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Thursday, December 1, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Secret from the whole world.

New! What we have now in the world! If we do not go crazy from the enormous happiness it is a miracle! This is also a miracle! What would they do without Rabbainu? What is this? Who can help us? But if there is already Rabbainu? We have, we have everything! If I am here, everyone is here (these are the words of Hillel the Elder which he said at the height of the happiness of the Drawing of the Water in the Temple)! And also Rabbainu's men they were such tzadikim and so holy, that the whole world... they were a secret, like Rabbaiu, a secret from the whole world, similarly Rabbainu's men and Rabbi Nussun's men were also hidden, a secret from the whole, and they do not know, do not know what this is.... I merited just to see Rabbi Yisroel, he was already from the later generations, I saw his truth, his humility, his life, his prayer, this was a type of speech, not from this world! From an aspect of the future, from an aspect of after the coming of the Messiah, yes! He was bound to Rabbainu so much, with such love, such yearning, so he was, he was, everyone knew that he was a matter, a special matter, yes. He was always happy, Rabbi Yisroel Czek, this is one of the names that he had in the world, Rabbi Yisroel Breslover. In Uman his name was Rabbi Yisroel Czek, for what Czek? Czek is such happiness! Czek, “Czek” this is the happiness of all happiness, such happiness! So they called him Rabbi Yisroel Czek, he was always happy, he was always dancing, always he was happy! Oy we thank G-d that we live in the world, in this world, now, in this darkness, this is an orphaned generation without Rabbainu! Than all the scholars and all the greats are orphans, do not know anything, they do not have a father, they don't have a mother, none. Our holy master, he is father, he is mother, he is everything! He is the Torah, he is the faith, everything is Rabbainu! And they don't want to know, with their wisdoms! What? All the greats do not know! Just Breslov! Just Rabbi Nachman! They do not accept, and also the liars, the liars of Breslov also, falsehood, falsehood... they do not want to abnegate themselves, they want all the honor and all the money and all the publicity! This is falsehood, this is not Rabbainu! Truth, this is just Breslov, and falsehood – this is not Rabbainu, this is even not anything! Men of truth, Rav Naftoli Cohen, only Naftoli, this is men of truth, such modesty, such humility... but not this! This is falsehood, however much greater the publicity, the greater the falsehood! This is the general rule, a sure sign, however much that he wants more publicity, the greater the liar! What is this? What is Rabbainu and his men! And Rabbainu's people and the books of Rabbainu! This is a special matter, this is a secret from the whole world, if this was revealed to the world, it would be already it would be, Messiah would already come and it would be already the... this... this is everything! Everything that is done for Rabbainu, in order to insert Rabbainu into the world, this is such a wondrous matter, that never ever was. Oy, I remember how Rabbi Yisroel prayed and said, he reached the blessing of the reciting of Shema, “to the blessed G-d pleasantries are given, to the King living enduring G-d, songs are said and praises (made) heard, because He alone, (is) supreme and holy, does mighty feats...” every statement, he injected into my heart, such light, and also, not just I? I was in the settlement, at the time of the break, cloudburst, at the time of the flood (when it was Purim there, when it was the new Purim) yes.

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