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Friday, December 2, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

What? The whole village, the whole settlement, they didn't go to work, they just stood and listened to the prayer of Rabbi Yisroel, yes. And I stood by the door, I wasn't able to stand, from the greatness of the light, I wasn't able, I could die in the room, I said, “I will stand next to the door, the second that I feel that my soul is about to depart, then I will manage to leave,” that's what was, no, no, (I am) not relating exaggerations, I stood prepared to leave, when it is already impossible by any means, then, I will manage to leave... I stood by the door. and the master of the house of the apartment he came so submissive, as if he was entering to the king, yes, with awe. And he had a few rooms, he took a room and ther was a table and he put on the table everything there is, by a farmer valuable and by a settlement, olives, eggs, cheese, and butter, and all the delicacies in the world, all, everything, and he asked us to come into the room where there was the table with the food. And also the girls? Girls can go with hair, without a head covering, but small girls, of 13, 12, or 15 years old, but she does not need to cover her head, but they don't know, so they covered their heads with towels, and they also tied them, with laces they tied them, so that they would not fall G-d forbid, yes. And also the hands, then people did not go with such immodesty... but in a settlement, they , they went until here, so they (all of this from the fear?) yes, yes, all of them, all the children and him and the children... yes!

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