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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Meir Yimini

This Shabos I met with Avinoam Malkin who accompanied Meir Yimini for many years, going back all the way to when they took Saba out of the old age home. Meir Yimini was a gevald Nanach who was an extraordinary mayfitz. Meir Yimini would raise money to print thousands of holy books and would give them out free and there would be great blessing – money would come in to print and distribute more. Upon Meir's death a few years ago (which he reputedly predicted), gates and paths were opened and probably tens of thousands of holy books have been distributed in his merit. Many that claim he had Divine Spirit and saw Eliyahu Hanavi. So I asked Avinoam what he knew about Meir, and he told me the following story.

One day – a Monday, Meir told him that after hundreds of years Jews have went down into (i.e. towards) the actual Mi'aras Hamachpaila (double cave in Chevron – tomb of Adam, Chava, Avraham, Sara, Yitzchak, Rivka, Jacob, Leah - the actual cave and steps and passageway to the cave are sealed off). Avinoam was sure that Meir was just joking – as Meir was a true Yeminite and full of good chear and jest. However a week later they went together to the Mi'aras Hamachpaila and the attendant in charge told them that the previous Monday a group had went down into (towards) the actual Mi'aras Hamachpaila. Meir Yimini said to Avinoam, “I told you.”

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