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Friday, December 2, 2011

Nanach cook on television

Thank G-d our Nanach friends who starred on the cooking show "Yiroel Mivashelet" 30.11.11 Channel 10 Isreali TV - have been found here:

As can be expected this show is full of immodesty - just like on the street - and is also a show of bad character traits... and also a great waste of time (unless you actually are going to learn how to make the stuff) so viewer discretion is advised. Nonetheless our friends pulled off some amazing things in the limited capacity they had (putting Saba into a finished dish, turning a pot of cream upside down over their heads without having it drip or fall, making the desert nicer than the host's (because they put the "NaNa" upright), inserting Rabbainu's books and ways into the program, bringing happiness and singing, and not trying to grab more...).

Our friends appear at the following times:

1:58, 9:45, 18:03, 21:12, 37:05, 42:08, 52:30, 57:38

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