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Monday, December 19, 2011

Less than 50 cents a book!!!!!

B"H this is a true Chanuka miracle brought about through our friend Sharon of the Hebrew, who will be printing Sefer Hamidos - The Book of Traits, in a pocket size format, with 6 various designer covers to attract different audiences. The book will cost only 1.8 shekel = >48 cents!!!!! [This will be in Hebrew, B"H is working on publishing an English translation in the near future]. This awesome price will be attained in part due to the massive volume of publication (at least 30,000, I think)so anyone that can invest in this holy commodity and share in the publication will greatly assist this venue, and will facilitate future amazing publications of even higher caliber.

In praise of this book, suffice it to say that Rabbainu said that it is what "made him into a Jew" and Rabbainu specifically had it published in a small book of itself so that people could always have it with them to always be studying it so that they would be very familiar with the traits to fulfill and merit them.

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