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Friday, December 30, 2011

B"H a great new Nanach Song

B"H this song will probably be the theme song for a new Nanach movie which I'm working on (right now I hit a snag because I need a plug in that costs $120, which is not in the budget so I have to figure out away around this B"H), B"H the movie should be out in a week or two.

Here are the lyrics:

Trick or Feat
There are no cops on this beat.
Lusting for honor and power, they lead the masses like lambs to the slaughter.

Trick or Feat, they covet the head seat.
Demonstrating stale acts of altruism,
they rule the masses with feudalism.
Entangled in webs of deception
brought to their knees with attrition.

Surrendered personalities following amorphous societies, selling out their responsability, willingly led into captivity. Robbed blind they are fed their own stock,
thankful and grateful a loyal flock.
Following along never reaching inward,
stuck in mediocrity no meaningful forward.
When will the Glory of God awake,
stir up and give their souls a shake?
Where is the outspoken independence,
professed liberty in existance?


When the dust does settle,
few remain standing with mettle,
forging beyond the insolent leaders' grim confines,
doing justice all around inspired so fine,
man enough to own up and make right,
spreading freedom and thoughtfullness with might, encouraging and cultivating,
not infringing and mutilating,
there's a name for this a battle cry sung,
Na Nach - Nachma Nachman MeUman!


More New Free Music

Baruch H"Y is pleased to present to the world our friend Michoel Hazamirs latest disc, for free download at our music site.

B"H in Uman we sat together and wrote down the lyrics to about 35 of his songs (about 100).

Zalman Chatzkalavitz's Wedding!

This looks like it really happened, when I was in Uman I was told that Barzel flew to Prague to be the Missader Kidushen (MC), and then this was disputed, but I just found this:

For those of you who don't know our Givald friend Z.C. suffice it to say that people slandered him to the zionists who decided that z.c. was conspiring to blow up the dome of the rock and was kicked out of Israel....

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Torah Portion of VaYigash (and he drew near)

In this weeks parsha Yosef reveals his true identity to the brothers, proclaiming, "I am Yosef, is my father still alive?" the Hebrew word for 'my father' is 'avey' - Alef Beis Yud, which is the acronym of Saba - Yisroel Ber Odesser. It is also an allusion to the song which is alef - single, beid - double and so on till 10 - i.e. 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 = 10. Here we have another instance where Nanach is associated with self identity "I" (Ani) - Saba often said that Ani, I = Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman, Saba even said that Ani is the acronym of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman (there are various explanations given), obviously the Na Nach is the key to self identification.

Also noteworthy are the words that Yehuda told Yosef, "yeshev nu" pleading to substitute himself as a slave instead of Binyumin. Study the letters of 'yeshev nu' and you will find the famous acronym of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, R' Yisroel Baal Shem, R' Nachman Ben Simcha, Yisroel Ber Odesser/ben Isaac Shlomo.....

New English Story Tales of Ancient Times

B"H 1000 soft cover copies of this totally awesome holy book have already been printed and another 2000 (half of which will b"H be hard cover) will be out in the next few days. B"H two of the copies made it to Uman where I saw them, they are incredible!!!!

B"H there will be more info, pictures etc..

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

B"H this Nanach is returning to the Holy Land

B"H this Chanuka I had the eternal merit of being by the awesome holy tomb of Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman! For this I'm ever grateful (special thank to american express...).

B"H in the near future you'll hear more about it, already I have uploaded about 10 new songs from Hazamir (I can't figure out the Russian titles so they remain without their own folder) which can be found in his folder on the music site.

moshiach oi show during chanukah

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A New Addition to Nanach

My dear fellow Nanachs, it has been a little while since I posted last on this Nanach site, but on 15 Kislev - Yarhzeit of Rabbeinu HaKadosh (Rabbi Yehuda HaNosi) at 4:37PM, a few minutes before Shekiah in Yerushalayim, my wife gave birth to a baby girl, Tamar Tzadikah, who made me become a daddy. Baruch Shehecheyani V'Keyimani V'Higiani L'Zman HaZeh!


Through the holy light, wondrous and awesome, of the holy Chanuka candles, we draw upon ourselves the light of the True Tzadik, who already drew in the perfection of the Redemption that will be through our Righteous Messiah. The main Coming of the Messiah is to reveal the Truth in the world. For now the Truth is in a great exile and everyone says that the Truth is with him.

And the main Truth will be revealed through the Messiah. Falsehood is the side of death, and Truth is the elixir of life. And therefore the separation of truth from falsehood is an aspect of the revival of the dead. The Truth is an aspect of "in order". Meaning that people say things as they are, which is the aspect of "in order". But the falsehood is the aspect of "not in order", since people change the matter and the story from its true order. The main mitzvah of the Chanukah light is to light and to illuminate the light of Truth in the world, that everyone should merit to know where is the Truth, which lights and illuminates all the souls of Israel with the light of the Messiah, in all types of darkness and gloom, and it nullifies all the darkness and all the fallen loves. And it saves them from mighty flood waters, that rise up all the time to destroy the world, to make people forget the Torah.

-Saba, Blossoms of the Spring, p. 129

Monday, December 26, 2011

maos tzur

hallel my friend

HaNaros halalu

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Emergency Appeal for the
Nanach Cheder of Tzfat

  • The Teachers in the Nanach Cheder and Girl School have not been paid in three months.
  • The source that has been funding the Schools until now has been discontinued.
  • The Schools have already been shut down for a week and a half and are in grave danger of being closed permanently.
  • Expenses have been slashed to minimum.
  • There are long term plans to get funding for the schools but for the next two months we need your help.
  • Save 130 children in Tzfat, other schools will not accept them because they are Nanach.
  • All donors will be prayed for at the Arizal or Rashbi for 40 days and  the children will recite Tikkun Klali in their merit.
Please Donate Generously to Keep the Nanach Schools Going

Tax Deductible Receipts Are Available for These Donations
Anyone interested in exact details is welcome to email or call me

moshiach ioy thursday night 12/22/11

Public Assembly
70 N6th st, Brooklyn, NY 11211
7:30pm until 1:00amDescription
with BlanketStatementStein, RockaZion, Benny Bwoy and Price

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chanukah is the Triumph of the Truth

‎"The main mitzvah of the Chanukah light is to light and illuminate the light of Truth in the world, so that everyone will merit to know where is the True Tzaddik, who is the chosen and true head amongst all the Tzaddikim. For the main miracle of Chanukah is that the evil kingdom, an aspect of falsehood, a slave, the serpent's poison, was subjugated and that the Kingdom of Holiness of Israel, who are the aspect of the King's son, the aspect of Truth, was strengthened and elevated. One should intend in lighting the Chanukah light that through this we shall merit to draw down the illumination of Truth and to draw near to the point of Truth always."
---from Ibey Hanachal

nanach has the remix

happy nanach nachma nachman mayuman

Mashiach oiy in concert this Thursday night in williamsburg for chanukah

na nach draidel

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Some action in Uman yesterday

Another one of my favorite Chanuka songs

One of my favorite Chanuka songs

Happy Chanuka

Great Chanuka blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman to everyone - en-route to Rabbainu - in Kiev.

