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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Portrait of Rabbi Nachman

About two years ago (I think) someone drew a portrait of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov claiming that Rabbainu came to him (or maybe her, don't remember) in a dream asking them to draw his semblance and make it available to the public, which this person did publicizing the picture on facebook. No one can really attest to the veracity of the portrait, however the picture is innocuous, it portrays the way a Jew should look - with beard and pehyos, and it somewhat resembles a holy "settler" the likes that are Nanach or Nanach friendly.

Recently our friend Barzel, who is very active in looking after the descendants of the Baal Shem Tov, particularly of Rabbainu, has been helping a descendant (or two) that mamash resemble the newly drawn picture of Rabbainu. This does lend credence to the integrity of the drawing.

[When I was in Yeshiva about 20 years ago, there was one picture of the Vilna Gaon, then one year a new picture cropped up. There was a big Rosh Yeshiva MSS (usually MSS is acronym for Meforsam Shel Sheker, which is the case here, but this is actually the guys initials....) who attested that the new picture was correct, claiming that after a day of working hard to understand and defend some of the Vilna Gaon's Torah novelty, he was visited by the Vilna Gaon in a dream, and thus knew what he looked like. My Rosh Yeshiva, T.K., kind of scorned that, but he said he has a very down to earth reason for believing that the new picture was correct - because he knows a few descendants of the V.G. who resemble the picture.]

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