Rabbi Moshe Klears says not to be Breslov, then it is finished, I needed to listen to him, and thank G-d I did not listen to him! Father says not to be Breslov, “what? Are you crazy? What is this? How? Such a thing?” and R' Muttel was also a Torah great, and was famous like the Rav Klears. The Rav Klears was famous in Jerusalem, everyone venerated him and stood up before him like a king, yes. This is a known matter, known and publicized, and he hunted me on account of my being Breslov, and I was heroic facing Rabbi Moshe Klears and facing Rabbi Muttel of Slunim. Rabbi Muttel was also a genius Torah great, but the aptitude of Rabbi Muttel was greater than the Rav Klear's, because he toiled very much until he came to his stature, and Rabbi Muttel didn't have to exert himself, he just had to see something one time, anything, in the Talmud or Medrash, and he acquired it forever, straight up. And the Rav Klears, his grasp wasn't that strong as Rav Muttel, and knew of this as well, but he had a famous name in Jerusalem and in the whole world. And I stood up against him and against all of them. I drew close to Rabbi Yisroel. And he pursued me and he spoke with me. This is wondrous matter, I was a poor child, and Rav Muttel was a great intellectual, but he was also someone who loved mitzvos (good deeds) like simple folk, not like the Rav Klears, the mitzvos were trivial for him, just genius, wisdom. But Rav Muttel had both, he had love for the mitzva as well.

Friday, February 17, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

A Large Thick Snake:

I went there in the desert there was a big pit and there was a large, very thick snake, I said, “maybe it's a rope, is it not? Such a big snake?” I descended into the pit and there was a snake, there was a snake, thank G-d I got out of there and I was saved! And that was it, I went from there and the snake... I don't know, but I think, it was so thick... he died like the snake. The wife of Avrohom Luria she requested of him, “oy Avrohom! Do as Yisroel Ber tells you!” So he said to her, “I will learn from these 3 books every day!” He became healthy. Afterwards his brother came, Mordichai Luria, and he saw three Breslov books in the bookcase, so he took them and he died, he passed away. And his brother Mordichai Luria cried his whole life over this, “what did I do?!” I went to him and wanted to do him a favor so that he should live, and he received from me the three books and learned every day from the three books, and he said to me, “I learn from the three books, I learn every day,” and he became healthy, and suddenly his brother Mordichai Luria came and saw the three books of Breslov, “what? He has become Breslov? I will show him, I will take the books!” he took the books, and he died, he didn't have the books to learn so he passed away....

This Weeks Parsha (Torah portion) - Mishpatim - Laws

Rabbainu revealed that the holy Torah can G-d forbid be used as tool for evil. Previously I published how Rabbainu explains from this weeks parsha the equality and even supremecy of women - on condition that they are hidden. As with all of Rabbainu's teachings we see them alive around us, and this week we were witness to the Western Wall allocating equal outdoor space to the women, albeit just for a few hours. In contrast, this week while doing hafatza I got stuck when a rabbi appeared and began giving a discourse, he tried to prove from this weeks portion that people should be spending all their time learning the Talmud, which would be a position that aggrandized himself over all those present who were never privileged, and probably won't ever be privileged to enjoy the luxury of delighting in the mental debates of the yeshivas of today. So it was Divine Providence that brought me there, and I clearly showed them that according to the Zohar and the True Tzadikim, like the Arizal and Ramchal, and even the Rambam, this was a very bad mistake, and in fact this was what the Zohar considers the enslavement of Egypt. The Torah we are supposed to be busy with, is the Torah that illuminates and shines the glory of God in our hearts and in the whole world, which today means the Torah of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman.

In this weeks Parsha we find a few times the distinction between a boy or girl before and after their coming of the age of responsibility to keep the mitzvos. The Bar Mitzva is one of the most celebrated time of life, the father thanks G0d for being relieved of the responsibility, as the son takes it on. True Judaism is very much about manning up and taking responsibility. Rabbis, parents, and figures of authority are not supposed to be taking away responsibility from their charges, rather their real function is to show them greater concepts and realizations of responsibility. This is what the Parsha starts with, H"Y telling Moshe to present the Torah to the Jews so clearly that they can understand and develop the concepts on their own. Today unfortunately most of the figures of authority are just busy building and protecting their own interests. Thank God for Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman, the true path of Torah freedom and autonomy.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Avrohom Luria.