Remember to visit the previous years of posts on Chanuka which you can find with the cloud index on the right side of the site.

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na nach on chabad telethon

B"H last night our reggae band RockaZion performed on the Chabad Channukah Telethon in New York. This was on cable tv with thousands of viewers.
Rocka performed the song "One Way Ticket" about returning to the Holy Land, and features the line "I'll be singing Na Nach with the boys, passing out Tikun Haklali".
Also at the end of the song Rock sang out nice and loud "Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman"!
This is perhaps the first Na Nach appearance on a Chabad telethon, but surely not the last.
Na Nach!

Monday, December 19, 2011


B"H recently the Hebrew has taken off with amazing posting, and for the first time has overtaken the English, most of the credit goes to Sharon may H"Y bless him for his contribution to the war effort. What this means for you is that it is worth it for you to peruse through the Hebrew, even if you don't know Hebrew and are not willing to use a page translator, simply for the pictures and other media that are being added daily B"H.

Dishonest dealings in Uman not bringing Rabbainu to Israel

This article is in Hebrew, and there is immodesty on the site, it illuminates a little of the sheker (falsehood) that is being conducted instead of bringing Rabbainu to his rightful resting place.

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The dream about Rav Tzvi OBM.

Yes, yes, R' Tzvi, I saw him in a dream, and at night at midnight, I went to the mikva, he came and spoke with me. I said to him, “R' Tzvi! You signed to the Rav Klears that it is forbidden for you speak with me and to come next to me?! Nu, nu, what will be?” he said, that now he does not want to listen to the Rav Klears, and let it be what may, he will remain a Breslov Hasid! Yes. He will be strong, he will be different, that's how he went with me to the mikva. And at the mikva people came and saw such a thing, but thank G-d we were saved from them. Thank G-d. Afterwords I saw that this was a dream. No mikva, and no... I just heard the crying of his wife over him, and she cried, “R' Tzvi died.” She was left a widow with small children, the children are now in Karlin. Today, when I am found by my house (daughter?) in Jerusalem, they ask me always, that I should recount to them the story of their father, what was there? What was the story exactly? Ah?... but it was a nice story! And generation after generation they retell the story of R' Tzvi Rosenthal. He didn't want to go with the soldiers. They said to him, “we will take you to the car!” that's how it was. They transported him to Tiberius, and they told me that Rav Tzvi, he is in Tiberius. He arrived in Tiberius, he returned to Tiberius. He incurred a disease and died, he passed away. He signed, on what the Rav Klears wrote for him, he signed this. (Saba? They said that you were a spy, that you send people to Uman?) yes, yes. The muechtar wanted a lot of money, he wanted to blackmail the family that they would send me to Russia, and the family would put together money and they would give him, each one, money, and each one would give him money so that they wouldn't send me to Russia, but he contracted a disease and died, he incurred a disease on the lungs...

The story of R' Tzvi Rosenthal is a wondrous story. He did not say anything, he took his prayer shawl and phylacteries, he went to pray, after the prayers he went to Jerusalem and on Shabbos he was in Afula, and they found him in Afula on Saturday night, they came, the soldiers and they transported him to Tiberius, he was strong, heroic, he said, he, even if he dies, he will be Breslov!

English Sipuray Maasiyos - Story Tales of Rabbainu

B"H the effort towards the awesome and holy book of the Story Tales of Rabbainu Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman has completed the initial stage of translation and has been formatted and prepared for its imminent publication B"H, we need your continued prayers to H"Y that all should go well without any wrong from the other side R"L.

B"H thanks to your generous donations, and special thanks to Y. and S. regular followers of - for their extra large donations, and special thanks to S. in L.A. who put together more than half of the cost, we will be printing 2,000 copies. This holy book includes the Ancient Tales, as well as many parables from Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. In addition it has a very large section of Saba's conversations about his youth, and drawing close to Rabbainu, and receiving the holy Petek. The book will also have the Tikun Haklali - General/comprehensive Rectification, phonetic/transliterated, Hebrew and English. The book is a work of art, with beautiful graphics, for the cover and pictures throughout the book on higher quality paper. The book also has the Holy Petek on the back cover: "Rabbi Nachman of Breslov's ancient message to modern times" with the stamp of Rabbi Moshe Feinstiens approval.

The book will cost only 6 shekel apiece (asside from small costs incurred till now), and B"H we are hoping to be able to give out a great bulk for free - and a great bulk at just the shipping charges, but even at full price the book should only cost about $2!!!!

B"H - with the help of G-d, and with your help, this will be only a very small project with other great publications on the way.

Special credit goes to Nissim, Menashe, Moshe N., Akiva, Lazer L., and myself for partaking in the translation, they will not be mentioned in the actual book, so this might be the only place... may H"Y bless them for their holy contributions.
Needless to say this translation is the most critical and correct translation to date. Obviously there will be mistakes and plenty of typos, B"H we'll fix those and the next publications will just get better and better.

Less than 50 cents a book!!!!!

B"H this is a true Chanuka miracle brought about through our friend Sharon of the Hebrew, who will be printing Sefer Hamidos - The Book of Traits, in a pocket size format, with 6 various designer covers to attract different audiences. The book will cost only 1.8 shekel = >48 cents!!!!! [This will be in Hebrew, B"H is working on publishing an English translation in the near future]. This awesome price will be attained in part due to the massive volume of publication (at least 30,000, I think)so anyone that can invest in this holy commodity and share in the publication will greatly assist this venue, and will facilitate future amazing publications of even higher caliber.

In praise of this book, suffice it to say that Rabbainu said that it is what "made him into a Jew" and Rabbainu specifically had it published in a small book of itself so that people could always have it with them to always be studying it so that they would be very familiar with the traits to fulfill and merit them.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The rest of the story of Rav Tzvi.

