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Friday, November 11, 2011

reb shlomo's tohrtzeit sunday, nov 13, 2011. book from zivi ritchie "rebbe nachman says"

new book came out this yr about reb shlomo carlebach givin over rebbe nachman's teachings. the book is writtin the way reb shlomo talks, maybe transcrips from interviews, but u feel like reb shlomo is talkin to u thru the book - its amazing !!! lots of amazing stories and situations of how reb shlomo gave over rabbeinu's teachings, in the first person. meaning, reb shlomo is tellin the story. its a great, great book.

the book was compiled by zivi ritchie.

to order:

phn #: (outside of israel) 972-2-996-1805
(in israel) 02-996-1805

if ur in north america, close to montreal, i have access to a few copies.

*obviously notice the awesome picture of reb shlomo and saba on
the back of the book - givalt !!!
(as far as i know the book is in english only. email or call the reb shlom contact info to see if its available in other languages.)

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