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Monday, December 19, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The dream about Rav Tzvi OBM.

Yes, yes, R' Tzvi, I saw him in a dream, and at night at midnight, I went to the mikva, he came and spoke with me. I said to him, “R' Tzvi! You signed to the Rav Klears that it is forbidden for you speak with me and to come next to me?! Nu, nu, what will be?” he said, that now he does not want to listen to the Rav Klears, and let it be what may, he will remain a Breslov Hasid! Yes. He will be strong, he will be different, that's how he went with me to the mikva. And at the mikva people came and saw such a thing, but thank G-d we were saved from them. Thank G-d. Afterwords I saw that this was a dream. No mikva, and no... I just heard the crying of his wife over him, and she cried, “R' Tzvi died.” She was left a widow with small children, the children are now in Karlin. Today, when I am found by my house (daughter?) in Jerusalem, they ask me always, that I should recount to them the story of their father, what was there? What was the story exactly? Ah?... but it was a nice story! And generation after generation they retell the story of R' Tzvi Rosenthal. He didn't want to go with the soldiers. They said to him, “we will take you to the car!” that's how it was. They transported him to Tiberius, and they told me that Rav Tzvi, he is in Tiberius. He arrived in Tiberius, he returned to Tiberius. He incurred a disease and died, he passed away. He signed, on what the Rav Klears wrote for him, he signed this. (Saba? They said that you were a spy, that you send people to Uman?) yes, yes. The muechtar wanted a lot of money, he wanted to blackmail the family that they would send me to Russia, and the family would put together money and they would give him, each one, money, and each one would give him money so that they wouldn't send me to Russia, but he contracted a disease and died, he incurred a disease on the lungs...

The story of R' Tzvi Rosenthal is a wondrous story. He did not say anything, he took his prayer shawl and phylacteries, he went to pray, after the prayers he went to Jerusalem and on Shabbos he was in Afula, and they found him in Afula on Saturday night, they came, the soldiers and they transported him to Tiberius, he was strong, heroic, he said, he, even if he dies, he will be Breslov!

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