He found me in Tiberius, afterwords all of them became opposers to R' Tzvi Rosenthal. He was a student of the Chufetz Chaim, and they did not pay attention to this. I told him that this was the matter, the matter of our holy master this is a matter that is very exalted, and you put your mind and your heart into the words of Rabbainu, and it will be made from you, and you will make from yourself something else altogether. And he said that he wanted to be Breslov, and his father-in-law, and his wife didn't want, so he went to Jerusalem. He left his father-in-law and his wife, and he went to Jerusalem. He had small children, nu, he went to Jerusalem on foot, yes, he said, “I am no able to be in Tiberius, they don't want me to be Breslov, so I am forced to go to Jerusalem, to R' Shlomo, R' Shlomo Wexler.” yes, I was in great danger, they wanted to give me a beating, a severe beating, and they said to me, “you will receive a beating, tell where did Tzvi Rosenthal go? Where can he be found?!” I saw that I was in danger, I said that they should send to search for him on the route to Jerusalem. In Afula they found him, in Afula they found R' Tzvi, in Afula, and the soldiers said to him that he should return to Tiberius. He didn't want, they said to him, “we are soldiers! You don't want? We will take you with force!” they took him to Tiberius, and in the morning they took him to the Rav Klears, he made documents, that he should sign them, that he will not stand next to R' Yisroel and next to Yisroel Ber. He signed, because he was in danger, he signed, and he made the oath....

Friday, December 16, 2011

This Weeks Torah Portion - Parshas VaYaishev

In this weeks parsha Yehuda gives Tamar a collateral which the Medrash tells us are signs of the future redemption, so the way I see it is: the signature is Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'Uman. "VihaPisilim" - and the strings, this is the aspect of the tzitzis which is the spirit of the Tzadik which is in his writings, VihaPisilim has the gimatriah (numerical value) of "Petek". And the staff - "Matte" is the aspect of the holy angel mentioned in the Petek, who is an aspect of Matta"t.

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

The handshake to seal the agreement of the rabbis that he will not stand within four cubits of Breslov and he will not learn the book of Breslov.

They received a handshake, that he will not speak with me, that he will not be Breslov. He gave a handshake. He told me, I said to him, “what did you do? Why did you do this?” he said to me, “this does not apply not by oath and not by vow! If someone makes a vow to desecrated Shabbos, the oath does not apply and neither the vow.”

Thursday, December 15, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Significant student of the Chufetz Chaim, he learned Likutay Moharan and became Breslov.

I do not understand, he was a significant student of the Chufetz Chaim, he came to Tiberius, and I said to him, “Rabbi Tzvi? There is a book, Likutay Moharan, today, that the whole world doesn't know what it is!” so he began to learn, so he became a Breslov hasid! The wife, and the father-in-law, and the family, all of them said, “what is this? Breslov? I want a divorce! I do not want Breslov, I want a divorce.”

He accepted all of this, he saw that he was in danger, he took his prayer shawl and phylacteries and went to pray. Usually after the prayers he would come to eat and drink, and sometimes he wouldn't come. Nu, nu, come to me, “where's R' Tzvi?!” I will go tell that he went to Jerusalem? The whole city came, to say to tell them, “where's R' Tzvi? A man goes to pray and doesn't return on Friday?! What is this? This isn't in the whole world, just in Breslov! Is there such a thing?! That one goes to pray and doesn't return?! Where is R' Tzvi?” I said, “I don't know...” They sent to Safed to search for him, and he isn't (to be found). Nu, “so where is R' Tzvi? Certainly they sent him to Uman?” He lived for a some days and he contracted a disease and he died.

And he was the splendor of the city, splendor of the Yeshiva, splendor of the city. He was a student of the Chufetz Chaim, he learned with me in Yeshiva, and he was his student, he learned by him, Rav Tzvi Rosenthal, he was a student of the Chufetz Chaim, yes, his student.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

When I recall to myself the story of Rav Tzvi, he left house on Friday, then I become a different person, a new man. There was such a story, who heard of such a thing? He would pray at the time of sunrise, he didn't say anything. He goes to pray, and is lost, disappears, he didn't return, until today. Whoever heard of such a thing? Everyone said, “this is just a story of Breslov, the Breslovers can do such a thing, the whole world doesn't know (how) to do such a affair, just the Breslovers know.”

The Story of R' Tzvi who went on foot to Jerusalem.

And such a story was made, when Messiah comes they will retell the story of R' Tzvi. Messiah will also tell, and there will be great happiness from R' Tzvi, that he went on foot to Jerusalem, Friday... nu, nu, R' Tzvi he said to Rabbi Yisroel, “I am not Yisroel Ber, I can't take it, nu, if so, G-d forbid I am afraid that maybe I will fall? So I want to go to Jerusalem, In Jerusalem there is also R' Shlomo Wexler, there are Breslov hasidim, I can be... Breslov here in Tiberius? I am not able. I am not able, I am not a hero! I must go to Jerusalem. I don't have money? So I will go on foot, now, I am already going on foot! Thank G-d my feet are strong, I, I have a strong body, I can go to Jerusalem on foot.”

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

There was such an uproar, ho... what happened in Tiberius that Shabbos, don't ask! All of Tiberius was boiling. “How is such a thing done?! On Friday? What?!...”

This is such a wondrous story, that we have still not heard!!! The story... how is such a thing done? He went on Friday to Jerusalem on foot, he didn't have money to travel. He went on Friday, he went to pray, he didn't return, he went to Jerusalem. Not once, it hasn't been heard such a story! The uproar was in the whole Tiberius, by the Ashkenazim and the Sephardim, all of them spoke about Breslov, “what is this? How do they such a thing? Someone goes to pray on Friday and doesn't return?!...”

And the three enlightened of Tiberius they went to pray, they didn't know anything, they didn't know, not from Yisroel Ber and not from R' Tzvi, they didn't know from Breslov at all, nothing. This synagogue of Karlin was next to Rabbi Yisroel, all the synagogues were next to Rabbi Yisroel, so all those that went, would need to pass by the way of Rabbi Yisroel. Nu, and by Rabbi Yisroel stood my family, the family of Rav Tzvi. The whole city they cried, “where is this? where is he? Where is Rav Tzvi? He went! He isn't, disappeared!” and the three enlightened, they heard the whole city of Tiberius speaking of the story of Rav Tzvi, they saw such a commotion,, so they asked, “what is going on here? Is this a synagogue for prayers? What is here? What is there? What happened?”

“what? You didn't hear? Yisroel Ber became Breslov! And Rav Tzvi became Breslov! On Friday he went to pray and didn't return!...”