The wife of Avrohom Luria, she asked him, “oy Avrohom, as Yisroel Ber tells you, do.” so he said to her, “I will learn in these three books every day” and he became healthy. Afterwords his brother came, Mordechai Luria, and he saw three Breslov books in the closet (or bookcase). So he took this, and he passed away, he passed away. And his brother, Mordechai Luria, he cried about this all his life, “what did I do?!” I went to him and I wanted to do him a favor, that he should live, and he accepted from me the three books and he learned every day in these three books, and he said to me, “I learn in these three books, I learn every day.” and he became healthy and suddenly his brother came, Mordichai Luria, and he saw the three book of Breslov, “what? He has become Breslov? I will show him, I will take the books.” He took the books, and he (Avrohom) passed away. He didn't have the books to learn? So he passed away. He had the books, and he learned from them and became healthy, he was an intellectual, a great intellectual, and he loved very much to learn the books of Rabbainu, and he saw that it is a great cure, and so it was, and he became healthy, and his wife was so happy! Thank G-d she has such a present that her husband lives. His brother Mordechai Luria came and saw the three books, he said, “what? What? He has become Breslov? I will show him.” He took the three books and went, and he went with the three books, and Avrohom passed away. One day he didn't have the books, he passed away. I said to him, “what is this? Why did you do that?” he said to me, “I didn't do it. He took the books [his brother Mordechai], I didn't have the books.” I am not exaggerating, like I am recounting, that's what happened, I wnet to him with a good present, that he should be healthy, and his brother came and saw the books of Breslov that I gave him, so he said, “what? Is he crazy? He became Breslov?? I will show him.” he took the books and went with the three books, and he got a heart attack and died. He took all the three books and went his way, I came, I said to him, “Avrohom, what's with you?” suddenly he became week, completely week, he took and went, I didn't have the books. He was a great intellectual and he learned the books, every day he learned from them, and he became healthy, and there was happiness by him in the house, him and his wife and their happiness. He became healthy. His brother Mordechai came to visit him and saw the three books in the bookcase (or closet), “Breslov? What is this? He's become Breslov? I will show him.” so he too the books and went his way, and he (Avrohom) passed away. At home, he got a heart attack and he passed away. The whole family and all the greats know from this, and he himself admitted, “I killed him, I caused this, I took the books, because of this he died.” and everyone knew that he killed him, Mordechai Luria. He killed me! He found the books and he went and put them here in the bookcase (or closet) in order to learn, and he went, came his brother Mordechai Luria and saw on the table three books which were from the books of Breslov. What? He, Mordechai, knew that I [Yisroel Ber] was treating him? So he said, “what? He has become crazy? He learns the books of Breslov? I will show him.” so he took and went, and he passed away. A pity, the woman, his wife, a pity, he killed his brother! He said, “I will show him, what? He has become crazy? He has become Breslov? I will show him.” I said to Mordechai Luria, “give me the books, I gave them just to your brother. Give me the books.” he did not give me the books, he was scared. This story is already known in Tiberius, that he, his brother Mordechai Luria killed Avrohom Luria his brother, he took from his the books. I said to him, “it is impossible for you, if you do not learn the books of Breslov!” he said, “I will learn, just that I should live.” Avrohom Luria? His wife requested him, “do as R' Yisroel Ber says to you, not to be an opposer.” he said, yes, yes, yes, and he passed away. He, in his heart had opposition and he couldn't overcome, so he passed away. Aaron Luria, the brother of Avrohom Luria who passed away, yes. He, Mordechai Luria came to visit and saw three books of Breslov and said, “what? He has become Breslov? I will show him.” He took the three books and went. What could be done? And I, for several years I said to him, “give me the three books.” but he didn't want to, and he didn't give me. “has he gone mad? He learns the books of Breslov? I will show him.” That's how it was. He learned from the three books each and every day. His brother, Mordicahi Luria, came and saw, “what is this? He learns the books of Breslov? There are three Breslov books by him, what is this? Has he gone mad? I will show him.” So he took the three books and he went, and he had a heart attack and passed away. (which books were they?) Alim Letrufa (the letters of Rabbi Nussun), Likutay Moharan, and Likutay Halachos, these are the three books I gave him, and I gave him and he learned every day from them each and every day. He was a great intellectual, and he found life each and every day in the Torah, he sensed that this was healing him, and so it was, he had a recovery, and he was healthy, and his brother Mordichai Luria, he saw that his brother became Breslov, and he knew that I was praying for him, so he went crazy, he is to Breslov? He took them, all the three books and gave to a brother (?) and he passed away on that day. It was forbidden to learn from them. He passed away, and he told me that it is a cure, that it gives him life. His brother came and said that, “he has become crazy, he learns the books of Breslov? I will show him.” so he took the books and went. And he got a heart attack and passed away. He learned the books a lot , every day from these three books, and he became completely healthy, and he took from (the books), and he passed away immediately, “I will show him,” he took them, he went, and he passed away. The brother? He was an opposer on Breslov!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Rav Aaron Luria said to you, tonight I am dead!

