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Monday, December 19, 2011

English Sipuray Maasiyos - Story Tales of Rabbainu

B"H the effort towards the awesome and holy book of the Story Tales of Rabbainu Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman has completed the initial stage of translation and has been formatted and prepared for its imminent publication B"H, we need your continued prayers to H"Y that all should go well without any wrong from the other side R"L.

B"H thanks to your generous donations, and special thanks to Y. and S. regular followers of - for their extra large donations, and special thanks to S. in L.A. who put together more than half of the cost, we will be printing 2,000 copies. This holy book includes the Ancient Tales, as well as many parables from Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. In addition it has a very large section of Saba's conversations about his youth, and drawing close to Rabbainu, and receiving the holy Petek. The book will also have the Tikun Haklali - General/comprehensive Rectification, phonetic/transliterated, Hebrew and English. The book is a work of art, with beautiful graphics, for the cover and pictures throughout the book on higher quality paper. The book also has the Holy Petek on the back cover: "Rabbi Nachman of Breslov's ancient message to modern times" with the stamp of Rabbi Moshe Feinstiens approval.

The book will cost only 6 shekel apiece (asside from small costs incurred till now), and B"H we are hoping to be able to give out a great bulk for free - and a great bulk at just the shipping charges, but even at full price the book should only cost about $2!!!!

B"H - with the help of G-d, and with your help, this will be only a very small project with other great publications on the way.

Special credit goes to Nissim, Menashe, Moshe N., Akiva, Lazer L., and myself for partaking in the translation, they will not be mentioned in the actual book, so this might be the only place... may H"Y bless them for their holy contributions.
Needless to say this translation is the most critical and correct translation to date. Obviously there will be mistakes and plenty of typos, B"H we'll fix those and the next publications will just get better and better.

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