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Friday, December 2, 2011

Nanach education

Unfortunately the Nanach children of Safed are still without school, although some generous donations have been made, they are still short (last I heard) and there is also the issue of freeing themselves from the Keren.

The other day our good friend Shivtey (the Kohen and mohel) from Kfar Shamai took upon himself to help out, and he taught/entertained the children, teaching them the true holy ways of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman specifically how to do hisbodidus - speak personally and privately to H"Y, and of course how to shout, and how to bring in special weapons like the shofar. True to Nanach principle, the teachings were not theoretical, the children were brought to the great outdoors to practice the holy devotion of screaming their hearts out to H"Y, blowing the shofar, and speaking personally to H"Y.


Anonymous said...

why freeing themselves from the keren?

NaaNaach said...

unless the Keren is to function as a mss, there is no reason for it to have any control over the cheder - now that they have stopped funding it, there is no reason for the money to go through their hands, and it can only cause problems C"V.