Monday, December 12, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

On Sunday I was scared, maybe the muechtar wants money? He will want money another time, he will come again, he will take me back to prison, “money!!! where is Rav Tzvi?” There is money here! He will not want to stop, there's a good business here, there's money here, money! Money? I don't have money! So I saw a place, next to the Karlin synagogue, a closed place, a place that is not seen, so I was there the whole day, next to the synagogue, maybe Mordichai will come with the policemen, no one will know where I am. So he could search as much he wants. I was there till mincha (prayed towards the evening). At mincha I went up to the synagogue, from the place that I was to the synagogue, they prayed mincha, they have “kedusha” (part of the prayer), and the old man Rav Kihus cam, the Rav Kihus, he was a Karliner, and also the father of the woman, of the wife of Rav Tzvi Rosenthal, he was also a Karliner, they were friends. So Rav Kihus went to pray mincha, and he heard that the police took Mordichai, the muechtar (the snitch), to Istanbul, and there is a great indictment on him that he is a spy, that he... so Rav Kihus said, this was R' Yisroel, R' Yisroel, this was an act of R' Yisroel, R' Yisroel [Karduner] punished him, he gave him a punishment, Hashem gave him a punishment for this, for this Shabbos, he... they took him, and from then on he disappeared, they didn't see him any more in Tiberius, I didn't see him, Tiberius didn't see him anymore, maybe I think that they killed him. Spy? There was an indictment that he was spying, then there was the English, they were at war with Turkey, and all of this was Turkey, and also Syria is Turkey, Lebanon was Turkey, everything Turkey, nu, Turkey indicted, there was an indictment that Mordichai was spying, he spies on everything that there is here in Turkey, he informs to their enemy, spying, so he did not return alive. From this Sunday, he did not return to Tiberius anymore, not to the Land of Israel and not to Tiberius, it is not known where he is, where? If they killed him? In any event it is not known, Tiberius was left without the muechtar, without Mordichai. He made such a Shabbos, he caused such strife! So he received! What he received, everything is from Heaven, the world is not abandoned. So they took him to Istanbul, this is in Turkey, and he didn't return alive. Until today it is not known what happened to him. This was a kind of show for the whole city. The Sephardim, they are a nation of themselves, they don't know what goes on by the Ashkenazim, and the Ashkenazim don't know what goes on by the Sephardim. Two, two seperate ideologies. This is Sephardim, and this is Ashkenazim. The first is not similar to the second. But the story of Rav Tzvi? The whole city, all the Sephardim knew, and all the Ashkenazim, “this? Rav Tzvi? He went to Uman on Friday, and didn't return!” the whole city spoke about it, the Ashkenazim and also the Sephardim, all of there were by the house of Rabbi Yisroel Karduner. After the prayer they pass by on their way home, and they passed by the house of Rabbi Yisroel Karduner. This was their regular route home, and they saw such a thing, such a ruckus, so they stood, they couldn't budge, they saw such a thing?! They asked, “what is this commotion? What is going on here? What wedding is here?”

“What you don't know? You didn't hear? Yisroel Ber has become Breslov! And they want to vitiate all Tiberius, what you don't know?? they sent Rav Tzvi to Uman on Friday, have you seen such a thing?! This is only by the Breslovers, what these Breslovers do! They killed the whole family of R' Tzvi, the wife and small children, have you seen such a thing?!”

Sunday, December 11, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Story of the three wealthy intellectuals of Tiberius

But I forgot about the three wealthy men of Tiberius, oy, they were already from the new ones [from the newly drawn close] new zionists, they made, it was joke by them, all of Judaism and the Torah, but even still, they were children of the Land of Israel, and the most important one of them, had a flour mill, and he was important, his family, his father and grandfather were Karlin hasidim, so he wore a streimel (round fur hat), slanted such, according to the fashion, and he went with his friends, another two, this one, was the elder, he wasn't old but he was the eldest of them. These three, they were friends and they mocked Judaism, like the wise man of the Tales of Ancient Times. They went, it was a joke by them. They go to pray, but one, his name was Yisroel Ben Zalman, Zulmin, and the two? There were two, one was the owner of the largest drugstore in Tiberius, he was a wonder even in Jerusalem, a large drugstore and he knew the trade well, a great expert, this second guy. And the third was Leibel, also Aryeh (the Hebrew for Leibel – lion), he was the largest lumber merchant in Tiberius. These are the three. They went to the synagogue, but is was like a show, a type of jest. Just like that, in every synagogue, they went to the synagogue, scoffers! This one that had the flour mill, Yisroel Zalmens [Zulmintz], he was the outstanding of them, they had propriety with him, he was a smart man, they went with him to the synagogue, and this was a type of show, they went to the synagogue, and the house of Rabbi Yisroel was between all the synagogues [close to all the synagogues]. They saw a great commotion, the whole city, a great commotion, and also my family, and the family of Rav Tzvi, and Rabbi Yisrel, and there was screaming and crying, and they heard such a thing? “what is going on here? What is it?” “ho!... you don't know? Yisroel Ber has become a Breslov hasid, and they took me [him – R' Tzvi] and he disappeared, he went with his phylacteries to pray and didn't return!” so they heard such a thing, they saw, there was such a big gathering, in the middle they were told what is happening, what there is in Tiberius, Yisroel Ber from the hasidim of Breslov [he has become Breslov, and now Rav Tzvi as well]. “what? You have not heard? What a show? What? Yisroel Ber? What Breslov?” in any event, they approached the door of Rabbi Yisroel, it was closed. He closed the door, he prayed the morning prayer, such a kind of prayer! I didn't hear, but I heard that they said that it pierced the heavens. That it was such a prayer! My family, and his family, my mother, the mother of Rav Tzvi, so they stood next to the door of Rabbi Yisroel, and also Mordichai the muechtar sood there with policemen as well, they waited for him to finish the prayer, they will take him outside, outside they can take him, from the house it is forbidden to take him (that was the law, because R' Yisroel had an Austrian passport), but from the outside it is possible. In any event, they were angry, they wanted to break the door of Rabbi Yisroel. They found themselves with the muechtar, with the policemen, they heard the prayer of Rabbi Yisroel, fear fell upon them! They never in the world heard such a type of prayer, they never heard in the world, so they were aroused in truth, the Judaism was aroused, the heart, the Judaism, and all of them, this Yisroel Zulmin, from the flour mill, and these two, they said to Mordichai, to the muechtar, “get out of here” so he left immediately. They were a gang... if he didn't want to listen to them they would give money, there were very wealthy, he feared them, they were not simple people, they told him to go, so he went, and they remained. They didn't go to pray, they didn't go to Karlin, they saw such a kind of show! The whole city just searches “where Rabbi Yisroel?” the muechtar and the policemen... so they waited until he finished the 'shmone esray' (standing benediction) of the Shabbos prayers, they knocked on the door and they spoke with R' Yisroel. “Mordichai? We sent away Mordichai, we want to speak with you” so he opened the door and they entered, they were clever, smart, but they were abnegated in the face of the prayer that they heard from Rabbi Yisroel. For an hour they asked him some questions, and he answered them, the first question first, the last question last, he answered all of them, and they were very astonished, they had never heard such words. They were wise, they asked him! “what is this? Breslov and Karlin and all of them, all the religious, all of them, they have children and also the Breslovers have wives and children, what difference is there? These get married and they have children, and these marry and they have children, so what? What difference is there? They asked in jest, but Rabbi Yisroel answered them in truth, with acuity, “these get married? They marry for the desires of the body, as a matter of course they also have children, but the main thing is the desire! But these righteous? They, because they want children, for this, they get married!” they didn't know how to answer this. And he gave them a sufficient answer, and they didn't answer. And they abnegated to Rabbi Yisroel and they loved him. On everything that they spoke with him, he told them everything, and they abnegated, and they drew close to Rabbainu, they supported him [the publication of the books of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov]. They, for the first time in their lives, the three wise men, they heard for the first time in their lives, such a commotion, so they asked, “what is this commotion? What is going on here?” “Ho!... you didn't hear that R' Yisroel has become Breslov?” “Nu, we heard, what is it?” “they took Rav Tzvi!” they saw what this Rav Tzvi...

