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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Not to mix water into one's drink

Rabbainu wrote in Sefer Hamidos, in the entry of "money" item 67, that a person's "food" (livelihood) become increasingly deficient when he mixes water in his drink. Also in the entry of "officers" item 1, Rabbainu wrote that he who's alcoholic beverage is diluted with water, the officers do not deal with him justly.

Until recently I understood these entries to warn against diluting one's drink, but yesterday some of the Nanach told me that it is very clear that the only prohibition is on someone selling the drink, and that in fact makes a lot of sense, so I am no longer certain if there is any reason to be careful from adding water to one's personal drink.


Anonymous said...

and lets say you both a wrong and the original interpretation stands true?

saba-noon said...

What was that guys source? was is just his opinion?

NaaNaach said...

the Talmud has discussions about this deceit - store owners diluting product, what percentage is in fact permissible etc.. So someone who is familiar with these discussions would very readily understand that that is what Rabbainu is referring to - and the sources listed, which were documented by huge Torah scholars didn't mention these discussions which would have been obvious to them, because they were just documenting what Rabbainu said that it leads to a diminished livelihood.