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Thursday, December 15, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Significant student of the Chufetz Chaim, he learned Likutay Moharan and became Breslov.

I do not understand, he was a significant student of the Chufetz Chaim, he came to Tiberius, and I said to him, “Rabbi Tzvi? There is a book, Likutay Moharan, today, that the whole world doesn't know what it is!” so he began to learn, so he became a Breslov hasid! The wife, and the father-in-law, and the family, all of them said, “what is this? Breslov? I want a divorce! I do not want Breslov, I want a divorce.”

He accepted all of this, he saw that he was in danger, he took his prayer shawl and phylacteries and went to pray. Usually after the prayers he would come to eat and drink, and sometimes he wouldn't come. Nu, nu, come to me, “where's R' Tzvi?!” I will go tell that he went to Jerusalem? The whole city came, to say to tell them, “where's R' Tzvi? A man goes to pray and doesn't return on Friday?! What is this? This isn't in the whole world, just in Breslov! Is there such a thing?! That one goes to pray and doesn't return?! Where is R' Tzvi?” I said, “I don't know...” They sent to Safed to search for him, and he isn't (to be found). Nu, “so where is R' Tzvi? Certainly they sent him to Uman?” He lived for a some days and he contracted a disease and he died.

And he was the splendor of the city, splendor of the Yeshiva, splendor of the city. He was a student of the Chufetz Chaim, he learned with me in Yeshiva, and he was his student, he learned by him, Rav Tzvi Rosenthal, he was a student of the Chufetz Chaim, yes, his student.

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