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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tziporah Kroizer, Saba's daughter

In this video you see Tzipora Kroizer, Saba Yisroel Dov-Ber Odessers daughter, on her way to Saba's holy tomb on his yartzheit - 18 Cheshvon 5772/2011. Tziporah married one of the biggest geniuses of the generation, the man who authored and translated the Me'am Lo'ez into Hebrew. Saba was very impressed when he met him and heard him quote Rabbainu by heart. Even still Tziporah almost turned down the marriage because he wasn't Breslov enough. Tziporah was always very loyal and faithful to Saba. According to some people who were with Saba, Saba had originally intended to leave his inheritance, will and testament, completely to Tzipora, however Tzipora told him that she would be unable to properly care for it, and thus turned it down. Throughout this visit, Tzipora sported a huge smile and was literally beaming. May H"Y watch over her and protect her and bless her.


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