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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Likutay Tefilos

Last Thursday I had a strong thought, that the first book we should be doing hafatza on should be Likutay Tefilos, because that way as we give out these holy prayer book, more and more people will be praying for our success (as we find in the Story Tales, in the story of the Master of Prayer). The next day I found out, that on Thursday, B"H, our friends finished the arrangements for a mega publication of Likutay Tefilos! They plan on printing 1000 to see how it comes out, and then proceed with another 9000. What they have prepared is in the epitome of beauty, B"H. One of the Nanach children who is not attending school, proofread the work making many corrections (I think he stayed up one night doing this).

B"H the mega printing of Sefer Hamidos has been done, and B"H this week the books will be bound (the Hebrew has a video of the big stacks awaiting binding). The original projected 1.8 shekel was not met, but whoever ordered already will still receive that price. The actual price isn't so much more, and B"H we have learned from our mistakes and in the future we will be able to pull through with even cheaper prices.

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