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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Time Speeding Up.

I have recently read a couple of articles about "time speeding up". These articles proposed that perhaps time itself is speeding up and that it is not only a factor of the perception of time speeding up due to a person getting older. Most people feel that time moves faster as they get older but these articles suggested that time itself is speeding up. I wanted to give another view paraphrasing from Rebbe Nachman, our spiritual master that lived over 200 years ago. "Time itself does not exist at all, it is only a temporary creation, an illusion, when someone is in a smaller, restricted state of mind then time seems to go slow because that person is more under the sway of illusion. When someone is in an expanded state of mind then time seems to go quicker because they are breaking through to the truth that time itself does not exist at all. This is why as a person ages time appears to go quicker, because people in general grow more conscious as they get older and so more in touch with truth so time, an illusion, begins to fade away." (end of paraphrase) Assuming that this is true I want to suggest that the world is now coming to the "end of time" what I mean is that we are rapidly approaching what the Jewish Tradition calls "The Ultimate and Final Redemption". One sign of this now being that "time" is that World consciousness and true knowledge is increasing. Assuming we have entered the beginning of this stage of "Final Redemption" we can see that time itself is speeding up because the "Speed of time" depends on the consciousness of people, and if consciousness is increasing, which should be self evident, then time is disappearing, for the truth is Time does not really exist at all.

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