Hillula of Rabbainu Hakadosh - Our Holy Master - Rabbi Yehuda Hanassi

Today when we say Rabbainu Hakadosh - Our Holy Master we refer to Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, but before Rabbainu came onto the scene this title was reserved for the Master of the Mishna, The President Rabbi Yehuda, today is his hillula (anniversary of death). There is some dispute to where he is buried, but apparently the Arizal was very clear that Rabbi Yehuda Hanassi can be found in the village of Tzippori at the very end. At the very entrance, before entering Tzipori there is an awesome fresh clear water spring, last year I posted some video footage.

Friday, December 9, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

R' Yisroel Ber in jail because of the story of Rabbi Tzvi.

In any event, my mother, and my wife, and the family, they came to the jail and they saw me through the windows. They said to me, “what's news?” in any event, some hours went by, the top official came, the supervisor of the policemen and over everything, he came, the muechtar already spoke with him what he has to do, he knows that he (R' Tzvi) has a good friend, this muechtar, what he says (the muechtar) he (the officer) does. He came, took me out of jail, the top official, the general, and he said, he spoke strongly, he is a general, he said to me, “tell, where is Rabbi Tzvi?” First they lay me on the floor, and lifted my feet, and they took a rope, and they tied my feet between them, yes. This was hardened irons, they tied me, and there was a policeman on this side and there was a policeman on the other side, and my feet were above, and they said to me, “if you tell where Rav Tzvi is, good. If not, then you will die! We will beat you murderously!” and my family were hearing how he spoke with me, and they feared that I... if they beat me, then I will die! Arab policemen? They beat murderously! There was crying. My mother went to the synagogue, she opened the holy ark, she prayed and cried, it was a great danger, even to walk in the street, that they would encript me into the army, because whoever they found, that had hands and feet, even in the street, they would snatch him for the army of the gentiles, the Turks, without notifying the family, and many families had children disappear, and there was great crying and and great pain, and great fear. My mother, and also my wife, and all.... They tied me, and I lay with my feet up high, and they flaunted the whips, and the officer said to me, “tell, where is Rav Tzvi?” I said, “I think he went to Jerusalem.” So he said to me, “know, if we do not find him we will punish you so you die, we will beat you to death, tell the truth!” “That which I know I am saying, I believe.” So they left me, and they sent on Shabbos, they sent to way to Jerusalem. In any event, on Saturday night (after Shabbos) they found him in Afula, and they said to Rav Tzvi, they found him, the police, and they said to him, “know that Yisroel Ber and Rabbi Yisroel are in jail, and they are in grave danger, return with us! He heard that there is danger, they came to Tiberius Saturday night. So my family wanted that they should free me from prison, that I should go home, and the law was, at night they don't allow for anyone to leave. If he is in prison they do not free him, he must be there until morning, at night there are no discharges. But the muechtar and this policemen, they knew how to behave and they freed me, after Shabbos at night....

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Story of Rabbi Tzvi Rosenthal

This story needs to be published and pasted all over the city to make it known that there was R' Tzvi Rosenthal.

He went to pray with his prayer shawl and phylacteries, and he didn't return Friday and all of Shabbos. He said, “they don't let me be Breslov? I am forced to go to Jerusalem, I don't have money, I will go by foot, I have strong legs!” The gentiles, the Turks, they broke all his (Rabbi Yisroel Karduner) things. The police said, “tell the truth! Where is Rabbi Tzvi? If not, we will kill you!” what is this? A man goes to pray and does not return? All of Shabbos? There still has never been anything like this, there still hasn't been, this is only in Breslov, this is a wondrous story, how is it that someone goes to pray and doesn't return the whole Shabbos? Such a thing is unheard of, just in Breslov such a thing is possible, that a person goes to pray and doesn't return?! In the whole world there is no such thing. We were in danger, Russia was at war with the Turks, and we sent men to Russia, we were in danger of being suspected as spying, this was a miracle from Heaven. The meuchtar (“muechtar” literally the crowned, this might be slang for an informer) said to me, “tell the truth! Where is Rabbi Tzvi? He left his wife and children, and they do not know where he is,” and they are asking the police, “where is Rabi Tzvi?” we do not know, “am I the keeper of Rabbi Tzvi?” (a play on Kain's reply to H”Y). But they said that this is something impossible, that a person goes to pray and doesn't return the whole Shabbos?! This is only in Breslov! Rabbi Tzvi Rosenthal went to pray with his prayer shawl and phylacteries and did not return, and she (his wife) searched all the synagogues, and he isn't (to be found)! Came Shabbos his isn't (to be found)! So the whole family came to me, “tell, where is Rabbi Tzvi?” There were those that said, “what? He is already in Uman! They sent him to Uman! He is Breslov?! Where is Rabbi Tzvi? Where is Rabbi Tzvi?”

Parshas VaYishlach - The Weekly Torah Portion of VaYishlach (and he - Jacob - sent angels...)

In this weeks parsha, Yaakov fights with the angel of Esau, the angel pleads with Yaakov to let him go because it is his turn to sing to H"Y. Yaakov only releases him on condition that the angel agrees to Yaakov's receiving of the blessings bestowed by Yitchok. The angel tells Yaakov that soon H"Y is going to change his name to Yisroel and will bless him, and there I will give my approval. Yaakov however insisted that the angel do so right then and there.

The name Yisroel begins with the letter Yud, if that letter is moved over to be the second letter (as the Arizal revealed that one should have this in mind when saying Shema Yisroel), the new word spelled is Shir El - the song of G-d - that song being the song that is single, double, triple, quadruple - Na Nach Nachma Nachma Nachman MeUman. That night was special, it was the night that angle of Esau would sing praises to H"Y, and Yaakov overcame the angel even at that time, and thus built himself the personality of The Song of H"Y, which was fully attained by Rabbainu, who set the song with his identity, Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Six Gold Coins and there was a birth from this! Avrohom Ashkenzey.