(R' Aaron Luria said to you, tonight I am dead?) Yeah, yeah, I said to him, “are you crazy?” so he said to me, “I tell you, that tonight I am dead!” and that's what happened, he was scared of the Angel of Death, ho! Ho!... Once, he was sick, I went to visit him, so I said to him, “Aaron? If you have G-d forbid any defect, any adversary on Rabbainu, get rid of it!” and his wife knew and she heard. His wife said to him, “do what Yisroel Ber says! And do not be an opposer to Breslov any more!” Mordechai Luria? He was the brother of Aaron Luria, and he came to visit his brother. He had another brother, another brother, Avrohom Luria. He had a sick heart. I went to visit him, and I took with me three books, and I said to him, “if you engage in these three books, then the malady will go away, and you will live many years! Many years!” he said to me, “good! I, every day I will learn in the three books, good, good!” and he was alive and well, alive and well and healthy, (which three books?) Likutay Tefilos, the letters (letters of Rabbi Nussun?) the letters, and another book. I, so I will give, I gave the three books that he should engage in them. So he will live long and will be healthy! So he saw what they were these books, “I will do like you say, I will be very careful to learn every day in the three books.” He was a Slunim hasid, his father was from Russia, he was a chasid. In short, afterwords, and his brother came, Mordichai Luria, and he saw the three books (of) Breslov in his house, in the closet (or bookcase). So he said, “what is this? He became Breslov? I will take the books!” he took the books, and he (Avrohom) lived for one day and passed away! He had a heart attack and passed away! The whole family and the whole city knows this matter. (who took the books?) Mordichai! And he cried every day, “what did I do!? What did I do!?” he took the books! He didn't have the book? He passed away....

B"H a great new Nanach Song

B"H, B"H, B"H the truth is that I intend to make a little video for this B"H. There was also amazing hashgacha involved which I won't get into right now, but I saw that every thought that we try to elevate to Nanach, critically concerns different souls in the world, bringing them new hope.

Lyrics: first there is a verse from Tehilim, Tikun Haklali: אל תהיו כסוס כפרד אין הבין במתג ורסן עדיו לבלום בל קרוב אליך

Don't be like a donkey
parrot like a monkey
striped up and down
caged like a clown

grazing sensual pleasures
chasing worthless treasures
bent to peer pressure
trapped without measure

How do you get it out
oh yes you gotto shout
scream with all your might
it's for your life you fight

Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman
Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Rav Aaron Luria learned the books of Breslov, and did not withstand the test of not having a livelihood as did R' Yisroel Ber.

Rav Aaron Luria! He was famous for his prestigious lineage and was an intellectual. I was his neighbor in Yeshiva, and he saw what I underwent. He was jealous of me, so he took from me the book Likutay Moharan and went to his room in the yeshiva and he learned Likutay Moharan. So there was a great commotion in the yeshiva, “Aaron Luria is learning Likutay Moharan!” and they said to him, “what are you doing?!” so he said to them, with great bravery, “I want to learn just the books of Breslov, no matter what will be.” so they told this to the Rav Moshe Klears. After this they said to him, “you want to be here, to learn the books of Breslov? You can be here, just know that you will receive a stipend like Yisroel Ber. Do you know how much Yisroel Ber receives? Ask him how much he receives, two liras a month! You will receive two liras a month, like Yisroel Ber” so he said to me, “how is it possible? How is it possible to exist like that? Even when I receive twenty liras a month it is not sufficient for me, what will I do with two and a half liras? So it is impossible!” he said to me, every time he saw me, “ I am jealous of you, yes. I was not able to withstand such a test!” and I had two liras a month and I danced the whole night, and I travelled to Meron and to Jerusalem, and I lived a good life!

Someone just asked me: What does a person have to do to be a real Nanach?

That's the million dollar question, and there is no real answer, because that's what Nanach is, it gives a person personality, character, and self confidence so a real Nanach doesn't ask the question. So basically the answer to your question is, that a person must Nanach until he no longer questions what a person must do to be Nanach.

Those that haven't yet found their soulmate

it says in Sefer Hamidos that someone who has a hard time finding his soul mate should frequently read the portion of the Nissiim. Many understand this to mean that this is a segula - propitious for one to find his soulmate. However it could very well be that Rabbainu is presenting this for other intentions, such as protection or rectification. The main thing is Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman

Nanach event

Yesterday, Gavriel from Beis Meir invited me to his wedding (remarried his wife, after a short period of divorce), he had invited some of the Nanach from up north, who didn't make it, but he also hired Yisroel Dagan, who actually sang a nice bit of Nanach (previously I have encouraged him to sing more Nanach), and there was great rejoicing, it was a really beautiful affair, B"H. Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Monday, February 13, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Rav Alter the Karlin Butcher

Did I ever tell you that I once met with Rav Alther the Butcher? He was a Karliner, a Chasid of Karlin. He had such a reputation that he is a big tzadik, that he serves Hashem, that he does charity and kindness, such a brilliant name. So I wanted to travel to Jerusalem, but without money it is impossible to travel, so I saw Rav Alter, he had a small fund for loans, I said, maybe he'll lend me? I said, “Rav Alter, I have a request from you! What is it? I need a loan of a half a lira.” So he looks at me as a mad man, “what does he say? I am rich? I have a half a lira in the bank? There is a half a lira? There are liras?! But I only pennies, what does he say, a loan of half a lira?!” but my request didn't give him rest, he couldn't remove this from his heart, this entered his head, his heart, it didn't want to leave. I said with strength, with conviction, I need half a lira, that he should end me half a lira. So he said, “when will he return it to me? Is it possible to give a half a lira? It is possible to give a penny, two pennies, five pennies, but not half a lira!” but my words didn't leave his conscious, how is it possible half a lira? Half a lira? But he gave half a lira, he gave me, yes. He said to me he will consider and he will see whether or not to give me. Afterwords he saw me in the marketplace and he called me and said to me, “R' Yisroel Ber, what did you do to me? The half a lira that you asked from me doesn't leave my head. From when you asked me it doesn't want to leave my head. So, good, I will give you the half a lira, but not now. I will give you half a lira, tomorrow, in two days, I will give you half a lira. I will give you.” Nu, nu, my joy that I had, I already have the trip to Jerusalem... nu. There was no travel by car, straight from Tiberius to Jerusalem. First there was Haifa, from here it was necessary to travel to Haifa on donkeys, and afterwords there was the English train, and from Haifa to Jerusalem by train....

