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Friday, January 27, 2012

Conversations of Saba

He learned with me in Yeshiva, and he was his student and learned by him (what was his name?) R' Tzvi Hirsch, R' Tzvi Rosenthal (he was a student of the Chufetz Chaim) yes, a student of... oy vay, now I see, then, at the time that this happened to me, what transpired, I didn't know what it was, I wasn't able, it was hard for me, it says in the Talmud, “someone who comes to purify himself (from Heaven they) purify him.” Nu, why do I deserve such suffering? I want to be a servant of Hashem in truth, why do I deserve suffering? It was hard to understand why, but now... This was hard to understand, but now, the more time passes by, I see and understand and grasp, and recognize that this was such a favor that it's priceless! Now I will give millions, I want a little to suffer insults, difficulties, where are they? Where will I obtain (them)? Just this period there was what was, and this was all good, all for the generations to see what is Breslov, and what strength this is. Also... when he (R' Muttel Slunimer) said not nice things, then I got up from the chair and I said to him, “I don't want to see you!” I left the room and I gave with the door... I didn't go in to him then on that night, his custom to pray was like here, with the sunrise, yes, he didn't have... the minyan (group prayer) of his hasidim would pray before midday, at nine, ten, he didn't oppose this, he prayed with the Sephardim. While he was praying there was a fire, after the prayers he came, he found it burned, and his daughter tell him that he had a miracle that she wasn't burnt! In any event, so/then he tells her, “this was my punishment, Yisroel Ber, I was punished, I had an argument...” that's what he told his daughter, “I had an argument with Yisroel Ber, and he got upset, so thank God that you were saved, thank God that you remained alive!” So/then he said to her, “I tell you, I hear the arguments, and I see that he... he is correct!” oy vay, what I had, there are many stories, many, many hidden matters what is... oy, now if we give as much... all the money in the world that there should be such a story, yes, Rav Muttel, Yisroel Ber, of the arguments, and of... it was a period. And all was at it's proper time. I needed to receive from Rabbi Yisroel, and this was not possible only through the insults and the spilling of blood, and the difficulties that I suffered from everyone. I was alone, alone against everyone! How is it possible such a thing? What I suffered, what happened to me, this... there are no words to speak, as much as I tell, it still, it still is nothing. How much I pained my father and mother, my father was blind, and was por, and I did everything to do my father's will, to fulfill the mitzva of honoring one's father and mother....

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