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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

When I recall to myself the story of Rav Tzvi, he left house on Friday, then I become a different person, a new man. There was such a story, who heard of such a thing? He would pray at the time of sunrise, he didn't say anything. He goes to pray, and is lost, disappears, he didn't return, until today. Whoever heard of such a thing? Everyone said, “this is just a story of Breslov, the Breslovers can do such a thing, the whole world doesn't know (how) to do such a affair, just the Breslovers know.”

The Story of R' Tzvi who went on foot to Jerusalem.

And such a story was made, when Messiah comes they will retell the story of R' Tzvi. Messiah will also tell, and there will be great happiness from R' Tzvi, that he went on foot to Jerusalem, Friday... nu, nu, R' Tzvi he said to Rabbi Yisroel, “I am not Yisroel Ber, I can't take it, nu, if so, G-d forbid I am afraid that maybe I will fall? So I want to go to Jerusalem, In Jerusalem there is also R' Shlomo Wexler, there are Breslov hasidim, I can be... Breslov here in Tiberius? I am not able. I am not able, I am not a hero! I must go to Jerusalem. I don't have money? So I will go on foot, now, I am already going on foot! Thank G-d my feet are strong, I, I have a strong body, I can go to Jerusalem on foot.”

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