From an ongoing translation of the Book of Traits: ANGER

21. One who gazes at the face of a liar comes to anger.

22. Through jealousy one comes to anger.

23. Through anger one incites upon oneself harsh judgments.

24. Through anger one sires foolish children.

25. Through anger, one's lifespan is shortened.

26. It is conducive to (dispelling or preventing) anger, that you lower the haughty.

Great joke on the Hebrew

It's that good - so I'm going to share it with you English speaking folk.

A teacher was teacher her kids that whales can't really swallow people because there throats are narrow, the children were having a hard time accepting this, and finally one little girl presented strong proof, arguing that Yona was swallowed by a whale. The teacher denied the story of Yona, saying that such a thing was impossible and never happened C"V.
So the little girl told her teacher, "when I get to Gan Eden I will ask Yona."
The stubborn teacher replied, "and what if Yona is in Hell?"
The little girl replied, "then you will ask him."

B"H for Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Question: If you make someone laugh so hard that he chokes and spits out his drink, do you have to repent and ask forgiveness?

As you probably understand, this is not a theoretical question, in fact it just happened.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The Carpenter that Drew Close to Rabbainu.

In Tiberius there was a carpenter, an excellent carpenter, a good carpenter. I didn't know him, I didn't now that he was Breslov. He came close to our holy master, and I didn't know. He heard that I am under duress, so he was drawing close to me, and he was strong, strong and wise... yes. So I thought that he is mocking, that he from scoffing, he likes me to mock me, by him hasidus is worthless... and I didn't know, he told me, “I am Breslov, I saw a couple from Russia, that came from Russia, and they got up at midnight and they said (the rectification of) midnight! And they drew me close to Breslov.” So Rav Muttel brought this carpenter, and he had in storage some broken chairs, and he was a big specialist in carpentry, and he made furniture. There was news in Tiberius, I had chairs and a table! Rav Muttel had two daughters, one was Shluma and one was Feiga, and they saw that Rav Muttel reveled with me, even though I was simple, but he loved me, he himself didn't know what this was, why does he love me? So Shluma was the younger, and Feiga was older, in short, they came, the girls, and I brought my wife. She didn't have clothes for Shabbos, she didn't have a dress, so the daughters told him, “you brought the wife? She doesn't have shoes and she doesn't have a dress, she doesn't have anything, it is necessary to arrange for her, to make for her. The wife has come without clothing? Without shoes?” So he it became known to him, the daughters told him, that she doesn't have anything, so he said to me, “go in Tiberius, In Tiberius there was the meuchtar of the city, named Yakov, he was an expert shoemaker, like Mordechai was at carpentry, he was an expert for shoes, and people waited in line. He didn't receive from everyone, he was strong, he worked, the shoe was strong and nice. So he (Rav Muttel) sent me to Yakov, he's the most expert shoemaker in Tiberius, he (Yakov) doesn't take a lot of money, so he (Rav Muttel) sent me to him (Yakov). Nu, then there weren't store, and it wasn't available, and since one needed shoes it was necessary to wait in line, to get measured and to make according to the measurement, it was necessary to wait two, three weeks in line. So I came to him and I said to him, “Rav Muttel said that you should give me a pair of shoes, the size is such and such.” My wife told me her size, so he said, “I have her size, this size is available, you don't need to wait.” So he gave me the shoes, and they were nice and very good, according to her size. So she already had shoes. Afterwords there was new furniture...

Ovagoy Nanachs

Another Nanach post on Ovagoy

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Sefer Hamidos - Book of Traits: Anger

15. The anger of a woman destroys the house.

16. Through anger one's flesh becomes emaciated.

17. It is conducive for [avoiding (or possibly: calming)] anger, to eat breakfast with bread.

18. One who does not complain about people will be esteemed in peoples' eyes.

19. Through falsehood comes anger.

20. One with a bad temper should make a pledge and pay it immediately. Through this the anger will be annulled from him.

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The Bread for the Family.

There was a baker, that baked bread, yes. So he (Rav Muttel) went to him, they called him Mendel Wek, yes. Rav Muttel saw that I don't have bread to eat. He said, “he deserves bread. He needs to be without bread? I need to give him bread!” And that's what was, he went to the baker, from the hasidim of Slunim, this is his friend, and said to him, “give, on my tab, to Yisroel Ber, everyday a loaf of bread, on the first day of every month give me the bill, and I will pay you.” That what was. Afterwords he was concealed, concealed....

