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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stories from hafatza

These happened weeks ago in central Israel.

The mefitzim were greeted by a woman wearing pants and with uncovered hair, she was very glad to see them. The woman had made aliya with her family around 40 years ago (I don't remember all the details properly so I'm going to write this the best I can B"H), and she attempted to remain faithful to the Torah but the way it was being presented to her alienated her, she even made a trip to Meah Shearim to experience their brand of Judaism, but was turned off. So she drifted away from the holy ways of the Torah until recent years when she discovered Rabbainu. When she talks about Rabbainu she gets very passionate, Rabbainu gave her a new take on life. Her bookcases are full of Rabbainu's holy books, from all types of publishers. She attends regular shiurim on Rabbainu, and in her own ways spreads the holy message of Rabbainu to everyone she talks to. Because of her outward appearance she often reaches people that wouldn't be open to hearing such things from someone else.

The same night the mefitzim knocked on a door, and the woman of the house was very pleased to see them and invited them in saying that someone would be very happy to see them. That someone turned out to be under house arrest with an ankle-bracelet anchoring him to the confines of his apartment. He did not look like the person you'd want to meet on a lonely street, or if you belonged to an opposing mafia. Chaim was in fact happy to see the mefitzim, and he sat down with them and served them pastries and beverages from a well stocked pantry. To start the conversation the meftzim brought up a current issue of how frogs even extinct ones are popping up all over Israel. At the mention of the word frog, which in Hebrew is - Tzfardaya - Chaim immediated mentioned what Rabbainu explained that this word is a composition of two word, tzipor - bird, daya - know. One thing led to the other, and an argument arose over the necessity of staying away from the MSS, and the mefitzim put their neck on the line to disway Chaim from his inclination to seek their offers of good luck, and whether or not he fully accepted their truthful position, he politely accepted their point of view.

This is just a small taste.

Now here's a special treat, the of a recent Hebrew post about the Nanach Hafatza Tour of Israel:

Gd willing, we will write blog stories of friends in distribution.
Begin to speak briefly about in. Dear. He wore a waist spread from house to house and distribute free books, mainly villages and kibbutzim. We are prevented from telling everything to keep it hidden from view. But have a little book, both to strengthen and encourage the distribution and to inform the interested join.
Whoever lives in the far north, near Nahariya, he knew he had an opportunity to join the distribution was all lights, favors, and Hsghot wonders, (which as much meets the eye, also revealed to us we hide ditto). And who is really interested then can contact us [You can joinhim every day and even have a place to sleep and everything, and you can go back to. as well as friends who live in the north, like a fluke or Safed and Meron, should come even for one night, and strengthen and grow stronger because we are all friends]
Well ...
The first day he arrived on. From land to the north, alone, and that day was joined by a member of Safed heard about the devotion and decided to join and help him.
That same day, the evening one of the kibbutzim distribution difficult, met an Israeli man who arranged for shelter that has it all, beds [Although hospital beds ... But beds] air conditioner, refrigerator, near the synagogue, hope close. All it takes. Who does a person know when he heard they were sleeping in the shelter and they arranged a special B & B and moving slept there whenever they want [when customers free Zimmer]
Boyfriend in. Told kibbutzim get them nice and a lot of families given books with joy and thank them for the books, and even those that are interested, they do not forget to thank and congratulate. Individual referred is not nice and of course sometimes needs hassid disgrace and some people who supply this need .... For example, when he came into the schoolyard, a dog jumped on him and barked, the owner came out and shouted "Shoo, shoo, shoo!" Then a smile came to her friends with a book and were glad she was trying to chase the dog ... But then as they approached her she looked at them and yelled at them "Ksita decorated ".... (my edit - this should have been translated as the previous: shoo, shoo...).
But as noted, most people get the fight well, and get to know special people with special relation to holiness. One Jew said: before he moved in the kibbutz he was always praying on Yom Kippur, but the holiday he had when he moved to Kibbutz he would never forget and that he had a feeling that for him Yom Kippur is coming to the world then enough ....That that Yom Kippur was a great resistance of the kibbutz residents who will be where the building belongs to the Kibbutz and he felt this toward the task and responsibility to the full and he fought all the wars for it, and won the war, and reached the count of three hundred people from the kibbutz!
Fun to hear the stories in distribution.

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