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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Six Gold Coins and there was a birth from this! Avrohom Ashkenzey.

“Our grandeur and splendor, our righteous Messiah will reveal” of Breslov, our greatness, this is Breslov's... with the gold, six gold lira, this was very valuable, and he (Rabbi Yisroel Karduner) told him and he gave it to him (Rabbi Yisroel) immediately, right away, all the money! Gold six gold coins and there was a birth from this! Now, he's eight year old... His father got married, and six years after the wedding they didn't have children, and he came to Rabbi Yisroel, his father, and he told him (Rabbi Yisroel), I got married six years ago and I don't have children. So Rabbi Yisroel said to him that he should give six gold coins, six gold lira, and that's what was, he gave six gold lira, and Avrohom is living now, with the money, he is now eighty years old! “I need to give the publisher, I need to give six lira, give me six lira.” and he didn't tell him that he would have children, so “give me six lira” this is sufficient, this and he lives now, he is now eighty years old, his name is Avrohom Ashkenazey... Great opposers, all, the grandfather... and greats, but they didn't listen, they went to Rabbi Yisroel and they told him that they are now married for six years and they do not have children, so Rabbi Yisroel said to him, “give me six lira” six gold lira, oy, he gave him (Rabbi Yisroel), and this is Avrohom Ashkenazey. He is living today. With the six lira! Rabbi Yisroel, he didn't speak much, succinctly, six lira, “give six lira” and he gave him then, yes, exactly six lira, and till today he lives, he is eighty years old... and his father told me, that he got married, and six years after the wedding they did not have children. Rabbi Yisroel was in Meron, so he went to Rav Yisroel and he said to him, with these words, “I got married, and I already have six years, I got married and I do not have children!” so Rabbi Yisroel told him, “give me six gold lira” and that's what was, he gave him, and he is now eighty years old...

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