I sat (lived) in his courtyard, I had a small kitchen, I came to the owner of the kitchen, “how much do you want to rent to me the kitchen?” so he said to me a small amount. Good, I took it, but even the small amount I don't have. I said to him, “don't worry, I will pay you! Nu, what is with you?” He gave me the kitchen, and I found from the merchants a broken box, and I took it into the kitchen, and I had a box for a table, a box, yes. Boxes! I myself sat on the floor, I put rags on the floor, I sat on the floor and I said Likutay Tefilos, Psalms... Rav Muttel saw my apartment, the kitchen, and how I am busy with Likutay Tefilos, Breslov! And he sees that I don't have bread to eat and the wife is in Safed by her parents, and I am happy? What is this? He asked, what type of life is this? What is this? So he didn't understand this, what this is. What? From where to I get this? In any event, H”Y had mercy on my, and his neighbor, that lived next to Rav Muttel, moved to a different apartment, so he knew that I didn't have an apartment, and I don't have (my) wife, and I don't have anything. So he rented the apartment from the owner of the kitchen. He was... the owner of the kitchen was the landlord of the whole courtyard of Rav Muttel. So he rented the apartment for me, and said to me, “come to me, write to your wife that she should come” and he told me that he rented the apartment for me. I said to him, “good, there is an apartment, walls! But there isn't a table, I don't have a chair, I don't have anything, and what? How can I write to her that she should come?” So he hit me and said to me, “this is not your business. I will give you furniture, an apartment with furniture, you will have chairs, and you will have a table and bed, write to her that she should come!” And that's what happened.

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The songs of Shabbos.

He (Rav Muttel Slunimer) heard my “Shalom Aleichem” (song greating the angels at the Shabbos table Friday night). Then it wasn't like today, I was at the beginning of my drawing close, and my “Eishes Chayil” (woman of valor – from the end of Proverbs, sung after Shalom Aleichem)? “Azamer Bishvochem” (sung after Aishes Chayil, a Kabalistic poem written by the Arizal)? So he was completely abnegated! So he said to me, “what is this? I am an intellectual? And I don't know what Shabbos is! This Shabbos of mine is nothing! Yisroel Ber! Yisroel Ber! Yisroel Ber! And also the daughters, they revered Rav Muttel their father, and they knew that he was a great intellectual, with a great mind, and what am I? What, what worth did I have next to him? But he said to them, “I am embarrassed from Yisroel Ber, I see his Shabbos, how he is happy! And he has guests for Shabbos, I don't know how he is alive?” His daughters, they heard my Shabboses, the songs and the happiness, and they saw that I don't have anything, that Rav Muttel gave me chairs, yes. Rav Muttel was the greatest opposer, because his hasidic master of Slunim was a great opposer, but even still he loved me. So his daughters they asked him, “what is this? Why does Breslov not find favor in your eyes? We see that he serves Hashem like this, he is always happy!” He was confused, I made him heart problems. He was a great opposer, and I showed him, “you oppose? Good! So listen to the “Eishes Chayil” of Breslov!” he was left without hands, without feet, he was abnegated! Yes. He was Heaven fearing, he was so sunken it terrible opposition, and he? And I was nothing compared to him! A gnat, nothing what-so-ever! And he had heart illness, he couldn't find a place, he sees with his eyes my Shabbos, and his Shabbos, and how? How is it possible to oppose? Yes. He had troubles, I made him heart problems. In any event, the second Shabbos my already had, Thank God, shoes. His daughters, of Rav Muttel, they came and they said to him, “she doesn't have a dress for Shabbos, it is necessary to make her a dress!” So Rav Muttel sent me to a certain merchant, that he sells leftovers, leftovers this is pieces, and he was a merchant, he would select large cuts so that there should be a dress. So he (Rav Muttel) sent me to him, and he gave me merchandise which was sufficient for a dress, and she was practiced in sewing, and she sewed, and she had a dress for Shabbos. And it was an awesome show! His daughters they heard his opposition, and they hear my “Eishes Chayil”. So they made him trouble, to Rav Muttel, “How, how, how does one oppose such a Jew?! That he says 'eishes chayil' like this! Is it possible to be an opposer?” yes, I made them, Tiberius and the hasidim of Slunim, heart problems. They were the greatest opposers, and I made them such difficulties, but not for nothing, not for nothing. They were in the yeshiva “Rabbi Meir Baal Hanais” and they had a better reputation than all the yeshivas of Jerusalem. And they gave me two liras a month instead of ten, 12, 15. They gave me two liras! So they said that they are giving just out of mercy, “he has small children. Nu, he needs bread, but he isn't a ben Yeshiva, he doesn't learn Talmud, he learns Likutay Moharan! Likutay Tefilos! Psalms! This is Yeshiva? This is a ben Yeshiva?” But Likutay Moharan, and the Likutay Tefilos, and Psalms, this made from them great hardship.