“Our grandeur and splendor, our righteous Messiah will reveal” of Breslov, our greatness, this is Breslov's... with the gold, six gold lira, this was very valuable, and he (Rabbi Yisroel Karduner) told him and he gave it to him (Rabbi Yisroel) immediately, right away, all the money! Gold six gold coins and there was a birth from this! Now, he's eight year old... His father got married, and six years after the wedding they didn't have children, and he came to Rabbi Yisroel, his father, and he told him (Rabbi Yisroel), I got married six years ago and I don't have children. So Rabbi Yisroel said to him that he should give six gold coins, six gold lira, and that's what was, he gave six gold lira, and Avrohom is living now, with the money, he is now eighty years old! “I need to give the publisher, I need to give six lira, give me six lira.” and he didn't tell him that he would have children, so “give me six lira” this is sufficient, this and he lives now, he is now eighty years old, his name is Avrohom Ashkenazey... Great opposers, all, the grandfather... and greats, but they didn't listen, they went to Rabbi Yisroel and they told him that they are now married for six years and they do not have children, so Rabbi Yisroel said to him, “give me six lira” six gold lira, oy, he gave him (Rabbi Yisroel), and this is Avrohom Ashkenazey. He is living today. With the six lira! Rabbi Yisroel, he didn't speak much, succinctly, six lira, “give six lira” and he gave him then, yes, exactly six lira, and till today he lives, he is eighty years old... and his father told me, that he got married, and six years after the wedding they did not have children. Rabbi Yisroel was in Meron, so he went to Rav Yisroel and he said to him, with these words, “I got married, and I already have six years, I got married and I do not have children!” so Rabbi Yisroel told him, “give me six gold lira” and that's what was, he gave him, and he is now eighty years old...

Start them when they are young

Yesterday I wrote about a great grandson of the Baal Hasulam who started becoming Nanach about 7 years ago while he was by Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. He then began to live by Rabbi Shimon and after about 2 years got married. B"H he has a little boy about 3.5 years old. Last week he suddenly noticed that his son was missing (there might also have been a suspicious looking fellow roaming around - I didn't catch the whole story), he got frantic enlisting the police and everyone's help to search for his son. For over an hour they searched to no avail (it might have been even longer). Then someone said that they might have seen a little child in the forest, and sure enough it was our friend's son - he went to do hisbodidus!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

I had many writings that today would make a great commotion in the world.

(you told me that you had in Safed 'migila storim' and he took it from you?) who? (Sender) Sender? (you had migilas storim and it dissappeared, Sender took it?) yes, yes. I had writings from Rabbi Nussun, a letter from Rabbi Nussun, writings of what they suffered, what they suffered, the hostility they suffered, I remember a story... (but in the book migilas storim you looked? Your read it?) I don't remember... I had many writings that they could make now a big commotion in the world! (they were writings that have not yet been publicized?) certainly! (what do you remember?) I do not remember, don't remember anything, the hasidim of Poland in America, the butcher in America, Yitzchak Mendel, Yizchok Mendel, you don't know about this? There were Kollel men, they came to me and they said to me, that he wants to see me, Yitzchok Mendel...

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

I had many writings that today would make a great commotion in the world.

(you told me that you had in Safed 'migila storim' and he took it from you?) who? (Sender) Sender? (you had migilas storim and it dissappeared, Sender took it?) yes, yes. I had writings from Rabbi Nussun, a letter from Rabbi Nussun, writings of what they suffered, what they suffered, the hostility they suffered, I remember a story... (but in the book migilas storim you looked? Your read it?) I don't remember... I had many writings that they could make now a big commotion in the world! (they were writings that have not yet been publicized?) certainly! (what do you remember?) I do not remember, don't remember anything, the hasidim of Poland in America, the butcher in America, Yitzchak Mendel, Yizchok Mendel, you don't know about this? There were Kollel men, they came to me and they said to me, that he wants to see me, Yitzchok Mendel...

Progeny of famous leading rabbis become Nanach

B"H recently I learned that one of the holy Jews that hang out by Rabbi Shimon, who delights very much saying Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman is a great grandson of the "Baal Hasulam" (author of the commentary on the Zohar - Sulam - ladder) - one of the greatest kabalists of our times (he passed away in 1955). Although the Baal Hasulam reputedly told his followers that they should do 4 hours of hisbodidus every day, was insistent that they get up to start their days at midnight, and other practices which should have lined him up with Rabbainu, he never mentioned Rabbainu. Apparently he was satisfied with his claim to being a spark of the Arizal. Reputedly, when people asked Saba about the Baal Hasulam, Saba made a face - which is kind of an approbation because on many other rabbis, Saba would denounce emphatically saying that they were falsehood. So B"H it is amazing to see that the offspring of these famous rabbis are becoming Nanach.

Nanach opens doors

The other day someone told me a story of a holy Jew who went to visit Gush Katif when it was under the siege of the zionist regime. The soldiers would not let him in no matter what, so he went to the side and said something and suddenly the soldiers had no problem letting him in. Someone accompanying this Jew asked him what it was that he said, and he replied - Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman, but he said (in order to pull off a miracle like that) one has to know what to have in mind when saying it (this is also mute).

Not to mix water into one's drink

Rabbainu wrote in Sefer Hamidos, in the entry of "money" item 67, that a person's "food" (livelihood) become increasingly deficient when he mixes water in his drink. Also in the entry of "officers" item 1, Rabbainu wrote that he who's alcoholic beverage is diluted with water, the officers do not deal with him justly.

Until recently I understood these entries to warn against diluting one's drink, but yesterday some of the Nanach told me that it is very clear that the only prohibition is on someone selling the drink, and that in fact makes a lot of sense, so I am no longer certain if there is any reason to be careful from adding water to one's personal drink.

Monday, December 5, 2011

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

There was a story in Safed, a lad by the name of Nachum, that was his name, Nachum, and he was a grandson, a grandson of the famous rav, the head of the rabbis of Safed, and he was like a king, he was, he conducted, with such arrogance, like a king, if someone spoke against him (this is Heller? That was in the old age home?) no, no, no. This is a special matter, Heller, I knew his father, he was a ben Torah and Kosher person, because he, he did not oppose Breslov, yes. But Heller? He had great talents, and he was an intellectual and was honored, full of honor and arrogance, yes. But even still, did you hear of him? Maybe Yehuda the lawyer, I told him that he should ask him about Rabbi Yisroel... (Heller told me that Rabbi Yisroel is a different matter altogether...) yes? Yes, yes. He told me as well, every time, Rabbi Yisroel... he held of me, but I, perhaps I made a mistake and I did not speak to him strongly, I should have been strong with him, that he should give part of his wealth, he died wealthy, and he has a building in Haifa that is worth a lot of money, he was able, and his son-in-law is the head doctor of Beilinson, of Eikilov (maybe – Sourasky), yes. no. he could live without the building, he could have given the building or half the building for the affairs of Rabbainu. But he was given over to the children that they should have this world... he went to the future world, miftar fiftar? (this is a play on the Hebrew world 'niftar' – dead, it is a reference to a joke Saba related about someone who wasn't concerned if a loved one was alive, just whether he had money). He was a believer, he believed with simplicity, but the desire for money, of the miftar fiftar will remain with the children...

