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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Story of Rabbi Tzvi Rosenthal

This story needs to be published and pasted all over the city to make it known that there was R' Tzvi Rosenthal.

He went to pray with his prayer shawl and phylacteries, and he didn't return Friday and all of Shabbos. He said, “they don't let me be Breslov? I am forced to go to Jerusalem, I don't have money, I will go by foot, I have strong legs!” The gentiles, the Turks, they broke all his (Rabbi Yisroel Karduner) things. The police said, “tell the truth! Where is Rabbi Tzvi? If not, we will kill you!” what is this? A man goes to pray and does not return? All of Shabbos? There still has never been anything like this, there still hasn't been, this is only in Breslov, this is a wondrous story, how is it that someone goes to pray and doesn't return the whole Shabbos? Such a thing is unheard of, just in Breslov such a thing is possible, that a person goes to pray and doesn't return?! In the whole world there is no such thing. We were in danger, Russia was at war with the Turks, and we sent men to Russia, we were in danger of being suspected as spying, this was a miracle from Heaven. The meuchtar (“muechtar” literally the crowned, this might be slang for an informer) said to me, “tell the truth! Where is Rabbi Tzvi? He left his wife and children, and they do not know where he is,” and they are asking the police, “where is Rabi Tzvi?” we do not know, “am I the keeper of Rabbi Tzvi?” (a play on Kain's reply to H”Y). But they said that this is something impossible, that a person goes to pray and doesn't return the whole Shabbos?! This is only in Breslov! Rabbi Tzvi Rosenthal went to pray with his prayer shawl and phylacteries and did not return, and she (his wife) searched all the synagogues, and he isn't (to be found)! Came Shabbos his isn't (to be found)! So the whole family came to me, “tell, where is Rabbi Tzvi?” There were those that said, “what? He is already in Uman! They sent him to Uman! He is Breslov?! Where is Rabbi Tzvi? Where is Rabbi Tzvi?”

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