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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Conversations of Saba

The high officer that loved money.

This high officer, that took me out, to beat me murderously, he also loved money, like Mordichai. Mordichai gav me also... they have a good business. He made an indictment that we were spies; we send people to Russia, to Uman. Nu, nu, nu, so on Sunday, they took him, he is a spy, and he did not return to Tiberius....

Continuation of conversation about R' Tzvi Rosenthal.

He went on Friday with prayer shawl and phylacteries and did not return. He went to pray with the prayer shawl and did not return all of Shabbos, Friday all of Shabbos he did not return. He said, “they do not let me be Breslov. I am forced to go to Jerusalem. I don't have money, I will go on foot. I have strong feet.” (they threw stones on the house of Rabbi Yisroel Karduner?) yes, yes, yes! They broke all his vessels! (this was on Shabbos?) yes... “say the truth, where is R' Tzvi. If not then we will kill you. Say the truth, where is R' Tzvi? What's this? A man goes to pray and doesn't return the whole Shabbos?” this is not... there still has not been such a thing, only in Breslov. This is a wondrous story. How does one go to pray and not return all of the Shabbos? Such a thing is unheard of except in Breslov! By Breslov this could happen. Such a thing that one goes to pray and doesn't return? In the whole world there is no such thing, just in Breslov! (they said that you sent him to Uman?) yes, we were in danger, spies... Russia was at war. The Turks nu... we were in danger (of being accused to be) spies, and it was miracles from Heaven... he said to me “say the truth, where is R' Tzvi?” so after some hours the police came and took him (the muechtar – Mordichai) to prison, his whereabouts are unknown till today. He left a wife and children and boys and they don't know where he is, it is unknown, they ask the police. “where is R' Tzvi?” “we don't know. I don't know. We don't know.” but they said that this is something that is impossible, only in Breslov there is such a thing, that one goes to pray and doesn't return all of Shabbos. This is just Breslov! (there are guestss) guests? Tell them what R' Tzvi wanted. He went to pray with his prayer shawl and phylacteries and didn't return and doesn't return. She searched in all they synagogues, he isn't (to be found), comes Shabbos, he isn't (to be found). So the whole family came to me, “tell where is R' Tzvi?” There were those that said, “what, he's already in Uman?” they thought he was in Uman. This story needs to be printed in every city to make it known that there was R' Tzvi Rosenthal... (Shalom Aleichem) Shalom Aleichem, (n.b.) oy vay! What is with you? I am not... I don't understand this. Who was R' Tzvi Rosenthal? He was a distinguished pupil of the Chufetz Chaim. He came to Tiberius and I said to him, “R' Tzvi, today there is a book, Likutay Moharan, that the whole world does not know what it is!” So he started to learn, so/then he became Breslov, a Breslov Chusid. Ah, ah?! A Breslov Chusid? The wife, and the father-in-law, and the family, all of them, were, “what is this? Breslov? I want a divorce!” He accepted all of this, and he saw that he was in danger. He took his prayer shawl and phylacteries and went to pray. After the prayers... he would come after the prayers to eat and to drink. Nu, so they came to me, “where is R' Tzvi?” I... everything, the whole city came (so that I should) say, to tell them, “where is R' Tzvi? A man goes to pray and doesn't return? Friday? What is this? This isn't in the world, only in Breslov is there such a thing. One goes to pray and doesn't return? Such a thing is unheard of in the world, only in Breslov!” (R' Tzvi was related to Moshe Rosenthal in Jerusalem?) I don't know, but his name was Rosenthal, R' Tzvi Rosenthal. “Where is R' Tzvi?” I said, “I don't know.” they sent to search for him, he isn't (to be found). “Where is R' Tzvi” there were those that said that they sent him to Russia in Uman, he's Breslov, he... “they sent him to Uman!” (in the end he returned home?) yes, (he returned to his house in Tiberius?) yes, but he died, he died, he lives and he's dead... so I said, “maybe he's in Jerusalem” so they sent and caught him. They brought him to Tiberius... “where's R' Tzvi? What is this? He went to pray, didn't return, where is he?” we... we ruin everything. H”Y gave us, and we... [Rabbi Yisroel, like he was used to doing, checks the money that they gave him for charity to publish Rabbainu] I have... I have... first of all the money, with them money oy! What you gave me, what did I do with it?” (you didn't take anything you gave it all to Rabbainu) but it is necessary to be frugal, to travel, and to travel, and to travel till Jerusalem, in the Temple, in the city of the Holy of Holies, thank G-d, I was in a time that there wasn't... no bread for the children, for me, I also need bread, for me to eat, for me and not for the children! No clothing and no bread and no money! Nothing! Yisroel Ber, everyone laughed, they said, “here's Breslov, what do you care?! They want... what is there? He can take everyone!”...

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