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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nanach education

This morning at prayers by Rashbi there was a really cute little Nanach kid, maybe 4 years old, so I gave him a little Nanach attention, and within no time he was signing Nanach with his fingers ("the Nanach swipe"), undoubtedly this was overturning all of Heaven! After the prayers the boy's father told me that the boy was enrolled in the Keren's cheder (school) which just closed down due to lack of funds (they owe the teachers 3 months of wages), so now the boy got to learn a little about Nanach!


Kalonymusnanach said...

Why didn't you let everybody here know about the travesty of the nanach school closing?
At least we would have had the opportunity to donate, and maybe help keep the school going.

Tzfat Nanach said...

Just back from a meeting at the Nanach cheder. They are attempting to continue but no longer have the backing from the Keren so they are cutting all expenses to a minimum and asking the parents to raise donations. B"H I will post details here and directions how people can donate if they are interested in helping.