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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

There was such an uproar, ho... what happened in Tiberius that Shabbos, don't ask! All of Tiberius was boiling. “How is such a thing done?! On Friday? What?!...”

This is such a wondrous story, that we have still not heard!!! The story... how is such a thing done? He went on Friday to Jerusalem on foot, he didn't have money to travel. He went on Friday, he went to pray, he didn't return, he went to Jerusalem. Not once, it hasn't been heard such a story! The uproar was in the whole Tiberius, by the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim, all of them spoke about Breslov, “what is this? How do they such a thing? Someone goes to pray on Friday and doesn't return?!...”

And the three enlightened of Tiberius they went to pray, they didn't know anything, they didn't know, not from Yisroel Ber and not from R' Tzvi, they didn't know from Breslov at all, nothing. This synagogue of Karlin was next to Rabbi Yisroel, all the synagogues were next to Rabbi Yisroel, so all those that went, would need to pass by the way of Rabbi Yisroel. Nu, and by Rabbi Yisroel stood my family, the family of Rav Tzvi. The whole city they cried, “where is this? where is he? Where is Rav Tzvi? He went! He isn't, disappeared!” and the three enlightened, they heard the whole city of Tiberius speaking of the story of Rav Tzvi, they saw such a commotion,, so they asked, “what is going on here? Is this a synagogue for prayers? What is here? What is there? What happened?”

“what? You didn't hear? Yisroel Ber became Breslov! And Rav Tzvi became Breslov! On Friday he went to pray and didn't return!...”


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