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Friday, November 11, 2011

Parshas ( weekly Torah portion) VaYaira (and He appeared)

At the end of this weeks parsha is the parsha of the binding of Isaac. It is interesting to note that Saba Yisroel's father's name was Isaac and he was blind, just like Isaac was blinded at that time.

The Torah tell us that Avrohom took a "maacheless" (knife) - to sacrifice his son Yitzchok, this is an extraordinary word to use for 'sakin', our Sages derive from this that the Jews are fed (maacheless) from the reward of this action until this very day.

The word maacheless is the acronym for a verse in Psalms that is part of Hallel, מה אשיב לה' כל תגמולוהי - what can I return to Hashem for all that he has benefited.... It is also the acronym of a phrase from the morning prayers, תמיד מספרים כבוד א-ל (using the whole last word, as can be found with precedent in the holy books), these show us that this word is very connected with singing, praising, and extolling H"Y.

The word maacheless has the same gimatria, numerical value, as: Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

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