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Friday, December 9, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

R' Yisroel Ber in jail because of the story of Rabbi Tzvi.

In any event, my mother, and my wife, and the family, they came to the jail and they saw me through the windows. They said to me, “what's news?” in any event, some hours went by, the top official came, the supervisor of the policemen and over everything, he came, the muechtar already spoke with him what he has to do, he knows that he (R' Tzvi) has a good friend, this muechtar, what he says (the muechtar) he (the officer) does. He came, took me out of jail, the top official, the general, and he said, he spoke strongly, he is a general, he said to me, “tell, where is Rabbi Tzvi?” First they lay me on the floor, and lifted my feet, and they took a rope, and they tied my feet between them, yes. This was hardened irons, they tied me, and there was a policeman on this side and there was a policeman on the other side, and my feet were above, and they said to me, “if you tell where Rav Tzvi is, good. If not, then you will die! We will beat you murderously!” and my family were hearing how he spoke with me, and they feared that I... if they beat me, then I will die! Arab policemen? They beat murderously! There was crying. My mother went to the synagogue, she opened the holy ark, she prayed and cried, it was a great danger, even to walk in the street, that they would encript me into the army, because whoever they found, that had hands and feet, even in the street, they would snatch him for the army of the gentiles, the Turks, without notifying the family, and many families had children disappear, and there was great crying and and great pain, and great fear. My mother, and also my wife, and all.... They tied me, and I lay with my feet up high, and they flaunted the whips, and the officer said to me, “tell, where is Rav Tzvi?” I said, “I think he went to Jerusalem.” So he said to me, “know, if we do not find him we will punish you so you die, we will beat you to death, tell the truth!” “That which I know I am saying, I believe.” So they left me, and they sent on Shabbos, they sent to way to Jerusalem. In any event, on Saturday night (after Shabbos) they found him in Afula, and they said to Rav Tzvi, they found him, the police, and they said to him, “know that Yisroel Ber and Rabbi Yisroel are in jail, and they are in grave danger, return with us! He heard that there is danger, they came to Tiberius Saturday night. So my family wanted that they should free me from prison, that I should go home, and the law was, at night they don't allow for anyone to leave. If he is in prison they do not free him, he must be there until morning, at night there are no discharges. But the muechtar and this policemen, they knew how to behave and they freed me, after Shabbos at night....

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