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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Progeny of famous leading rabbis become Nanach

B"H recently I learned that one of the holy Jews that hang out by Rabbi Shimon, who delights very much saying Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman is a great grandson of the "Baal Hasulam" (author of the commentary on the Zohar - Sulam - ladder) - one of the greatest kabalists of our times (he passed away in 1955). Although the Baal Hasulam reputedly told his followers that they should do 4 hours of hisbodidus every day, was insistent that they get up to start their days at midnight, and other practices which should have lined him up with Rabbainu, he never mentioned Rabbainu. Apparently he was satisfied with his claim to being a spark of the Arizal. Reputedly, when people asked Saba about the Baal Hasulam, Saba made a face - which is kind of an approbation because on many other rabbis, Saba would denounce emphatically saying that they were falsehood. So B"H it is amazing to see that the offspring of these famous rabbis are becoming Nanach.

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saba-noon said...

good to know about the Baal Hasulam. I always liked those guys.