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This Weeks Torah Portion - Parshas Yisro

Rabbainu revealed that the true tzadik, who is in the full aspect of Moshe Rabbainu, is very busy making converts (even though Judaism isn't busy proselytizing, the Tzadik is busy in the spiritual worlds redeeming the sparks of holiness and bringing them into the fold). So that's this weeks parsha, all about Yisro's grand entrance into Judaism, which the Zohar, often quoted by Rabbainu, says aggrandized the glory of God in unfathomable ways.

Towards the end of the parsha the Torah presents the 10 Commandments - which correspond to the 10 types of song which are rooted in the ten letters of Na NaCh NaChMa NaChMaN me'uman. Which is 5 words, corresponding to the 2 tablets, 5 commandments on each.

Eli Reality Nanach: I'm Nanach and I Know It!!!

Great new Nanach song by our Reality Nanach, he says it the way it is: I'm Nanach, and I know it! B"H:

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Returning to Nanach

B"H back in the day when I was running the Nanach van in the U.S. and experienced extreme hostility from 2 young "Breslov" hasidim in Brooklyn, well it looks like one of them is trying to repent, although he hasn't asked me forgiveness (the hundreds of dollars of damage was caused by the other guy, but it was definitely only due to this guys support) he goes out of his way to do things for me (which as you can imagine I don't really appreciate, if not for the fact that I have tremendous enjoyment to see his new acceptance of Nanach, B"H!).

Lift our hearts to the palms to God that is in Heaven! - With the help of B.R.

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The People of Tiberius

The Chasidim of Tiberius

In Tiberius, it was a small city, but there were chasidim, all types of chasidim, yes. And every one of the chasidim thinks that it is the truth, holy of holies, that everyone needs to learn from them. They are the chasidim of Biyan, and these how to be Chabad.... In any event, the Karlin Chasidim and the Slunim Chasidim were close to each other, the synagogue was close. But Karlin would scream in prayer, so they were, they had a name (reputation) and great importance, they scream in prayer! They pray with honor! And the Slunim Chasidim? They snubbed the Karlin Chasidim, the main thing is to learn to be an intellectual! By the Slunim Chasidim there were intellectuals! Karlin Chasidim? They would scream in prayer! But the Slunim Chasidim? They didn't scream in prayer, they just had by them intellectuals. They had by them all the honor and all the arrogance and the whole world, they thought that they were the greats of the generation, that they are the leaders of the generation, that they are the leaders of Israel, that the main thing is to learn Talmud! Yes. There are intellectuals, and there are intellectuals, there are many types. And Rav Muttel? He was really very talented, a mastermind, refined, he was wise and understanding, and merciful, and with good character traits, Rav Muttel! Nu, but the people, he had more haughtiness, because he is Heaven fearing, he is an intellectual! So they were, by them there was, the ego and haughtiness that was the main life by them. Yisroel Ber? Wasn't of Karlin and not of Slunim, rather he chose the Chasidus of Breslov! So H”Y brought about that Rav Muttel was my neighbor. I was his student, and I was like a son. He loved me, even though I am not clever and he was a great intellectual, but even still he respected me and befriended me, because I was in dire poverty, and I, my wife was by her parents, and I was by my parents, we didn't have a livelihood. Nu, I was in the house by Rav Muttel like member of the house. He saw that I drew close to our holy master, to Breslov. He saw that I don't have a wife, I don't have an apartment, I don't have a livelihood, and I am happy! He didn't understand this, he didn't understand this. “What? What he is not from the world, he is not from this world? What is this? What is this with Yisroel Ber?” He didn't understand this. He understood that I don't have bread to eat, that he understood! That he understood. He was wise, he was an intellectual, so he understood. I didn't tell him, he asked me, “who? Who gives you to eat?” So I told him, “H”Y provides for me” yes. And this went into his ears and he understood that I don't have food, yes, and I don't have clothing for Shabbos, and I don't have anything. I don't have... the wife is in Safed? And I don't have an apartment, and not money, and not haughtiness, and not Torah, and not anything! Nu, he saw that I am happy. He understood that I don't have bread to eat. So he went, he was compassionate, he went to the chasidim of Slunim.

From an ongoing translation of the Book of Traits

7. A hot-tempered person's life is not worth living.

8. Also, all sorts of hell reign over (or afflict) him.

9. And is overcome with hemorrhoids (in the shape of figs).

10. The Divine Presence is not important to him.

11. And he forgets his learning.

12. And increases stupidity.

13. And it is certain that his sins are more than his merits.

14. Anger after eating is very damaging.

Welcoming New Nanach B"H would like to welcome matisyahup613 into the folds of Nanach. Not so long ago, M. visited Israel on birthright and got a healthy dose of Nanach inspiration, which he followed up on the youtube, and we are praying that he will make it all the way.

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Nanach brings Global Warming

Our dear friend of the Nanach, Shlomo Carlbach OBM frequently taught,
that the world is a very cold place, and every Jew is a little oven to
warm it.

People think that he was just talking allegorically, but now we see
that this is extremely practical and applicable even in the scientific
environment of today.

Rabbainu said his fire is going to burn till the Messiah comes, so
every Nanach out there is really lighting up and warming up the world!

So keep spreading Nanach!

