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Sunday, December 4, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Midnight of Rabbi Yisroel.

But this midnight! I thought that tonight there is no midnight after such exhaustion... [after that there was a cloudburst and they waded through mud for a few hours] we were in glue mire. To take out a leg, this was mamash, I thought, if only they would give me a place to sleep for a month, maybe I will able to move, with a limb, that's how it was, and he (Rabbi Yisroel), on this night, this prayer, it was after, this night, he got up on this midnight, I am not able to comprehend, in a natural manner, how did he get up? At midnight, all our limbs were so broken and tired, mamash, yes. And he got up at midnight, and I heard the midnight, but I could not budge a limb, I wanted to go out, how is it possible to sleep when there is such a midnight? How is it possible to sleep? But I was not able to budge a limb, I lay, but thank G-d, I heard the midnight, finally I mustered up all my strength and I got out of bed and got up, what-ever will be. In any event, Rabbi Yisroel sat, there was a table and he sat on a chair by the table, and there wasn't electricity like today, this was a kerosene lamp, and he studied next to a candle. And I approached the table, but I still had not reached the table, there was an earthquake, the whole floor trembled, and the table (the floor, it was tiled?) tiles? Like here, yes, yes. And the table was trembling, and he was trembling. I approached the table, fear fell upon me, I saw such a countenance, that was burning like fire, yes. And afterwords there was such a prayer, that I stood by the door, so that the second that I am not able, in any way to withstand, I can die! Then I will manage to flee (just five minutes?) what five minutes? (just five minutes, if we merited to hear his prayer?) I, thank G-d, I heard many times his prayer, and it was, they felt that it wasn't ordinary! This is not ordinary! This is not like the whole world! There are hasidim, and there are... (Saba, I know, that you are not exaggerating at all, everything is true and upholding) such truth that we have no grasp, yes, oy, oy, oy. He did not have to fight with haughtiness, that it should not come close to him, he was clean from all desires! This only our holy master can do wonders like these! (after see such light...) ah? (after seeing Rabbi Yisroel Karduner, so how is it possible to live in the darkness of today?) and he was in this world, with a body, he would speak to the people as if he was of this world, he was with (Rabbainu always) he was completely, there isn't... yes.

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