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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Na Nach on TV

B"H this Nanach isn't very familiar with any telivision, let alone Israeli TV, so it took some frustrating searching but finally I found one out of two things I was searching for - this clip was taken by Israeli TV Channel 7, I couldn't find it on their site, but I did find it reposted in the Channel 10's highlights of the week call Tzinor Layla (Night Pipeline?). Obviously you should be aware that sites like this are full of immodesty so viewer discretion is advised.

Channel 10 put me at the end of the show, starting at 6:38 introducing the clip as being taken from Channel 7's internet (which I couldn't find) - It is necessary to be happy, with a powerful display, all in 10 seconds. Then they show me by Saba Yisroel holy tomb saying Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman... till 7:03 when the host says: "I rest my case".

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