Picture by CLemmeBeNanach

Moshiach Oi! live show next week in NYC

Everyone in the New York City area is invited to our show next week.
All info is shown on the flyer.
Moshiach Oi! is a Torah-Hardcore-Punk band from New York.
Check out our website:

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From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

And they said it is forbidden to have mercy on him!

He needs to be amongst the paupers at the Western Wall!

From the time that I was a child, I was a poor child, my father was blind in both eyes, and my mother, she had, she accepted this with [love], I, for my whole life I learned, at the beginning just in the Yeshiva of Slunim, and now I, I don't want to hear from them, such arrogant people! They received all the money from America, they received and didn't give for a piece of bread, yes, Rav Moshe Klears had a son, Avrohom Mordichai Klears, he made a bank from the money of America, he made a bank, and his bank was more wealthy than all the banks! My children didn't have a piece of bread to eat, and they had all the money of America by them, and I didn't have not shoes, and not bread, and not all types of things, and not clothing for my children, I had ten children and they all needed to eat, and I didn't have. They didn't give me. Why? I learn the books of Breslov! This is all the... this is Slunim! And they said it is forbidden to have mercy on him, he needs to be amongst the paupers at the Wester Wall, not in Yeshiva! And they didn't give me even a piece of bread for the children, they didn't give me. Miracles and wonders that I am alive, I didn't have bread to eat, yes, yes, this is Slunim. Forgive me, I don't want to say slander, not even on any Jew, but this was mamash... (here Saba speaks in Yiddish: you learn Torah?! You take away the little bit of bread from children, from small children, they didn't give even a little bit of bread, he has to be in Jerusalem) Hashem should bless the whole nation of Israel with all the blessing with all the salvations. Yes. Not one day, one week, two! I didn't have bread, just bread to eat?! Not I, and not my children, I didn't have with what to pay tuition, so they sent the children home. No.... The tombs of tzadikim? The tzadikim the liars, do you understand what I am saying? (yes) “it is forbidden to have mercy, he learns the books of Breslov!” in the Yeshiva it is forbidden to have mercy. There was the Rav Alapandri, he was a genius, world renown genius, and tzadik, he requested, I, I was by him and I attended to him, so I asked him that he should speak with them, that they should give me bread, bread to eat. No? We will give every Jew, just to Breslov, not to Breslov?! Because he learns the books of Breslov in the Yeshiva?! (The Rav Alapandri spoke with them?) yeah, yes, (nu, what?) they gave a half a lira a month, they went, they said to him that they wouldn't give, but they were afraid (from him) he had a great name (reputation), the Rav Alapandri, he was a genius in Torah and a chasid, yes, he asked me to accept... I still didn't have bread to eat, there wasn't bread, just bread alone there wasn't. And they had by them all the money of America, they had a big name (reputation) in the world as if they were tzadikim, their name (reputation) was throughout the world. They said, I learn in yeshiva? I learn the books of Breslov! I learn in Yeshiva?! They don't want me! I was born in Tiberius, and they said, “no, he learns the books of Breslov, we will not give him, he isn't a ben Yeshiva (conforming to the ways of the Yeshiva)!” It is miracles and wonders that I remained alive, I and the children, but H”Y he has mercy, H”Y has mercy, and the truth... the falsehood falls, the truth is lives and endures! The falsehood, at the end it falls. I remember, they were at the highest height, they fell and went down completely. They didn't give me, not bread and not to drink, “he should go to Jerusalem amongst the paupers that sit in Jerusalem at the Western Wall!” they didn't give... miracles and wonders... my children don't know, don't know what is 'aleph' and what is 'bes' what is 'kometz' (the vowel 'u') and what is 'patach' (the vowel 'a') what.... The Yeshiva, the first of the month, and the children didn't bring money, so they sent them home, they couldn't they didn't know, there wasn't, not foot, and not to learn, yes, oy, oy, oy, all his enemies fell, all of them fell, there didn't remain a synagogue, even one brick didn't remain, the government bought the lot of their synagogue, they paid them a lot of money... miracles and wonders that I and my children remained alive. Slunim had a name (reputation) in the whole world, Slunim Slunim Slunim, but the falsehood!... and it goes down and falls (Rabbi Nachman from Breslov when will he come?) he will come, he as already came! It can be seen in that in the whole world, in every Jew, he learns with every Jew, the way how to serve Hashem in truth, such truth that never was, never was, but... “a novelty like me has still never been in the world,” Rabbi Nachman said, “a novelty like me still has never been in the world.” Nu, he sought honor and acclaim?! This was... as much as he said, it still does not reach even a fraction from this... Rabbi Nachman is... “I...” and Rabbi Nachman said, “I and Rabbi Nussun laugh from the whole world.” Yes, that's what he said, “I and Rabbi Nussun laugh from the whole world.” Such words... a grandson of the Baal Shem Tov!... he rectifies the whole world, all the wicked, all the heretics, all the enemies, rectifies, fixes, Rabbi Nachman said, even sick people that have no cure and I can heal them, that is what he said, that is what is written in the book! Two