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Monday, December 12, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

On Sunday I was scared, maybe the muechtar wants money? He will want money another time, he will come again, he will take me back to prison, “money!!! where is Rav Tzvi?” There is money here! He will not want to stop, there's a good business here, there's money here, money! Money? I don't have money! So I saw a place, next to the Karlin synagogue, a closed place, a place that is not seen, so I was there the whole day, next to the synagogue, maybe Mordichai will come with the policemen, no one will know where I am. So he could search as much he wants. I was there till mincha (prayed towards the evening). At mincha I went up to the synagogue, from the place that I was to the synagogue, they prayed mincha, they have “kedusha” (part of the prayer), and the old man Rav Kihus cam, the Rav Kihus, he was a Karliner, and also the father of the woman, of the wife of Rav Tzvi Rosenthal, he was also a Karliner, they were friends. So Rav Kihus went to pray mincha, and he heard that the police took Mordichai, the muechtar (the snitch), to Istanbul, and there is a great indictment on him that he is a spy, that he... so Rav Kihus said, this was R' Yisroel, R' Yisroel, this was an act of R' Yisroel, R' Yisroel [Karduner] punished him, he gave him a punishment, Hashem gave him a punishment for this, for this Shabbos, he... they took him, and from then on he disappeared, they didn't see him any more in Tiberius, I didn't see him, Tiberius didn't see him anymore, maybe I think that they killed him. Spy? There was an indictment that he was spying, then there was the English, they were at war with Turkey, and all of this was Turkey, and also Syria is Turkey, Lebanon was Turkey, everything Turkey, nu, Turkey indicted, there was an indictment that Mordichai was spying, he spies on everything that there is here in Turkey, he informs to their enemy, spying, so he did not return alive. From this Sunday, he did not return to Tiberius anymore, not to the Land of Israel and not to Tiberius, it is not known where he is, where? If they killed him? In any event it is not known, Tiberius was left without the muechtar, without Mordichai. He made such a Shabbos, he caused such strife! So he received! What he received, everything is from Heaven, the world is not abandoned. So they took him to Istanbul, this is in Turkey, and he didn't return alive. Until today it is not known what happened to him. This was a kind of show for the whole city. The Sephardim, they are a nation of themselves, they don't know what goes on by the Ashkenazim, and the Ashkenazim don't know what goes on by the Sephardim. Two, two seperate ideologies. This is Sephardim, and this is Ashkenazim. The first is not similar to the second. But the story of Rav Tzvi? The whole city, all the Sephardim knew, and all the Ashkenazim, “this? Rav Tzvi? He went to Uman on Friday, and didn't return!” the whole city spoke about it, the Ashkenazim and also the Sephardim, all of there were by the house of Rabbi Yisroel Karduner. After the prayer they pass by on their way home, and they passed by the house of Rabbi Yisroel Karduner. This was their regular route home, and they saw such a thing, such a ruckus, so they stood, they couldn't budge, they saw such a thing?! They asked, “what is this commotion? What is going on here? What wedding is here?”

“What you don't know? You didn't hear? Yisroel Ber has become Breslov! And they want to vitiate all Tiberius, what you don't know?? they sent Rav Tzvi to Uman on Friday, have you seen such a thing?! This is only by the Breslovers, what these Breslovers do! They killed the whole family of R' Tzvi, the wife and small children, have you seen such a thing?!”

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