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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Awesome Nanach novelty in this weeks parsha - VuAireh - from the Noam Elimelech

The Noam Elimelech says that Moshe Rabbainu did an "aveira lishmu" - a bad deed for the sake of Hashem, presenting himself as a God to Pharaoh! Moshe Rabbainu had to do this in order to lower himself into Pharaoh's paradigm in order to communicate effectively.

This is amazing, often people accuse me of making Rabbainu into a God (Saba once brought this up, and without answering the accusation he continued by saying, in truth we haven't even touched the surface of Rabbainu's praises!), until now I thought that they were just transposing their own fault (these people constrict God to their own conceptions) on me. According to this Noam Elimelech it could very well be that Rabbainu intentionally gives this impression over to people in order to lower himself into their mindset so that he can begin to rectify them.


IlaN-ach said...
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NaaNaach said...

In the same way we can understand that Saba allows people to think that he is the Messiah (as explained in Likutay Moharan that the Tzadik has self sacrifice by giving his name and reputation to be dengrated and profaned)....