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Monday, December 5, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

There was a story in Safed, a lad by the name of Nachum, that was his name, Nachum, and he was a grandson, a grandson of the famous rav, the head of the rabbis of Safed, and he was like a king, he was, he conducted, with such arrogance, like a king, if someone spoke against him (this is Heller? That was in the old age home?) no, no, no. This is a special matter, Heller, I knew his father, he was a ben Torah and Kosher person, because he, he did not oppose Breslov, yes. But Heller? He had great talents, and he was an intellectual and was honored, full of honor and arrogance, yes. But even still, did you hear of him? Maybe Yehuda the lawyer, I told him that he should ask him about Rabbi Yisroel... (Heller told me that Rabbi Yisroel is a different matter altogether...) yes? Yes, yes. He told me as well, every time, Rabbi Yisroel... he held of me, but I, perhaps I made a mistake and I did not speak to him strongly, I should have been strong with him, that he should give part of his wealth, he died wealthy, and he has a building in Haifa that is worth a lot of money, he was able, and his son-in-law is the head doctor of Beilinson, of Eikilov (maybe – Sourasky), yes. no. he could live without the building, he could have given the building or half the building for the affairs of Rabbainu. But he was given over to the children that they should have this world... he went to the future world, miftar fiftar? (this is a play on the Hebrew world 'niftar' – dead, it is a reference to a joke Saba related about someone who wasn't concerned if a loved one was alive, just whether he had money). He was a believer, he believed with simplicity, but the desire for money, of the miftar fiftar will remain with the children...

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