Toronto Corner shifshul

B"H Rabbainu has soldiers all over the world, and Saba had the mesiras
nefesh (self sacrifice) to do what ever it takes to get Rabbainu to
fill the consciousness of humanity.

Saba makes an appearance in Toronto

Up goes Nanach all over the world...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Moshiach Oi! Songs

B"H I uploaded 2 new songs from the latest Moshiach Oi! CD, "This World is Nothing", onto the Na Nach music page. The songs are called "The New Song" and "Throw Away Your Brain". Also up are the songs "This World Is Nothing" and "The Petek".
For those who do not know Moshiach Oi!, we are a Torah-Hardcore-Punk band from New York.
Lyrics and Info are available on our brand new website,

Here are the lyrics to one of the new songs, called "The New Song":

The “leaders” try to hold it back
It’s coming forward, sneak attack
In time all of the lies and hate
Will fall away, disintegrate

The truth is out, the song is here
No longer lost, redemption’s near

3,000 years and now’s the time
A letter with eleven lines
We’ve got the song, come sing along
Don’t miss this point, don’t get it wrong

Come sing the new song
Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman

The petek is not just a wonder that was
It exists now, below and above
We’re fighting a war, our weapon is this name
Gonna scream it till you do the same

Come sing the new song
Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

I want you to open your eyes
Rabeinu came to shatter lies
Now is the time, these are the days
All nations gonna sing G-d’s praise

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Midnight of Rabbi Yisroel.

But this midnight! I thought that tonight there is no midnight after such exhaustion... [after that there was a cloudburst and they waded through mud for a few hours] we were in glue mire. To take out a leg, this was mamash, I thought, if only they would give me a place to sleep for a month, maybe I will able to move, with a limb, that's how it was, and he (Rabbi Yisroel), on this night, this prayer, it was after, this night, he got up on this midnight, I am not able to comprehend, in a natural manner, how did he get up? At midnight, all our limbs were so broken and tired, mamash, yes. And he got up at midnight, and I heard the midnight, but I could not budge a limb, I wanted to go out, how is it possible to sleep when there is such a midnight? How is it possible to sleep? But I was not able to budge a limb, I lay, but thank G-d, I heard the midnight, finally I mustered up all my strength and I got out of bed and got up, what-ever will be. In any event, Rabbi Yisroel sat, there was a table and he sat on a chair by the table, and there wasn't electricity like today, this was a kerosene lamp, and he studied next to a candle. And I approached the table, but I still had not reached the table, there was an earthquake, the whole floor trembled, and the table (the floor, it was tiled?) tiles? Like here, yes, yes. And the table was trembling, and he was trembling. I approached the table, fear fell upon me, I saw such a countenance, that was burning like fire, yes. And afterwords there was such a prayer, that I stood by the door, so that the second that I am not able, in any way to withstand, I can die! Then I will manage to flee (just five minutes?) what five minutes? (just five minutes, if we merited to hear his prayer?) I, thank G-d, I heard many times his prayer, and it was, they felt that it wasn't ordinary! This is not ordinary! This is not like the whole world! There are hasidim, and there are... (Saba, I know, that you are not exaggerating at all, everything is true and upholding) such truth that we have no grasp, yes, oy, oy, oy. He did not have to fight with haughtiness, that it should not come close to him, he was clean from all desires! This only our holy master can do wonders like these! (after see such light...) ah? (after seeing Rabbi Yisroel Karduner, so how is it possible to live in the darkness of today?) and he was in this world, with a body, he would speak to the people as if he was of this world, he was with (Rabbainu always) he was completely, there isn't... yes.

Meir Yimini

This Shabos I met with Avinoam Malkin who accompanied Meir Yimini for many years, going back all the way to when they took Saba out of the old age home. Meir Yimini was a gevald Nanach who was an extraordinary mayfitz. Meir Yimini would raise money to print thousands of holy books and would give them out free and there would be great blessing – money would come in to print and distribute more. Upon Meir's death a few years ago (which he reputedly predicted), gates and paths were opened and probably tens of thousands of holy books have been distributed in his merit. Many that claim he had Divine Spirit and saw Eliyahu Hanavi. So I asked Avinoam what he knew about Meir, and he told me the following story.

One day – a Monday, Meir told him that after hundreds of years Jews have went down into (i.e. towards) the actual Mi'aras Hamachpaila (double cave in Chevron – tomb of Adam, Chava, Avraham, Sara, Yitzchak, Rivka, Jacob, Leah - the actual cave and steps and passageway to the cave are sealed off). Avinoam was sure that Meir was just joking – as Meir was a true Yeminite and full of good chear and jest. However a week later they went together to the Mi'aras Hamachpaila and the attendant in charge told them that the previous Monday a group had went down into (towards) the actual Mi'aras Hamachpaila. Meir Yimini said to Avinoam, “I told you.”

Friday, December 2, 2011

Nanach education

Unfortunately the Nanach children of Safed are still without school, although some generous donations have been made, they are still short (last I heard) and there is also the issue of freeing themselves from the Keren.

The other day our good friend Shivtey (the Kohen and mohel) from Kfar Shamai took upon himself to help out, and he taught/entertained the children, teaching them the true holy ways of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman specifically how to do hisbodidus - speak personally and privately to H"Y, and of course how to shout, and how to bring in special weapons like the shofar. True to Nanach principle, the teachings were not theoretical, the children were brought to the great outdoors to practice the holy devotion of screaming their hearts out to H"Y, blowing the shofar, and speaking personally to H"Y.

Returning to the Holy Land

In this weeks Parsha - weekly Torah portion - VaYaitzai, our Father Yaakov leaves Israel, in the beginning, and at the very end returns. The Torah relates that as he returned to the Holy Land he was escorted by two camps of angels, and he called the place after them - "camps" - "machanayim" a word with a composition of 3 out of 4 letters of 'Nachman' and with the same gimatria (numerical value) as Nachman. Rabbainu did in fact leave the Holy Land returning to the Ukraine, in order to bring all of Israel to the Holy Land, may it be soon. Rabbainu said explicitly that his place is just Eretz Yisroel. This week we saw B"H some sort of step being taken to bring the holy tomb of Rabbi Nachman to Eretz Yisroel. We also saw the Israeli government launch a somewhat obnoxious campaign to get Jews out of America and back to the Holy Land - there is immodesty at this site: Our main strength is with the song of the Holy Land: Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

After writing this I learned Likutay Halachos, Laws of Ma'ariv (night prayer) 4, at the end of this piece Rabbi Nussun mamash discusses why Rabbi Nachman left E.Y. in the first place, but it was only to come back.

