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Monday, November 7, 2011

Nanach developements

B"H last night the Nanach were invited to a wedding and they honored Rabbainu by having me sing for all the guests the song "Rabbainu is father Rabbainu is mother Rabbainu is Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman" This is not the first time that such honor was given, but this time the groom joined me on the stage and sang with me. It was very interesting because it was a Jerusalem Charedi wedding where only one instrument is allowed, in commemoration of the destruction of the Temple and the Congregation of Israel, so they have one drum - but to compensate they add all types of auxiliaries so it is one intensive loaded drum machine unparalleled. In any event last week the groom invited me to the wedding, (at the wedding I learned that he was a distant cousin), he is a boy learning in the Mir Yeshiva who with great self sacrifice has been traveling to Uman to Rabbainu every New Years for the last nine years, but I didn't think he was up to Nanach. At the wedding they invited to of the guest to sing, so even though I had no expectations I pushed and I suggested that they should give me to sing a little Nanach, no sooner had I suggested this, and I was invited immediately to sing. Now the singer before me had to sing solo, but when I started singing Rabbainu Ze HuAbba, the drummer got it in his head that this could really be good for him, and he went into full rapport backup support fill it all in and blast away Nanach rythem. So B"H we were all singing Nanach when the groom was infused with the light of Nanach and he could not sit afar, so he started making his way to the stage, the drummer got scared, maybe the groom is coming to put an end to the Nanach God forbid, so better for him to melt away. But the groom had other plans, he put his arm around me (something I had to live with, for as you know I try to be shomer neggia) and sang with me, Rabbainu is father.... The drummer was reborn with extra gusto and we went through the song a bunch of times B"H, giving the groom the mike a few times to let him give everyone to hear a little "Rabbainu is Mother!"

B"H last week a few Nanach including Shmuel Dovid who resides by the Holy R' Cruspidai (yes he took the bed! Yishtabach Shimo Lu-ad!) and the Burger, went door to door in the city of Karmiel. B"H a few sets of the holy books of Rabbainu were sold, and some contributions collected. En route there were a group of youngsters, on bikes and whatnot, they weren't even wearing beanies, but GIVALD were their souls screaming Nanach. So we stopped and shared with them some thoughts about the awesome song Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman, how propitious it is just to say, and how amazing it is to sing, as the visitors of this site must know, how writing Nanach on the walls serves as a massive air filter, cleaning from all acid rain and pollution. The boys were very excited to learn how to sign Nanach with their fingers. In any event we partied together for a bit, and then we continued going door to door with the holy books of Rabbainu.

It wasn't very long before the boys came running to show us, one of them had already took his learning to actualize it, and had obtained some spray paint and had already sprayed Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman on a wall opposite their house. B"H, people are beginning to awaken and actually understand that there is Na Nach!!

Later that night, while I was working on the new English translation of Sipuray Maasiyos, a crazy person went berserk... B"H.

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