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Monday, January 2, 2012

This Weeks Torah Portion - Parshas VaYichey (and he lived)

In this weeks Parsha we learn how Yosef and his children were the most attached and attentive to Yaakov. Today the critical importance of the Tzadik is known to those seeking the truth, and it seems a little strange to see that the sons of the Yaakov, 11 tribes weren't more on top of this. The truth is that we find this elsewhere in the Scriptures, e.g. when King Saul (before he was king) went looking for his lost animals and his searching, a three day journey, brought him close to the Prophet Samuel he didn't consider visiting this supernal prophet, even after Saul's servant suggested it pointing out that this was a great opportunity Saul rejected it, only after the servants insistence did Saul acquiesce. From these cases we can learn that although the position of the Tzadik is critical one must still retain his own 'bechira' power of decision. The sons of Yaakov and Saul were very aware of their mission and responsibility and they were very busy doing just that, they weren't looking for a free pass to absolve themselves. However, even still, our Sages teach us that Yosef and his children are to be emulated for having clung to Yaakov first and foremost. Part of a person's position and decision making is how much he will completely abnegate himself to the tzadik - compounding his role in this world.

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