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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Through the holy light, wondrous and awesome, of the holy Chanuka candles, we draw upon ourselves the light of the True Tzadik, who already drew in the perfection of the Redemption that will be through our Righteous Messiah. The main Coming of the Messiah is to reveal the Truth in the world. For now the Truth is in a great exile and everyone says that the Truth is with him.

And the main Truth will be revealed through the Messiah. Falsehood is the side of death, and Truth is the elixir of life. And therefore the separation of truth from falsehood is an aspect of the revival of the dead. The Truth is an aspect of "in order". Meaning that people say things as they are, which is the aspect of "in order". But the falsehood is the aspect of "not in order", since people change the matter and the story from its true order. The main mitzvah of the Chanukah light is to light and to illuminate the light of Truth in the world, that everyone should merit to know where is the Truth, which lights and illuminates all the souls of Israel with the light of the Messiah, in all types of darkness and gloom, and it nullifies all the darkness and all the fallen loves. And it saves them from mighty flood waters, that rise up all the time to destroy the world, to make people forget the Torah.

-Saba, Blossoms of the Spring, p. 129

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