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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Emergency Appeal for the
Nanach Cheder of Tzfat

  • The Teachers in the Nanach Cheder and Girl School have not been paid in three months.
  • The source that has been funding the Schools until now has been discontinued.
  • The Schools have already been shut down for a week and a half and are in grave danger of being closed permanently.
  • Expenses have been slashed to minimum.
  • There are long term plans to get funding for the schools but for the next two months we need your help.
  • Save 130 children in Tzfat, other schools will not accept them because they are Nanach.
  • All donors will be prayed for at the Arizal or Rashbi for 40 days and  the children will recite Tikkun Klali in their merit.
Please Donate Generously to Keep the Nanach Schools Going

Tax Deductible Receipts Are Available for These Donations
Anyone interested in exact details is welcome to email or call me


Kalonymusnanach said...

Are there any updates on the cheder situation?

Tzfat Nanach said...

Things a little complicated but working on getting resolved. B"H will try to post update at mid next week.

Tzfat Nanach said...


After a few weeks of upheaval, things are starting to sort out.

The Keren paid the three months of owed salaries to the teachers plus the month of December. However these were spread out over a period of ten months starting at the end of Jan. This still left the teachers in a very tight situation. Tzachi managed to secure bank loans for the teachers against these checks and the 'new school collection' paid for the supplementary interest of each loan.

B"H it look like the issue of the back payment is solved.

Tzfat Nanach said...

School Now Separate From the Keren

The Keren then told Tzachi that they can not afford to continue paying for the school. They told Tzachi that they are happy if the parents are able to maintain the school on their own without any support from the Keren. They wished Tzachi blessing on this project.

Tzfat Nanach said...

Plan to Uphold the Nanach Schools

We are now back to the original plan of supporting the Nanach Cheder and Girl school of Tzfat on our own.

The plan is for all parents to go out and try to get 'Horat Kevas' for the school. 'Horat Kevas' are subscription donations where on average an annual sum of around $350 is donated via automatic bank transfers broken up into monthly payments of around $30.

Tzfat Nanach said...

Shoestring Budget

To keep the schools going they have cut down on many expenses and are keeping the budgets as low as possible. All commute rides back and forth for the children have been canceled. Lunches have been canceled. The five teachers that quit the schools during the turmoil are staying unemployed for now.

Tzfat Nanach said...

Need for Donations

Despite the low budget the schools are currently being run on, there is still $11,000 missing each month after all the tuition is paid. Tuition is 400 shekels a month per boy and 300 per girl.

As mentioned above, all the parents will go out and try to gather 'Horat Kevas' each year that will B"H cover this amount and hopefully more, allowing the schools to remain open and eventually return to their normal functioning conditions.

However just to cover the missing $11,000 each month needed to run the school at a minimal budget 400 'Horat Kevas' are needed. To gather this amount of 'Horat Kevas' will take time. Additionally even if a 'Horat Keva' was signed today it would take around a month and a half for the banks to process and the schools to receive the money.

The schools therefore need private donors who are willing to help fund the first two months of the schools, which will enable the parents to collect the 'Horat Kevas' needed to keep the schools going long term.

Tzfat Nanach said...

Merit of These Donations

When a person donates to this cause to not only is he receiving the merit of the actual learning done by all these Na Nach children over the next two months. He also receives merit for giving the Nanach schools a chance to remain open long term.

Additionally the school is arranging for a person to pray 40 days at the Tzion of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochi on behalf all the people that donate to the cause.