Nanach cook on television

Thank G-d our Nanach friends who starred on the cooking show "Yiroel Mivashelet" 30.11.11 Channel 10 Isreali TV - have been found here:

As can be expected this show is full of immodesty - just like on the street - and is also a show of bad character traits... and also a great waste of time (unless you actually are going to learn how to make the stuff) so viewer discretion is advised. Nonetheless our friends pulled off some amazing things in the limited capacity they had (putting Saba into a finished dish, turning a pot of cream upside down over their heads without having it drip or fall, making the desert nicer than the host's (because they put the "NaNa" upright), inserting Rabbainu's books and ways into the program, bringing happiness and singing, and not trying to grab more...).

Our friends appear at the following times:

1:58, 9:45, 18:03, 21:12, 37:05, 42:08, 52:30, 57:38

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

What? The whole village, the whole settlement, they didn't go to work, they just stood and listened to the prayer of Rabbi Yisroel, yes. And I stood by the door, I wasn't able to stand, from the greatness of the light, I wasn't able, I could die in the room, I said, “I will stand next to the door, the second that I feel that my soul is about to depart, then I will manage to leave,” that's what was, no, no, (I am) not relating exaggerations, I stood prepared to leave, when it is already impossible by any means, then, I will manage to leave... I stood by the door. and the master of the house of the apartment he came so submissive, as if he was entering to the king, yes, with awe. And he had a few rooms, he took a room and ther was a table and he put on the table everything there is, by a farmer valuable and by a settlement, olives, eggs, cheese, and butter, and all the delicacies in the world, all, everything, and he asked us to come into the room where there was the table with the food. And also the girls? Girls can go with hair, without a head covering, but small girls, of 13, 12, or 15 years old, but she does not need to cover her head, but they don't know, so they covered their heads with towels, and they also tied them, with laces they tied them, so that they would not fall G-d forbid, yes. And also the hands, then people did not go with such immodesty... but in a settlement, they , they went until here, so they (all of this from the fear?) yes, yes, all of them, all the children and him and the children... yes!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

More Nanachs on TV

Yesterday (11/30/11) the Israeli television Channel 10 aired a group of Nanach (Raanan playing guitar, Uri's son, and friends) in a cooking show. The show was actually filmed on Chol Hamoed Succos. Presently I still haven't found it, but b"H will let you know when I do.

Saba in the Parsha

This weeks parsha starts with the words: And he went out - Yakov from Be'er Sheva. Yakov = Yisroel, Be'er - is Saba's second name. Sheva = Saba.

Na Nach on TV

B"H this Nanach isn't very familiar with any telivision, let alone Israeli TV, so it took some frustrating searching but finally I found one out of two things I was searching for - this clip was taken by Israeli TV Channel 7, I couldn't find it on their site, but I did find it reposted in the Channel 10's highlights of the week call Tzinor Layla (Night Pipeline?). Obviously you should be aware that sites like this are full of immodesty so viewer discretion is advised.

Channel 10 put me at the end of the show, starting at 6:38 introducing the clip as being taken from Channel 7's internet (which I couldn't find) - It is necessary to be happy, with a powerful display, all in 10 seconds. Then they show me by Saba Yisroel holy tomb saying Na Nach Nachma Nachman Meuman... till 7:03 when the host says: "I rest my case".

From an ongoing translation of the holy words of Saba Yisroel

Secret from the whole world.

New! What we have now in the world! If we do not go crazy from the enormous happiness it is a miracle! This is also a miracle! What would they do without Rabbainu? What is this? Who can help us? But if there is already Rabbainu? We have, we have everything! If I am here, everyone is here (these are the words of Hillel the Elder which he said at the height of the happiness of the Drawing of the Water in the Temple)! And also Rabbainu's men they were such tzadikim and so holy, that the whole world... they were a secret, like Rabbaiu, a secret from the whole world, similarly Rabbainu's men and Rabbi Nussun's men were also hidden, a secret from the whole, and they do not know, do not know what this is.... I merited just to see Rabbi Yisroel, he was already from the later generations, I saw his truth, his humility, his life, his prayer, this was a type of speech, not from this world! From an aspect of the future, from an aspect of after the coming of the Messiah, yes! He was bound to Rabbainu so much, with such love, such yearning, so he was, he was, everyone knew that he was a matter, a special matter, yes. He was always happy, Rabbi Yisroel Czek, this is one of the names that he had in the world, Rabbi Yisroel Breslover. In Uman his name was Rabbi Yisroel Czek, for what Czek? Czek is such happiness! Czek, “Czek” this is the happiness of all happiness, such happiness! So they called him Rabbi Yisroel Czek, he was always happy, he was always dancing, always he was happy! Oy we thank G-d that we live in the world, in this world, now, in this darkness, this is an orphaned generation without Rabbainu! Than all the scholars and all the greats are orphans, do not know anything, they do not have a father, they don't have a mother, none. Our holy master, he is father, he is mother, he is everything! He is the Torah, he is the faith, everything is Rabbainu! And they don't want to know, with their wisdoms! What? All the greats do not know! Just Breslov! Just Rabbi Nachman! They do not accept, and also the liars, the liars of Breslov also, falsehood, falsehood... they do not want to abnegate themselves, they want all the honor and all the money and all the publicity! This is falsehood, this is not Rabbainu! Truth, this is just Breslov, and falsehood – this is not Rabbainu, this is even not anything! Men of truth, Rav Naftoli Cohen, only Naftoli, this is men of truth, such modesty, such humility... but not this! This is falsehood, however much greater the publicity, the greater the falsehood! This is the general rule, a sure sign, however much that he wants more publicity, the greater the liar! What is this? What is Rabbainu and his men! And Rabbainu's people and the books of Rabbainu! This is a special matter, this is a secret from the whole world, if this was revealed to the world, it would be already it would be, Messiah would already come and it would be already the... this... this is everything! Everything that is done for Rabbainu, in order to insert Rabbainu into the world, this is such a wondrous matter, that never ever was. Oy, I remember how Rabbi Yisroel prayed and said, he reached the blessing of the reciting of Shema, “to the blessed G-d pleasantries are given, to the King living enduring G-d, songs are said and praises (made) heard, because He alone, (is) supreme and holy, does mighty feats...” every statement, he injected into my heart, such light, and also, not just I? I was in the settlement, at the time of the break, cloudburst, at the time of the flood (when it was Purim there, when it was the new Purim) yes.