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Friday, January 27, 2012


B"H this week I merited to mayfitz (spreading the light of Rabbainu) with the Nanach Hafatza Tour of Israel spearheaded by Boya (Edan from the Shomron). B"H it's good to see many of our DIBs (Dear Israeli Brothers) living a good life - beautiful houses, property, neighborhoods, natural setting..... and infinitely more important it is amazing to see how much they are thirsting for the holy words of Nanach. Even in remote Kibutzim where people warned us that we would be unwelcome, people invited us into their homes to spend time with us. A few people refused to take a book, but were enthusiastic about giving us charity, many times by the time they gave the charity they were happy to take a book as well, a mitzva draws another. In the few days I helped going door to door we probably gave out close to 100 books (mostly the Hebrew "Stories and Parables") and hundreds of "patzim" (the pamphlets "Letter from Heaven", "Truth", "Rebbe") in the middle we ran out of books, so we just gave out the pamphlets, but then a Nanach came up to help out and brought us a fresh supply of books. The books are given out for free, and only after, if the situation is propitious we ask if they can give charity. The reduced cost of the Hebrew "Storys and Parables" for the mefitzim themselves is 4 shekel, and our friends who put them out are always adding many for free. In the short period of time that we have been publishing these holy books (I think that it only in the months) I think aproximately 14,000 have been published and over 10,000 already given out. B"H there was one woman who had made aliyah from London, who was very happy to receive the "Story Tales."

The magnitude of how special this is - is beyond comprehension, hundred of people have begun to be indoctrined in the holy ways of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

Also noteworthy is the warmth of the community that hosts the mefitzim, offering them free lodgings, and different people contributing what ever they can to help out; food, mikva....

You too can be a part of this amazing transformation, changing the face and attitude of Israel, bringing the holy nation of Israel to the grandeur befitting the children of God.

There were some highlights but I don't think I'll get around to posting them just now, B"H....

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