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Monday, January 9, 2012

Nanach on TV - Top Israeli Video of the Year 2011!!!

About a month ago Channel 10 of the Israeli Television ran a clip of me saying Nanach, on their program Tzinor Layla (Night Pipeline?), B"H the viewer liked it so much that they ran it again a week later, and now in a show where they selected the top videos of the year 2011 they selected this Nanach clip as the most beloved Israeli clip (they show it right before 3rd place, and for some reason a few people have told me that it was selected 2nd place, even though 2nd place is only shown after 3rd, and the reality is that it didn't make the top at all, just the top for Israel...). And also they selected it as the thumbnail picture link for the show (the thumbnail link unfortunately does not show nanach, just part of my face). The clip can be found here at apx. 17 minutes in:
obviously this site and video has alot of immodesty and viewer discretion is required.

Introduced as, 'as can be expected/understood a Breslov Chusid that... true happiness' the hosts are laughing and say that they have to see it again, it is shown again, and then the hosts are left ogling and speechless.


חלב ודבש Chalav u Dvash said...
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IlaN-ach said...

1 Yosef Mizrachi - Jewish Torah Vs Muslim Quran ~7 minutes

2 Yosef Mizrachi - The Disaster Of Jewish Intermarriage ~120 minutes