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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Music celebrities getting back into Nanach

A while ago we were reporting on Matisyahu and Shyne how they were getting closer to Nanach, and then they dropped out of the radar. B"H recently they have resurfaced. Matisyahu shaved off his beard - an ailment frequently found by the Nanach, unfortunately - many of the greatest Breslovers would boast how even in their old age and on their death bed they still had a beard, from this we can see that for a real Nanach to keep his beard, may entail great trials and tribulations which not always are aced. So Matisyahu seems to have broken away from a lot of sheker and we have good reason to believe that the words of Rabbainu that he received are working their wonders (one of my friends personally gave his a Likutay Tefilos). Shyne also for a while went through a state of denial, not willing to accept the importance of going to Uman, but now B"H he has reinvited the Nanach he had been friends with to continue learning with him, B"H.

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