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Monday, January 30, 2012

Conversations of Saba

Rav Alapandri.

I was inferior from everyone. I was a simple person and inferior from everyone. The Rav Alapandri, he lived in Safed, he came to Tiberius to immerse in the hot springs of Tiberius, so I descended from the Yeshiva, I went down and said to the Rav Alpandri, “I have a request from you, I would like to serve you.” He was an world renown genius, yes. He had allocution. And so strong! He heard how I say Likutay Tefilos, so afterwords I went and came to his room and I said to him, “what would you like? What do you need?” he said, “I want to serve you! That's what I want!” (he was a man of truth?) yes. He was very old, and he was strong, very heroic, he didn't ask all the rabbis, he said to me, “I heard about Rabbi Nachman, I heard great things, that he was a big genius, but what I hear from you? I did not know from this at all! Now? I want to serve you!” he was my neighbor in Safed (you lived in Safed?) no. I got married in Safed, he was living in Safed and I was born in Tiberius and I lived in Tiberius, all of Tiberius cried, they cried over me, my father and my mother, they cried, “what? It is impossible to be a Breslov Chasid! What is this? We don't want Breslov!” and that's how everyone was, all the scholars and everyone, “there was Breslov? Breslov?! Breslov?!...” I, I was lower than everyone, I didn't have any mind, and any intellect,and any...nothing, no elocution and not anything, mamash nothing... and our holy master writes to me (in the Petek), “my student, my precious student”...

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