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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rabbi Nachman addresses modern day issues including women's lib.

Recently I have been studying the 10th teaching of Likutay Moharan and although I wasn't surprised, because by Rabbainu this is common, I was astounded to see how Rabbainu addresses many of the current major issues in the media.

In this teaching Rabbainu says that when there are harsh judgement in the world, the remedy to mitigate and sweeten them is to equate the woman to the man! This will probably get many women excited, but hopefully they will have the integrity to examine further what Rabbi Nachman considers equality.

Rabbi Nachman says that the harsh judgement is caused by idolatry, which is in the form of haughtiness and ego, and in order to break haughtiness and ego it is necessary to draw close to the Tzadik, the spirit of the Tzadik, which is the spirit of the Torah, will break the haughtiness. There are two aspects of this spirit, the aspect of Mordichai - the hands and the revealed Torah, and the aspect of Esther - the feet and the hidden Torah. The hidden Torah is the more important and decisive factor. Score another point for the women - but it is quite obvious that this quality is by definition only if the woman is hidden (i.e. modest and out of site)!!! The equating isn't the actual making equal, rather the "mating" of the two, where both are possessed and propelled by the spirit of the Tzadik (resulting in clapping and dancing). [It should be understood that this teaching is in conjunction with Rabbi Nachman's stance on two issues which the misnagdim/litvish/yeshiva world have a hard time digesting. 1. The hidden Torah is the aspect of Prayer (prayer is the aspect of Malchus, which is female). 2. Prayer is more important than Torah.]

In this Torah, Rabbainu also discusses how the MSS (unworthy leaders) seek to capture Israel - i.e. importance, and one can learn from this that the proper way of conquering Israel is by drawing close to Tzadik and being infused by his spirit. May we merit to do more of this quickly....

epilogue, it is now a week after I originally posted this, I have just learned that my friend Shimon had been incarcerated and was just freed, this is amazing because this Torah from Rabbi Nachman discusses the incarceration of Shimon! Also the aspect of Binyomin, because he was attacked by the zionists who want to take Israel, as discussed in that Torah!

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