in the world, the truth was two, Rabbi Nachman and Rabbi Nussun! And he said, “I and Rabbi Nussun laugh from the whole world.” Who, who can tell, who can speak, this was such novelty, there is no mouth to speak. They revealed truth and faith, and make from the whole world tzadikim, from all the wicked, from all the heretics they make tzadikim! Even the secular know from this! I was born in Tiberius, and I learned always in the Yeshiva of Breslov, and what I suffered from this, from Breslov, what I suffered, this – there is no mouth to speak, to tell. The haughtiness of the whole world was by Slunim, I can speak and tell, and testify, there was one person, Aaron Luria, have you heard? (no) Great in Torah! Great in Torah, he was a Slunim Chasid, and he was against it, he said Slunim [not good] just Breslov... I was not included, I was not a ben Yeshiva, “he is not a ben Yeshiva!” the senior principal said, “he is not a ben Yeshiva.” He said to Rav Alapandri, “he is not a ben yeshiva, we are embarrassed, he should go away from here!” A garment, even for the winter I didn't have, for small children I didn't have clothing, and not bread, and not money, and not anything, miracles today that I live. But H”Y he pays them... to the liars, he pays them... our holy master revealed... there is already, there is already in the world the Likutay Moharan, so/then the world won't be destroyed, there is already, there is already Likutay Moharan in the world, about me they said to Rav Alapandri, “he is not a ben Yeshiva, we will not give him!” but they gave a half a lira a month from fear that Rav Alapandri he was a strong man and he would not be embarrassed even in front of the greatest of greats, their greats, the greats, the greats of Slunim-Jerusalem they said, the Torah of Rabbi Nachman, there isn't in the world like his Torah, so they said, they from Jerusalem-Slunim they don't know, we know we are learned! I didn't have bread, not I and not my children, “he learns the books of Breslov!” (Saba also today they don't give much to Breslov) also? (also today they don't give much to Breslov) today? (they don't give much) what? They don't know anything! My children that learned in school, everyone called them Breslov Breslov Breslov Breslov! They are reprobates! (not in order) not in order?! They are execrable! There is kosher and there is reprobate, they are reprobates, “he learns the books of Breslov!” Thank G-d I merited to (receive) notes from Rabbi Nachman, yes, he writes to me, “my precious student” I was a completely simple man! And here he writes to me, “my precious student.” But I am living thank G-d, and I see the end of them, all of them suffered difficulties that are not... May the Merciful One save us, because H”Y loves tzadikim, with regard to tzadikim He avenges more than the whole Torah, this is the main Torah, the main.... The Rav Alapandri he heard that I said two prayers from Likutay Tefilos, so/then he didn't want me to attend to him, he said to me, “I need to serve you, not you (to serve) me!” Likutay Tefilos like this... and they didn't give bread to whoever... bread for small children, through that which I learned the books of Breslov! From fear and terror they gave a half a lira! Thank G-d that I merited to be stubborn and to leave them in peace, I was... it is impossible to describe what type of presence I had. They thought that they are the greats of the whole world, and their haughtiness was till the sky, and I sensed this... I had tne children, I do not lie, I don't want to say, they said, “it is forbidden to give him help, forbidden! He learns the books of Breslov!” Thank G-d I was strong and I didn't listen to all of them, there were amongst them great intellectuals, they said that Torah like Rabbi Nachman is not seen, there isn't like it in the world! (so why did they oppose?) They didn't listen to the true greats, they didn't listen. They made for themselves greats, a greater liar, a greater intellectual. Mordichai from Slunim was a Torah genius, [he said], “like Rabbi Nachman, like Likutay Moharan, there isn't another in the world!” So they said that he is crazy, he doesn't know what he's talking about, it is forbidden to release such a clarification. He rose above all the greats, above all, above everything... and his truth this... there is no truth like this, there is no wise man like this (what did he say about the Petek?) who? (R' Mordichai) He accepted the Petek, and said that what I release from my mouth is the Torah of Moses, it is holy, and holy, and holy! (today also the greats say that Rabbainu is holy of the holies but the small don't accept this) the liars (yes) I sensed the terrible odor of their arrogance... I, our holy master said, this is a talk from the Likutay Moharan, “I and Rabbi Nussun laugh from the whole world!” from the whold world! “I was victorious and I will be victorious, I finished and I will finish.” What is this?! What do you say about this?! “I finished and I will finish” so he already knocked them all down! They were the biggest opposers of Breslov, and thank God I came out, thank G-d that I live... I... our holy master, Rabbi Nachman, said, “I and Rabbi Nussun are laughing from the whole world! I and Rabbi Nussun...” Rabbi Nussun was his student. For Rabbi Nussun we do not have any praise to say about him. He was the head of all the tzadikim and the whole Torah, Rabbi Nussun... on Rabbi Nachman... I was a neighbor of Moshe Klears (who was Moshe Klears?) he was Sluni (a Slunim Chasid?) yes. He said to me.... “I and Rabbi Nussun” two men from all the greats all the geniuses, they laugh from the whole world! “I and Rabbi Nussun laugh from the whole world!” (there is new) where?...