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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Update on Na Nach Cheder

We were asked to post an update on the situation of the 'Closing of the Nanach Cheder'...

A few days ago the kids who arrived at the Nanach Cheder in Tzfat were informed that the school was closed that day since all the Rabbaim had called in 'sick'. Since then the Cheder has remained closed. It turns out that the Keren has not paid the Rabbaim for the past three months and they had rightfully decided to stop showing up. The exact thing happened in the Nanach girl school and they closed down with the staff sending out letters that since they have not been paid for three months they were no longer going to show up to work.

None of the Rabbaim or teachers in the girls school are Nanach themselves. They are mostly associated with different branches of Breslov.

It is important to point out the need of a Nanach cheder. The need is simple, other Cheders do not take children if their parents are Nanach. I say this from personal experience. When I applied my son at the local Chasidic Tzfat Cheder they rejected him straight out, openly saying the reason is due to him coming from a Nanach family. This story repeated itself many times with many other Nanach's and when Amram Horowitz z"l saw this he established the Na Nach Cheders.

Until this point the Keren was paying all the teacher salaries, while all other expenses were paid for via tuition which is 400 shekel a month for each boy and 300 shekel for each girl

Tonight, Tzachi the Nanach principle of the Cheder made a meeting for all the parents. He first made a point to announce that he was not going against Shmuel, Nachman and the Keren. However since the Keren could no longer in his opinion continue to support the Cheder and Girl school and shutting down was not an option since it would leave many families stranded, he suggested that the Schools be restarted as a separate entity then the Keren. He announced that all expenses other then salaries were going to be eliminated or drastically reduced and all the tuition money was going to go to pay the teachers. Even after all that there would still remain a shortage of 20,000 shekel for each of the two schools totaling in a missing 40,000 shekels needed to cover the teacher budget. This amount is to be raised by the parents of the student body via collecting 'Horat Kevas' automated monthly donations and other means.

Out of the 30-40 parents that attended the meeting, non objected to the plan or had anything better to offer.

If anyone wants to donate specifically to this cause, use the regular button on the right bar of and mark the donation as 'Cheder' either as a paypal note or a in a followup email.


saba-noon said...

homeschooling is working for us. : ) no insensitivity to the issue intended.

Anonymous said...

Well written, informative, and quite damming on the Keren! For 40,000 shekel ($12,500?) two cheders can be run ("after making critical cuts"), and how many more do they have, that almost all the money they are generating (from the businesses, fundraising, and hafatza) is supposedly "going for the cheder"? Now even the books, what ever they still manage to publish, are being sold for prices that aren't even nearly competitive with the other mefitzim! So why and how do they consider themselves the special followers and protecters of Saba's will?!
This was not written G-d forbid to bring evil on them, just to prod the Keren to make a major transformation "teshuva", the Keren should go back to do what it says in Saba's will, print the holy books of Rabbi Nachman, not for money for schools or salaries, just to get Rabbainu to fill the world.

Kalonymusnanach said...

Why is this happening?
What does the beshefer want us to learn from this
Maybe it's time for nanach kinder to learn from nanach rebbies?

saba-noon said...

na nach homeschool is the best!!

Kalonymusnanach said...

I thought home schooling was prohibited in Israel?